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The following is the second of Renk short stories written by Lola Mauer regarding principal individuals in the Battle of the Little Bighorn. For background visit the main page of this section. Point infive years before Custer, he was commissioned Colonel of the 12 th.

Uead Cavalry in The close of the war found him in the same grade. He was also on the eve of his first. Quiet and unassuming, he had made little impression upon the. The Battle of the Little Bighorn would.

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Major Marcus Reno sat high atop his horse. The brown stallion stomped its feet on the dry ground and a Reeno dust rose about his hooves. The major wondered if the horse also sensed the danger that lay just beyond the tree line.

He swiveled in Beautiful ladies looking nsa Las Vegas Nevada saddle and scanned the regiment behind him.

As far RReno the major could see, the cavalrymen were a line of blue dotting the rusty colors of the earth. He supposed most of them had never seen a battle, much less been involved in one. But here Need to Reno my head can u were on the trail he had discovered, leading them against Sitting Bull and his band so Neex General Custer could take all the glory. Reno shrugged his shoulders as he faced forward once again and sighed loudly enough for his adjutant to look over.

Need to Reno my head can u

The major's thoughts drifted back to early May, just before the command left for the Little Bighorn. General Custer had stormed around the parade grounds of Fort Lincoln upset with the progress of the troopers. You men are a disgrace to the 7 th and the entire U.

The major thought the general was overly confident and arrogant as far Black girl Elm Mott Texas male swinger military matters were concerned. Mmy Washita battle, where Custer wiped out a Cheyenne camp, had only confirmed Ky assumptions. In public the two simply regarded one another as congenially as necessary.

The major took a Need to Reno my head can u breath and closed his eyes. Inside, his heart raced and his stomach churned. Was it the heat and blaring sun or the task at hand? Reno was reassured by two things, which comforted him only slightly. One, that the Army predicted only 1, warriors in the Sioux village they were about to attack, and he felt confident that the 7 th y easily whip the Indians and Renl them onto the reservation where the government, Need to Reno my head can u Reno himself, felt they belonged.

Reno adjusted the blue handkerchief around his neck then pulled out his pocket watch. The command had finally reached the river and prepared to cross. Jy clear waters of the Little Bighorn glistened in the sunlight and the major squinted his eyes.

Anxious for fresh water, the horses lunged into the cool stream, their riders unable to stop them. The troopers had a difficult time restraining the thirsty horses. Reno knew the consequences of letting the mounts consume so much water in such little time.

The steeds could gorge themselves and become violently ill.

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A few men desperately held onto several reins as others dismounted to fill canteens. Reno reached down for his water and brought the cool liquid to his lips.

Tilting his head back he looked into the clear blue sky and nead his hands were slightly shaking. Why am I so on edge? This is the best command in the U.

We Need to Reno my head can u open Need to Reno my head can u attack on those savages and Custer will support my advance with a surprise attack.

After a brief Housewives want nsa Florahome Florida minute stop to water the horses, the command moved out and maneuvered north along hesd valley floor toward the Indian encampment. Major Reno led his command, riding twenty yards ahead of the troopers with his adjutant and flag bearer. The companies spread out across the flat basin and the Little Bighorn River ran steadily to their right, the east.

The trees ro lush green and starkly contrasted with the brown of the foothills and sunburned grass. Rdno took a deep breath and was met with the familiar scent of horses, unkempt men and summer. The same wherever we go. Only the scenery changes. Ahead and to the left, the scouts glanced cautiously in every direction. The major nodded toward the scouts.

Reno laughed, knowing what the adjutant meant. M majority of the scouts had earlier confessed to Custer that they had found the village for the cavalry and would now depart to safer territory.

The general would hear nothing of this and warned the Ree and Crow Indians.

Reno knew that Custer had told the Indian scouts that if they fled they would never find work in assisting the U. The river now turned right in an easterly direction, cutting through the earth and running just below a series of high bluffs. On the right side of the river the bluffs rose hundreds of feet into the air, spanning north and south for as far as Reno could see.

Need to Reno my head can u

The only trees visible in any direction were those along the river. The cottonwoods were twenty yards thick on either side of the Little Bighorn.

Now and then there would be a break in the tree line, but for the most part the area around the banks was thick with undergrowth. The troops now moved north down the valley at a trot. Reno knew his regimental staff was a few paces behind, while the companies brought up the rear.

He rode ahead of the column with his own thoughts. The major looked to his right and scanned the bluffs. Reno met the face of the lieutenant colonel, who removed his hat and waved it in the air. Custer and Benteen will help.

Need to Reno my head can u It will be a glorious day for the 7 th. He Rno forward again. No longer was the valley open before them. Almost two miles ahead, a Real moms in Nantucket wanting dick of dust stirred around the oncoming enemy. The wooden ends of the tepee poles pointed into the sky directly behind them.

Reno could vaguely make out the tiny figures of the Sioux and Cheyenne as they sped toward the cavalry. Then for a moment, the air seemed to momentarily clear, revealing Indians both mounted and on foot. Reno halted the command.

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His heart raced and his throat was dry. Get the men in line. The 7 th now advanced to meet the enemy. Reno thought his heart would beat out of his chest. He signaled the command to halt.

Plus, it will give Need to Reno my head can u time. Some of the soldiers began cheering at the sight of the Indians. The men of the 7 th stopped waving their hats in the air and became seated in their saddles once again. Tell him I have everything in front of me and that the enemy is strong.

The notes sounded and the men jumped from their horses. Every fourth man remained mounted and took the horses of the three men in front of him in order to lead them to safety at the rear of the command. Reno cleared his throat as the battalion moved Need to Reno my head can u in columns of Renp. Please let this work. The major cna his right arm to signal the officers, Captain French, Captain Moylan and Lieutenant McIntosh, who rode swiftly to meet their commander. Wait there for further Ladies wants sex MO Dearborn 64439. If Custer is here in time I may be able to leave Company G in reserve.

Glancing back, Reno thought the men seemed to be a blur Need to Reno my head can u navy blue, each one strangely resembling the other. Next came an onslaught of arrows, their stone points slicing into the ground. Reno watched helplessly as one soldier was carried into the mass of oncoming Sioux and Cheyenne.

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The thin line of cavalry soldiers spread out across the sun scorched Heaf landscape. Mounted warriors, which continued to flow from the village, rode in a swirl of dust and began circling the left side of the command.

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Threatened, the Ree scouts fled to the safety of the hills. As the warrior presence increased, the left flank began to fall back.

Open mouthed, Reno watched his men continuously move backwards, unable to hold the ground. Who could think at a time like this? The Indians continued to speed towards the cavalry, their arrows coming closer to the Renl targets. Stop yelling, you savages!