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Seductive chocolate mistress w4m hey fellas my name is coco i Sexthats all i want sexy sweet dipped in chocolate from head to toe. Please be ddf, because I don't want to Ssxthats anything more away from our encounter than fond memories and the sense of satisfaction of a job well done.

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Now I know there are plenty of women reading this who are just disgusted by what I am saying. I understand and agree that this is not good behavior but I am simply trying to honestly explain what is going on in many situations.

You look good to him and he is still curious of how good you are in bed. Sexthats all i want

Whether you agree with this mentality or not it is how many think. So this man is not confused. We can argue if he Sexthats all i want truly a dumb ass the way many women would see it but he is fully aware of what he is trying to accomplish.

The quest for ass vs. This is why there is a clear difference in most cases on how Sexthats all i want man will behave when he has determined which one is the main goal with you.

All of this may be a tough pill to swallow for many women reading this but the truth is needed. Plenty of guys are interested in having a relationship but will just have sex with different women in the meantime. wwnt

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I will discuss in a future post how I feel these men should better approach these situations. Today was just about explaining what is really happening in many cases. Men Sexthats all i want not always as confused as many women would like to believe.

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They just feel being honest about what they want will decrease their chances of getting it. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

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It may seem like that but just wait. Look outside the normal guys you would usually Sedthats and it might supprise you. Also keep this in mind.

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There was a teacher who came for sex ed at our school one for the guys and one for the girls. On the last day the woman who was talking to the girls said Sexthats all i want the guys had taken a vote for Sexthays would want to marry a virgin and every single guy raised his hand.

This is not some freak senario every single guy really did want to Sexthats all i want a virgin. So most likely these guys are trying to use you. I also make it very clear by my actions wll the people I hang around that I woud not want a relationship like that and the guys who want sex dont ever ask me out.

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There are lots of guys of every age that want more than sex don't Sextahts for anyone that does not care about you as a person. The best advice I can give to you is go with your gut feeling. High-school is filled with guys controlled by their hormones and honestly they can't control it. Sexthats all i want

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Do not feel pressured to have sex if you do not want to. Any relationship in high-school is Sexthats all i want likely not going to work out and it Sextuats to consist of netflix and chill nights.

I wish I waited for college to start dating instead of high-school. My, the difference it is.

Guys act more like men but not all and the dating world goes beyond their mothers living rooms. I didn't even read it but anyway.

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