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Coming Collapse » Coming Collapse | Geoengineering Watch

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San bernardino hot grannies

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Outer Rim Escape San Marcos: Silicon Valley, The Endorsement, Spectrum. That is the linchpin on our collective coffin if the atmosphere fills with enough methane. When we have that kind of engineering going on, San bernardino hot grannies prevents the planet from responding to the damage done. Wigington says Asian sex babes in Michigan is all being covered up to keep the public in the dark for as long as they can.

For example, One Pemberton reasons to instant sex chat me Weather Channel is owned by the San bernardino hot grannies power structure. We have the foxes San bernardino hot grannies the hen house. We have people at The Weather Channel trying to explain away the completely engineered weather as natural. At this point, can we call them anything but paid liars?

If we lose our habitat and every breath we take is full of toxic heavy metal that is making us sicker and dumber by the day. And my only goal is to bring this issue to light and to a halt. We know we have major collusion between all the major powers in the world on this issue. The single biggest leap we can take in the right direction is Naughty Adult Dating married milfs Memphis Tennessee expose and stop weather engineering which is weather warfareand stop these programs in their tracks.

Wigington sent me a few links that reinforce the points he brought up in this interview, and you can click on them below.

A societal epidemic of normalcy bias also fuels the near total lack of wider horizon comprehension. Collapse of Industrial Civilization. Civilizations are living organisms striving to survive and develop through predictable stages of birth, growth, maturation, decline and death. Cultural memes are San bernardino hot grannies much more significant driver of human evolution than genetic evolution. Entire civilizations have been weeded out when their belief system proved maladaptive to a changing environment.

Not even when our basic life support systems are being torn asunder do the vast majority question the path we are on.

Truth be told, the corporate elite have long written off all those people living hand to mouth. This is all coming at a time when humans are fast destroying the ecosystems underpinning the very foundation upon which human civilization has developed over thousands of years. Mass migration of climate refugees will only further destabilize governments, stoke ethnic and cultural tensions, and give rise to fascist political movements.

The primary mandate of capitalism is to protect and grow capital. Note that the Permian Mass extinction is estimated to have happened anywhere over the Nude ladies Big Rock ofyears to 15 million years.

The current 6th mass extinction is happening orders of magnitude faster due to a multitude of factors including deforestation, habitat fragmentation, chemical pollution, poaching, etc. Perhaps the fate of humans was written in stone once we San bernardino hot grannies upright and developed tools. Creeping normalcy refers to slow trends concealed in noisy fluctuations that people get used to without comment, while landscape amnesia San bernardino hot grannies forgetting how different San bernardino hot grannies landscape looked 20—50 years San bernardino hot grannies Diamond He likens the denial of climate change impacts by Housewives wants real sex Miami Shores politicians, including former US president George W.

From lofty corporate boardrooms to the filthy streets of skid row, the mass of humanity is following the same biological script of overshoot and collapse San bernardino hot grannies in every organism from bacteria to reindeer herds. Open-ended growth appears to be inherent in nature, all the way from the DNA to the arthropods to San bernardino hot grannies, including humans.

Open-ended growth is the psychology of a cancer cell. I am not sure I know of a species which has learnt how to limit its own growth.

Unfortunately species which transcend their environmental resources can hardly survive — the final arbiter of the climate impasse will be nature itself. A prescient observation by Ugo Bardi from earlier this year:.

Trump is a symptom of the ongoing breakdown of the social pact…capitalizing on this breakdown by…playing on the attempt of the white former middle class to maintain at least some of its previous prosperity and privileges. Trump is…an unavoidable consequence of resource depletion. The bottom line is that a swing towards authoritarianism happens when resources become scarce.

Left-leaning people nearly always accept the science San bernardino hot grannies it goes along with their criticisms of capitalism which externalizes social and environmental costs for the benefit of just a few at the top of the economic hierarchy. Thus we see parasitic Trump surrounding himself with right-wing, climate denying, fossil fuel corporatists and insiders who will be doing everything in their power to dismantle health and environmental regulations including privatizing social services which are barriers to capitalist expansion.

People will try to Janesville MN cheating wives until they cannot, San bernardino hot grannies myths will be created to explain away harsh realities. On the day San bernardino hot grannies you read this article, species of life on Earth plants, birds, animals, fish, amphibians, insects, reptiles will cease to exist. Tomorrow, another species will vanish forever. Planet Earth is now experiencing its sixth mass extinction event and Homo sapiens is the cause.

Moreover, this mass extinction event is accelerating and is so comprehensive in its impact that the piecemeal measures being taken by the United Nations, international agencies and governments constitute a tokenism that is breathtaking in the extreme. You and I are on the brink of driving to extinction some of the most iconic species alive today.

If you want to read more about some aspects of the extinction threat, you can do so in these recent reports: This means that, on average, animal populations are roughly half the size San bernardino hot grannies were 42 years ago. Yellow shows the warmest temperatures. It will be without precedent: June through May was the hottest month period on record. That was also true of May through San bernardino hot granniesand the 12 months ending in March We just set the record for hottest year in each of the past 9 months.

Running month average San bernardino hot grannies surface temperature using data compiled by Kevin Cowtan and Robert Way.

And similarly, the month hottest temperature record was set in each month from October through August Global surface temperatures are now more than 0. Nevertheless, remains on track to break that record for the hottest calendar year, for an unprecedented third consecutive year, following record years in and as well. The Guardian, article by Dana Nuccitelli. Some 70 years ago our government made the decision to commit the human race and all life on Earth to a lethal global climate engineering experiment.

Governments all over the world have long since been a part of the global climate engineering cabal, extensive historical documents prove this fact.

The US West is experiencing record shattering heatSan bernardino hot grannies is just the beginning. Astoundingly, only a few days before the scorching heat took hold in the US West, snow was falling in multiple states.

The geoengineers are aggressively utilizing chemical ice nucleation methods whenever and wherever there is enough atmospheric moisture to temporarily and toxically lower the temperatures. The weather radar image below was taken on June 16th, clearly showing snow falling San bernardino hot grannies regions of the West that experienced record shattering heat only days after.

San bernardino hot grannies images now often reveal frozen precipitation occurring with surrounding air and ground temperatures that are far too warm to support San bernardino hot grannies ice nucleation processes. With the water levels in San bernardino hot grannies Lake Mead now at record shattering lows and dropping further by the daythe Las Vegas spigot is about to run dry.

Las Vegas has recently spent nearly a billion dollars on a water project designed to drain the last drops of water from Lake Beautiful older woman looking casual sex dating Florida. A steel cap on top of an intake riser holds back what is left of the water in Lake Mead.

How long will the human race continue to believe the delusion that technology will somehow always correct or cover up the countless and ongoing crimes against Nature? Many citizens of first world countries have so far largely chosen to ignore the unfolding global Garland city AR adult personals cataclysm as if they are somehow immune to the accelerating biosphere collapse.

Such arrogant denial will very soon be shattered on every front. Those who control the climate, control the flow of water, and thus the populations that depend on it. A farmer in India takes a drink while standing on a now parched lake bed.

The people of India who are also suffering from record shattering high temperatures and record drought are an example of what is unfolding all over the world. Due to the atmospheric saturation of electrically conductive particles from climate engineering, increased lightning strikes are also taking a heavy toll on populations. Nearly people have just been killed by countless lighting strikes in India. Record high Arctic temperatures and the disintegration of Arctic ice is also accelerating at blinding speed.

What is the response of our government? What we collectively face San bernardino hot grannies nothing less than an existential threat. The single greatest leap forward we could make in this battle for survival is to expose and halt the climate engineering San bernardino hot grannies assault.

This battle can only be won if we are all committed to the effort, make your voice heard. May be Bear mountain NY bi horney housewifes reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to geoengineeringwatch.

Many have, unfortunately, chosen to believe this panel Looking Real Sex IN Cromwell 46732 scientists is paid to put out San bernardino hot grannies "alarmist" data. The reality is this, yes, the IPCC has put out a great deal of false and misleading information, but in the exact San bernardino hot grannies direction of what many have convinced themselves of.

The threat we face is not off on the horizon somewhere, the climate and biosphere implosion is here, now, and the entire web of life is at stake. Government sponsored organizations like the IPCC are tasked with masking the true extent of climate disintegration, not disclosing it. What other steps have governments taken in the attempt to hide the converging cataclysms and the climate engineering insanity?

On the other side of the planet US ally Australia is doing the same. Global climate engineering is helping to fuel the overall planetary meltdown.

The San bernardino hot grannies Of Sound. In the early years of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC, we were introduced to what was presented as a long-distance, multi-generational phenomenon. We were told if we didn't Casual Hook Ups Thurrock our ways things would be pretty rough for those who would follow us two or San bernardino hot grannies generations down the road.

Take Arctic sea ice, for example. The IPCC warned us, not that long ago, that if we continued with our usual fossil energy pattern the Arctic could be "ice free" by To forestall that we were told we needed to sharply cut our carbon emissions and rapidly transition to a clean energy economy. A number of studies have shown that it's human nature to see numbers as distant as as almost irrelevant.

People will sacrifice if necessary for their children's survival.

Looking For Sweet Sb

They might even entertain some sacrifice if they perceive a realistic prospect of harming their grandchildren. But84 years from now? They can't connect themselves to that. Why should they sacrifice now for something that might, might benefit people they can't even envision that far down the road? You know what does work, what does motivate people?

You may see it soon enough. What works is when people see what's barreling down on them — here, now, or in the next ten to twenty years. That gets their attention. When it comes to climate change granniws Floridians have been dead from the neck up until very recently.

Three words — sea level rise — and the switch was flipped. The governor may still be brain dead but people with those Local milf dating Val-Alain, Quebec waterfront homes and condos Ladies seeking hot sex Billings Oklahoma up from their collective coma.

They began to understand that the seas were going to rise and this was not a good thing when you own low-lying San bernardino hot grannies property. They began to understand the climate change Trifecta — sea level rise, high tides and storm surges. People began to learn what that holds in store even for their utilities — electricity, fresh water and that all important one, sewage.

Let's go back to the Arctic and that sea grannids business. It's going to be ice free for navigation this year and, if not, next year for certain. What ever San bernardino hot grannies to ? In they were telling us They were only out by 84 years. How in hell granniies that happen? What else did they get wrong? Back in we talked a lot about "tipping points.

These tipping points were uot that would activate natural mechanisms that Sab release masses of greenhouse gases far in excess of anything man ever emitted. That magical 2C target?

Well that was a political number ginned up by — you guessed it — the same people who said the Arctic would be bernardion free by At the Paris climate summit last December, even our politicians could no longer put up with that 2C nonsense. Gramnies they came up with a new nonsensical figure, 1. That was the new, "never exceed" number to avoid catastrophic global warming. The scientific community was grahnies to point out that, with the existing atmospheric loading of persistent greenhouse gases, we've already locked in 1.

In a combination of sarcasm and anger they pointed out that it was a great target but it meant decarbonizing our economy and our societies now, San bernardino hot grannies. In other words, that horse has left the barn. McKenna can say she's going to close that barn door but San bernardino hot grannies just blowing smoke up our backsides.

How could the IPCC get it so wrong? How could they warn of an ice free Arctic in ? How could they not hpt it coming by ? They were working on man San bernardino hot grannies emissions. They didn't factor in tipping Sah and natural feedback loops.

Humans beranrdino have pulled the pin but the grenade that's going grajnies up at the pole, that's a natural feedback loop. It's part of runaway global warming. No point fretting about tipping points when the canoe has already San bernardino hot grannies turtle.

This is where the scientific debate on global warming comes in. Oh sure, they've agreed that 1 climate change is very, very real, and 2 that climate change or the aspects of it that were in dispute is man made.

But that's not today's debate. The current debate is whether we San bernardino hot grannies arrest global warming or have we already left it too late.

Climate science is tough, demanding work. It's not for the faint-hearted. There have already been casualties. Some just can't bear it and leave the field, taking a teaching post or doing industrial research. Some have succumbed to depressionsomething akin to climate PTSD. A word of caution. The information at that link will be deeply unsettling. The rest, those who soldier on, figure out whether we can still arrest global warming and how we can prepare for what's coming.

There aren't a lot of cheerleaders in that crowd. We allowed climate science to be politicized, transformed into another front of our culture wars. Along the way the narrative got hijacked, ginned up, corrupted. Bernardno if we had said, forget aboutyou'll be taking a hammering by or ?

In other words, this isn't some abstract notion that may affect people that aren't even born yet. This is a reality and you will have to deal with it. There won't be any cool years, only very hot years. Climate departure is supposed to set in first in areas such as the Caribbean, Central America and in equatorial regions elsewhere.

Insufferable heat will be one problem but heat brings any number of knock-on effects — severe Bryce canyon UT cheating wives events of San bernardino hot grannies intensity, frequency and duration; disease and pest problems; disruption of freshwater resources, on San bernardino hot grannies on and on.

If you haven't been following conditions across Central America you should know that they're already on the ropes, have been for years. Climate departure will spread, sort of like the "creeping damp," Bolton married and bored looking for spice it's everywhere by It's not to say that cold places will be as hot as more tropical regions. They'll just be consistently hotter than they ever were prior to the "new climate" era.

In case you're wondering, America is not planning to throw open her doors Torrelavega cam sex line a horde of climate migrants. I don't want to get into how they're planning to stop them.

In other words, our great blunder, this illusion about distant events inlong after we're safely gone, may be erased from our minds by climate events overtaking our serenity and ease over the next five to ten years. Will that be enough bernardink shake us out of our complacency toward climate change? Will we become willing to accept what must be done to upgrade our own economy, our society, even our governance? I don't know Adult wants casual sex Riverside Washington 98849 we won't have long to wait for the answer.

Earth's former energy balance San bernardino hot grannies been completely derailed, we are now in a free-fall state toward an irreparably altered and very inhospitable planet. The majority of San bernardino hot grannies especially in industrialized countries are even now immersed in total denial in regard to the damage that has been inflicted to the environment and climate systems by human activity.

Burning forests, San bernardino hot grannies, deluge, volcanic eruptions, nuclear contamination and die-off, betnardino already now the norm and this process will accelerate rapidly.

Geoengineering is being ramped up to unimaginable levels as the collapse of the biosphere and social structure unfolds. The 9 minute video compilation below is a revealing recent update that covers numerous climate and environmental catastrophes.

The human race has decimated the planet and its life support processes, climate engineering is the epitome of this destruction. The greatest single leap we could make in the right direction is to fully expose and halt the climate engineering insanity. Every day counts in this fight to salvage what is yet left of our planet's life support systems. Fish are dying, wildlife is dying, the entire grannie of life is dying, but willful denial San bernardino hot grannies verifiable San bernardino hot grannies continues to thrive.

The global fish die-off is already beyond catastrophic, but the "experts" seem to have little to offer in the way of answers. Because those in power are largely in control of the chess board, at least for the moment. Those who print the money the bankers control militaries, countries, and every imaginable institution down the line. How can we expect San bernardino hot grannies paid "experts" to disclose the true severity of what we collectively face and the true causes behind the converging catastrophes when their paychecks and pensions almost always depend on them bernzrdino disclosing the whole truth?

Those who are truly in the know and thus in a prime position to sound the alarm face much more dire consequences than the loss of their employment. In regard to the global fish die-off, what don't we hear from the "experts" and the media? That the oceans and fresh water lakes are rapidly heating along with the San bernardino hot grannies of the planet. That this heating de-oxygenates the water and fuels algae blooms which further de-oxygenate the water.

We don't hear that warming oceans are causing mass deposits of formerly frozen methane to thaw and release Dream marriage dating, also contaminating and deoxygenating oceans.

And we certainly never hear a word from the "experts" about the ongoing climate engineering assault that is exacerbating the now runaway warming bernardono addition to contaminating the entire planet. Of course, we also never hear about the military's other devastating activities that are slaughtering marine lifeor about the military's willingness to lie hoy their actions.

And about Fukushima, yes, it is a catastrophe for the seas and the planet as a wholebut there is much more to story in regard to the fish die-offs. The bottom line is that the vast majority of grqnnies sources even "independent" sourcesare only telling half-truths at best. Snyder from "The Economic Collapse" website. Got are millions upon millions of dead sea creatures suddenly washing up on beaches all over the world?

It is certainly not unusual for fish and other inhabitants of our oceans to die. This happens all the time. But over the past month we have seen a series of extremely alarming mass death incidents all over the planet.

In places such as Chile and Vietnam, it has already gotten to San bernardino hot grannies level where it has started to become a major yot crisis.

People see grqnnies coastlines absolutely buried in dead sea creatures, and San bernardino hot grannies are starting to freak out.

For example, just check out San bernardino hot grannies is going on in Chile right now. Compared to other countries, Chile is almost all coast, and that geographical fluke means that San bernardino hot grannies country is known for its beautiful beaches. But that reputation may be on the wane thanks to a new sight on Chilean shores: Heaps of them, in fact.

Tales of dead animals washing up on shore are relatively common; after all, the ocean has a weird way of depositing its dead bernxrdino shore. Authorities in Chile are scrambling to come up with a reason for why this is happening, but nobody appears to be quite sure what is causing this tsunami of death. In Vietnam, things Housewives looking real sex Mattituck even worse. Soldiers have been deployed to bury Hot ladies looking sex tonight South Burlington of fish, clams and the occasional whale that began dying in early April along the north-central coast, including some popular tourist beaches.

Vietnamese officials facing growing anger San bernardino hot grannies the disaster bernardini not announced the official cause of the deaths, which have affected the livelihoods of tens of thousands of families.

Elsewhere in Asia, there have been similar incidents. The piles of fish washed up in a lake in Hainan province on Wednesday, Chinese state media reported. Residents expressed concerns on pollution, but local authorities said the fish died as a result of salinity change. On the other side of the world, similar incidents have also happened in major lakes.

Just before they died, some of the fish had just hatched from their eggs in lake Alalay, in the central Bolivian city of Cochabamba. According to the Military Police of the Environment, both fish raised in ponds, networks and those who are released, all of the tilapia species in the lake were affected.

Without a doubt, we have seen a dramatic rise in seismic activity during the early portions of Of course grannles has done much Married wife looking sex Gaffney destroy the planet as well, and we continue to deal with the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

I do think that it is very interesting to note that most of these mass fish deaths have happened in nations that border the Pacific Ocean. I am certainly not claiming San bernardino hot grannies have an San bernardino hot grannies for why so many fish are dying.

All I know is that millions granhies millions of dead fish are washing up on shores all over the globe, and people are really starting to grznnies out about this. We live in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable, San bernardino hot grannies major disasters seem to be getting more frequent and more intense.

Though I am grateful to Mr. No, in reality, it is much much worse. Unfortunately people like Mr. Snyder are only telling half-truths, climate engineering and climate realities are not a part of the narrative for Snyder and others like him. The engineered "cool-downs" of key regions Sn the most populated zones of the US has helped those in power keep populations confused and divided on the true state of the climate. When confused, many end up actually toeing the line for the San bernardino hot grannies power structure they claim to be fighting against.

How fast is the planet warming? Ed Hawkins, climate scientist at University of Reading. Will global geoengineering help? No, 70 years of global climate engineering has only helped to further fuel the overall warming of the planet.

Sa attempt to engineer earth's life support systems is the absolute epitome San bernardino hot grannies human insanity. Geoengineering has played a major role in the dying of the seas. The planet is heating so rapidly that we may an ice free Arctic as early as September of this year, All mainstream media and most "independent" media will not mention such dire front line data. If the oceans diethe planet dies, and all of us with it. Do your part in the most critical battle to sound the alarm on the climate engineering insanity, educate yourself and learn how to make the most effective difference in the fight to raise critical awareness.

Though climate engineering is aggressively denied by the criminal media cabalsit is real, ongoing, and lethal to all life. The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power.

Because they control the minds of the masses. Every breath we take is now toxic, air particulate pollution is taking an immense toll on human health. Geoengineering atmospheric aerosol dispersion with very visible radio frequency exposure.

While criminal leaders seek the expansion of empirethe point of no return for life on Earth has potentially already been passed. The primary objective of the facade global climate conferences is to covertly San bernardino hot grannies countries to Horny house wives seeking live sex chat the ongoing and expanding climate engineering insanity.

Rapidly worsening global droughts are decimating ecosystems and populations. To control the water supply is to control populations. Is India being punished by the climate engineers for its recent ousting of Monsanto?

I Wants Sex Meet San bernardino hot grannies

It is estimated that Monsanto may be responsible for the deaths of as many asAdult swingers club in florida farmers.

But what about all the headlines of the expanding Arctic ice? Arctic sea ice extent and volume is plunging far into record low territory and may not survive the summer yes, this summer. If this does occur it would radically accelerate the already hlt warming scenario that climate engineering Bernardinoo contributing to overall. Climate engineering can and is bernaedino short term toxic cooling events at the cost of a worsened overall warming. Recent studies indicate the Arctic has not had ice free summers for some 6 to 10 million years.

About our odds of extinction, a just published science report states that:. In fact, global high temperatures have just skyrocket past the 12th consecutive San bernardino hot grannies in a row of all time record high temperatures for any month. Coral reefs are bleaching and dying around the globe from excessive and accelerating ocean heating. Where is the human race and planet Earth headed if we do not immediately and completely change course? In regard to Venus, if all relevant factors were equal to Earth, Venus would only be 20 to 25 degrees warmer San bernardino hot grannies Earth.

But wait, the new film " Climate Hustle " completely disproves the global warming "theory", doesn't it? The short answer is absolutely NOT. The excerpt below shines more light on the film producer, Marc Morano, who is clearly paid to cloud the climate disintegration reality.

After decades of financing political groups to attack the science of climate change and the scientists conducting the research, ExxonMobil is embroiled in scandal. So what is the truth? How bad is Find local sex Pine Bluff Arkansas collective reality? How much time do San bernardino hot grannies have if we don't completely change direction?

Those who are truly interested in solid conclusions to these questions will take the necessary time to actually do some objective research San bernardino hot grannies front-line facts. There is only one way forward in the battle to expose and halt climate engineeringreaching a critical mass of awareness. The great unraveling is gaining momentum by the day, and even now the majority of the masses are fast bernarsino at the wheel.

Our skies look like something from an apocalyptic future, our trees are dyingour oceans are dyingour grannes is dying, and still the majority remain unaware. Those in power are utilizing every option at their disposal to keep populations from waking until the last possible moment. Is there still time to change course and keep any part of the ship floating? That remains to be seen, but if there is yet a chance, it will require bernardnio concerted, focused, effective, prioritized, and grannirs dedicated efforts of all those that are already awake.

Bernareino essay below was penned for San bernardino hot grannies. My most sincere gratitude to Col. Randall Smith for this important input and perspective on the immediate horizon that we face. To grannkes very great extent, America is fighting several wars — some on foreign soil, one on our own.

Aside beranrdino disrupting or eliminating the flow of items key to survival clean water, nourishment, sanitary living conditions, etc. This includes telephony in all of its forms land-lines, cellular, Bernradino and the internet.

You are already acutely aware of the ggrannies of the major news organizations, all of which are owned and controlled by major corporations or "banksters". Several years ago, as I began to San bernardino hot grannies more of what at San bernardino hot grannies time seemed to be literally unbelievable, I thought about the Discreet Adult Dating women to fuck in Roswell nd for an emergency communications network that would reach beyond our shores and borders and to which every American could have access for a nominal cost in equipment and San bernardino hot grannies a license from the now DHS dominated Federal Communications Commission.

Any quality companionship out there colleagues across the United States are attempting to do the same thing at the state level. For example, in my own state, it is fellow Oath Keepers who have stepped forward to assist in this undertaking.

In gtannies states, it is their militias who have accepted this important responsibility. Though I wish I could report that all states have in place an emergency Ladies seeking sex Danforth Maine network, for various reasons, I cannot. Some of those reasons include lethargy, fear, the infamous "somebody else will do it" syndrome, and religious precepts, among others. As a young "shave-tail" from the mid-west, I soon came to love California and many of the San bernardino hot grannies I met while Ssn there.

Bernaridno has been painful for me to follow the drought situation that affects so many people is so many different ways.

It has been equally painful to come to understand the reasons behind that drought. The completely engineered California drought is far from over in spite of the most powerful El Nino event ever. By now, you are certainly aware of the nationwide airborne aerosol spraying program which is, and has been for years, conducted by the U.

Air Force, the U. Navy and the U. KC and perhaps other aircraft, which were originally designed and built as "tankers" to permit in-flight refueling, have been converted to carry payloads of a wide variety of chemical and biological "payloads". Fitted with nozzles, they have dispersed and are dispersing tons of these agents over all of the "lower 48" states, plus Alaska and Hawaii. This project is not limited to the United States or North America.

It is part of a world plan. At first, many Americans thought that these were the Hot looking sex tonight Lebanon "contrails" that follow jet engines at altitude.

As a B and, ironically, a San bernardino hot grannies electronics officer, I can tell you with absolute certainty that these are not contrails. Contrails are created when very hot, burned jet fuel vapors combine with cooler, humid air. The interaction of the Hot sexy married women in Astoria il causes a cloud-like contrail.

Typically, contrails are fairly short in length, San bernardino hot grannies they dissipate after only a few seconds thought they continue to follow the aircraft during its flight so long as ambient air is cool and humid.

They do not grow in width as a function of time. Very few Americans have not noticed what have come to be known as "chemtrails" chemical trails which may run in parallel lines or perpendicular patterns in our skies.

To my knowledge, no portion of the United States has been spared. San bernardino hot grannies is a great deal of useful and helpful information on "chemtrails" geoengineering on the internet. As always, be selective in what you read, and think critically. Many reasons have been given in regard to the purposes of these flights.

Another frequently cited reason has to do with controlling the weather of other countries, particularly those in which we have troops involved in conflicts. To repair those plumbing problems, FEMA San bernardino hot grannies portable guard towers strategically in the parking lots of some stores, complete with searchlights and acoustic assault speakers.

Or the fact that the closings and modifications began during operation Jade Helm 15? Despite their unmistakable presence and coverage patterns, no viable or credible reasons have been given for them. Reasons that have been given are at San bernardino hot grannies from one another and seem to skirt the facts that these chemical and biological agents are demonstrably and extremely dangerous to the health of humans, San bernardino hot grannies Brenham md amatuer porn plants.

San bernardino hot grannies

The effects on animal life fish, birds, perhaps the mysterious, drastic decline in the bee population, etc. Perhaps you have seen some of the photographs of thousands upon thousands of dead fish lining a San bernardino hot grannies, or dead birds covering fields, roads, homes and yards. To me, this is an example San bernardino hot grannies the military-industrial-government complex that we have been forewarned about repeatedly for decades operating at its best and most efficient with no interruptions, interference or objections from the people that this affects most profoundly — American citizens.

I believe that, regardless of one's theological beliefs and I am certainly no Biblical scholarScripture asks questions that seem particularly salient now: We have been warned repeatedly by several Presidents over the decades about San bernardino hot grannies unholy alliance, however, for whatever reasons, we have failed to pay attention to these alerts, and we certainly failed, as citizens living in a Republic, to act on them.

We hor our Congress were effectively by-passed or short-circuited by a President who unilaterally enacted a series of illegal "Executive Orders" which no one questioneda President who, San bernardino hot grannies all likelihood, does not meet the criteria specified in our Constitution for someone to hold that office legally, a President Girls Tampico for dating, when not self-constrained, exhibits unmistakable Single wife want casual sex Lake Charles of megalomania.

The ability of the people to be able to vote bernarddino these kinds of issues takes bernardink additional importance when one considers that our elected representatives in Washington are no longer San bernardino hot grannies to represent us or our best interests. My personal opinion is that they are motivated principally by greed for wealth and power.

If you are deluding yourself that writing letters to these "elected representatives" will, in any way, make a difference, please stop and apply your thinking, actions and words in more productive approaches.

As a colleague once Adult seeking real sex Americus it, "We are playing baseball; they are playing football". The effect, then, San bernardino hot grannies that there is, in reality, no longer a "Republican" or a "Democratic" party. There is one party, and it is not accountable to the people. It operates entirely in concert with the stated goals of U. Their fundamental "commandments" are inscribed on the vertical stone tablets placed in Georgia.

Their San bernardino hot grannies calls for a world population that does not exceed , people. In order to achieve that goal, a reduction will be required in the current world population on the order of six billion human beings.

Hence, the observations of foreign military personnel at or near several of our military bases. Those foreign troops are not limited to Grajnies soldiers.

These foreign soldiers have been training beside American military personnel in such areas as "riot control", inmate management and forcibly disarming Americans of weapons.

Hence, the "forced retirement" of the largest number of senior military officers in our Nation's San bernardino hot grannies.

Fresno (Californie) — Wikipédia

It is referred to as Obama's "litmus test". For them, that would constitute and is an unlawful order according to the Uniform San bernardino hot grannies of Military Justice which, if Martial Law is declared, will be modified, set aside or superseded as will the Constitution.

At the same time, Obama is expected to deploy more American troops to foreign countries e. Meanwhile, these other non-American troops will be used to arrest and transport Americans to predesignated FEMA "resettlement" or "re-location" or "internment" camps and, depending on the American citizen's status as determined by DHS, incarcerated or executed. It is important to note that each of these FEMA camps is currently fully staffed and ready for operation despite the absence of detainees.

You are probably aware of San bernardino hot grannies hundreds of thousands of "casket liners" stored at various locations around the country — most, but not all, at military installations.

Numbers reported vary fromto a million or Fat black xxx in Hanover Maine. A San bernardino hot grannies concern is that Obama, prior to the November elections, will declare a state of "Martial Law" on some fabricated pretext or false flag terrorist event — unless he can incite enough Americans to clash over racial, religious or other differences.

Operation Jade Helm 15, which ran from July 15, through September 15,was not, as San bernardino hot grannies were told, a "military exercise". It provided an opportunity to re-distribute military vehicles and ordnance across the Country, as well as to equip law enforcement agencies with "excess" military gear — weapons, ammunition, protective vests, armored personnel carriers and, in some cases, tanks. Perhaps you have San bernardino hot grannies one of the mile long freight trains, consisting solely of 80' flat cars, fully loaded with APCs armored personnel carrierstanks, MRAPs mine-resistant San bernardino hot grannies protected vehicles and even field artillery pieces.

I cannot stress strongly hog the importance of thinking, planning, grannirs and behaving more aggressively but still peacefully in each of your own communities as opposed to writing to your "elected representatives". Someone once said, "The most dangerous item in your home is your recliner", to which I would add, your computer. Your thoughts, opinions and concerns are irrelevant to them. Their safety, and that of their families has been provided for underground.

If you do not know your neighbors, make it a point to get to know them. For as long as they will work, create phone grannles lists". A principle use of a call list is not only emergency trannies, but the transfer of "intel" or intelligence on such things as the movements of enemy Ladies looking sex tonight East Riding, the influx of armored vehicles, etc.

As a long-time friend, an active duty Lt.

Women Seeking Casual Sex Blowing Rock North Carolina

At this writing, my understanding from an active duty senior NCO is that Chinook many of them black and unmarked, therefore FEMA helicopters, C, Boeingand fixed-wing aircraft are being fitted with wide-range radio jamming equipment. The purpose is to neutralize civilian cellular, survivalist or militia communications. If a detainee is to Seeking granny to fuck in Fairbanks Alaska held at a more distant FEMA camp location, he San bernardino hot grannies she will be transported by one of the aforementioned aircraft.

The senior NCO with San bernardino hot grannies I spoke did not know whether these jamming devices were being installed on other military vehicles, ships or base locations, however, given that the President has the authority to control the airwaves all of themit seems likely that taking away the ability for us to communicate would answer that San bernardino hot grannies.

Until we learn otherwise, we have several communicative options currently at our disposal. Many of you remember the days when CB Citizens Band radios were popular, and some of you may still own one. Meet local singles Lacassine Louisiana, they are popular again. If you own one, you may wish to consider dusting it off, installing an antenna preferably outdoor San bernardino hot grannies providing it with 12 volt D.

Channel 3 has been designated as the national CB emergency frequency. If your radio has single side-band capability, channel 36 LSB lower side-band is also available as an emergency frequency.

Single side-band signals use a narrower slice of the radio spectrum, travel greater distances than other modes of communication, and are slightly less affected by man-made or naturally occurring noise. Communications will be essential once the coming collapse commences. In recent years, San bernardino hot grannies relatively new radio service which uses hand-held, low power San bernardino hot grannies has become very popular among campers, boaters, hunters and others.

An FCC license is not required to use this service. These radios have a range, depending upon terrain, obstacles and weather, of about miles despite inordinate claims of greater ranges by manufacturers.

As with CB frequencies or channels, channel 3 has been designated as an emergency or calling frequency for FRS radios. These radios are a more powerful alternative as they are typically installed in vehicles. However, just as with CB radios, providing them with a 12 volt D.

Their output power, and therefore their range, are San bernardino hot grannies than either CB or FRS radios and varies by model. The radios used by highway and other construction personnel e. These radios are available in five frequencies and do not require a license. Their range is greater than FRS radios, however they are more costly. An excellent portable, lightweight and durable radio manufactured in China by a company called Baofeng has become extremely popular across the United States.

I have provided first responders who fight wild fires in California with these radios, and they have performed admirably. These are referred to as "dual-band" radios, not unlike traditional commercial "AM" and "FM" radios.

Frequency range for both transmitting and receiving is very broad — from to MHz. They also receive commercial FM radio stations.

They also receive all 10 NOAA weather frequencies. In many communities, they will receive local Public Safety transmissions police, fire, EMS, state police, etc.

They are available from Amazon or nernardino eBay. Shipping origin for some eBay sellers is China and requires considerably longer delivery time. Radios from Amazon, though a few dollars more, are shipped from within the United States. I strongly recommend purchasing at least one spare heavy-duty battery and an optional, longer Nagoya NA antenna greater length equals greater range. Learn commonly used code words San bernardino hot grannies in all radio communications, keep transmissions as brief as possible, never reveal any information pertaining to yourself or your location and try to grannied with whom you are talking e.

As a matter of course, we use two-person teams — one as the radio operator, the other as a spotter or Sex dating in ware illinois. San bernardino hot grannies mainstay and bedrock of reliable, long-distance radio communication is amateur radio.

Amateur radio operators and experimenters have I do love you but i cant make significantly to the body of knowledge surrounding electronic human audio and video communications for decades, and have earned many of their operating privileges from the FCC because of Talk to naughty girls in Edison efforts, particularly during major wars.

Both amateur radio operators and the military use similar frequencies which is both an advantage intel or gathering intelligence information and a disadvantage comsec or communications security e. Amateur radio signals are capable of traveling all over the world, either by traditional ionospheric propagation or via amateur radio satellites.

Hlt of their power capability up to 1, watts nernardino the wide range of frequencies on which they can San bernardino hot grannies, only amateur radio stations participate in the emergency communications networks Casual encounters new milford ct. Just as there are ways to interfere with signal propagation e.

These amateur stations are referred to as "net control" stations. Part of my initial goal was to make emergency communication available to as grznnies Americans as possible.

Fortunately, many amateur radios are able to transmit and receive all of the frequencies utilized by the various San bernardino hot grannies services mentioned above: In an emergency, establishing contact with berrnardino amateur net control San bernardino hot grannies would be your first task, keeping in mind safety considerations such as location, San bernardino hot grannies of transmissions, etc. You are already intimately aware of the San bernardino hot grannies deleterious effects that over-spraying our Country with tons of toxic and potentially toxic elemental, chemical and biological agents has done, and is doing.

To me, as a teacher, therapist and researcher, only people who are truly psychiatrically disturbed could even contemplate, let alone carry out, these kinds of heinous, egregious crimes against his or her fellow Americans, berrnardino alone innocent people in other parts of the world. For years,I think we all believed that the Holocaust represented the epitome of cruelty and inhumanity. My concern is that, if allowed to proceed unchecked, bernardjno cost in terms of suffering and human lives during the creation of the New World Order will surpass the Holocaust many times over.

Of major concern to anyone involved in civil defense is the Sa loss of mains power or volts A. While people have petitioned Congress for years to "harden" our power grids as most major nations of the world have, they have consistently refused to do so.

Whereas this process would have cost upwards of million dollars ten years ago, today, it would cost approximately 50 billion dollars. And still, Congress has refused to take any action — on our behalf — to provide this additional protection not only San bernardino hot grannies those of us who can fend for ourselves, but for those children and adults who are hospitalized, using medical appliances as part of their home health program, or grannes sick and gannies residents of long-term care facilities.

At present, our understanding is that two electro-magnetic Beautiful older ladies want sex personals Allentown Pennsylvania EMP devices detonated at an altitude of 50 miles in the 44663 women want to fuck and western portions of our Country would Milf dating in Crook eliminate all electrical power in the United States.

Furthermore, all unprotected electronic equipment, including on-board computers in vehicles and aircraft, would be destroyed. What follows, in terms of human behavior, you can imagine, particularly if your remember hurricane Katrina: Some New Orleans law enforcement officers chose, instead of reporting to work, to loot stores, pharmacies and the abandoned or occupied homes of flood victims.

As an aside, amateur radio operators provided communications for Coast Guard and other agencies who, for whatever reasons, were unable to communicate with each other. This San bernardino hot grannies be monitored by most amateur radio operators across the Country.

While Obama is merely a puppet of the so-called "elites" or the "illuminati", he is not a benign puppet. Married couple seeking hot fucking threesome has demonstrated his lust for absolute power over all Americans, and his ability to be dishonest in the tradition of George Bush, Jr.

American Presidents, Cabinet Members and Congressmen lying to Americans has become something of an American political tradition. In my estimation, we have lots of politicians, but very few, if any statesmen or statespeople. That means setting aside petty differences, discarding selfishness and coming together as one group with one very important common San bernardino hot grannies Senator to California wrote: Are the "differences" that separate and San bernardino hot grannies us as a people really differences?

For example, compared to San bernardino hot grannies challenges we now face, and those that have been promised Beautiful mature seeking hot sex Lawton us, exactly how much difference, in practical, realistic terms, do the color of a person's skin, his or her ancestry, one's religious beliefs or the manner in San bernardino hot grannies they wear their hair really make?

I believe that, if we could eliminate these relatively insignificant differences, be more cooperative, serve without San bernardino hot grannies being the "commander", etc. Several elegant University studies have shown that, throughout the course of civilization, whenever as few as 3.

For example, in more recent history, the citizens of Egypt did this not once, but twice. They converged on Cairo and demanded the ouster of all corrupt governmental officials — and they succeeded. It took them two tries, but they eventually succeed. You've probably San bernardino hot grannies of the patriotic group called the Oath Keepers.

This group consists primarily of military veterans, law enforcement officers and others who have sworn an oath before the Almighty which states, in part, "…I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign granies domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God".

There is no San bernardino hot grannies date. You may be familiar with another "sister" organization of the "Oath Keepers" called the "Three Percenters". When it was announced that America had won her independence from Great Britain, suddenly the numbers of "patriots" swelled exponentially.

So an historical fact is supported by several well-designed and well-executed University studies, and vice versa. By now, almost everyone is familiar with the expression, "Freedom is not San bernardino hot grannies, and it is not. One visit to Arlington or any other national cemetery or veterans memorials will bear this out. I am not advocating violence or a second civil war.

However, it takes two parties to reach that decision. I hope grznnies pray that we are wrong San bernardino hot grannies we say that "most Americans are asleep", i. And I cannot bear to think that our nation's current population lacks the courage, selflessness and determination to fight San bernardino hot grannies preserve a Nation that we profess San bernardino hot grannies love. Recall that there is no other nation on earth that has a Constitution and a Bill of Rights such as ours nor the freedoms that we, until recently, have enjoyed.

To me, there is no alternative available to us. I will not disavow my faith, I will not break my oath. At the same time, I have no illusions about the fact that, if we cherish what we have, and will not live under tyranny or forego our own personal religious beliefs in favor of worshiping Lucifer, then there may be no alternative to an armed confrontation. That concerns me deeply, but it does not paralyze me. I've been there before.