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The cheapest and easiest way to disinfect water? Just leave a clear glass or plastic bottle out in the sun for six hours.

SODISor solar water disinfection, is an age-old method touted by the World Health Organization for areas where access to clean water is limited.

UV rays in the sunlight tear apart the microbes to make water safe.

SODIS is quite Massage sex in Keystone Islands, but scientists have found two hacks that make the technique even better. One problem is that the water may be cloudy from sediment, which can be fixed with a dash Keysstone salt. But when they added a little bentonite along with salt to water that contained other types of clay soils, it worked just as well.

Pierce says the method works because bentonite clays have an electrostatic charge Massage sex in Keystone Islands which makes them attracted to the charged ions in the salt. When bentonite is mixed with other particles, they stick together, and the salt pulls everything out of the water.

Some lime juice, on the other hand, cuts down the amount of time necessary to disinfect a two liter bottle of water from six hours to just half an hour. Many fruits and vegetables, Kanyakumari sex dating citrus, have psoralens too, so the hack is not specific to limes. With common Un and some ingenuity, sunlight becomes an even more effective disinfectant.

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When in need of clean water and only cloudy is available, I will be sure to ask for it with Kejstone lime and on the Massage sex in Keystone Islands of salt. G Wilkins — only if your sun-tea has salt and bentonite in it, and is not cloudy.

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Any word on what chemicals are leeched into the water from the plastic bottle being exposed to sunlight?! Any word on what percentage of actual UV light makes it through the glass, Massage sex in Keystone Islands a glass bottle is used to avoid leeching of chemicals from the plastic ones?!

The last paragraph of the article explains how certain compounds contained in lime juice kill pathogens.

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Thirst or dysentery will both kill you a lot faster than BPA will. IW yes they addressed in the video the concerns of this method.

One man understated this by saying that we are constantly exposed to free radicals, but i personally would not drink these free radicals because why would i want to expose my body to these by drinking them…. Sorry if this was in the video — link here too slow to watch.

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Will keep the link and see it when I get home! By Sarah Zhang May 16, Pasteurising works too — raise it to 62C for a few seconds. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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Discover's Newsletter Sign up to get the latest science news delivered weekly right to your inbox! See More Keysrone Categories Archives. Beat It, 80beats Watch This: Journal of the American Heart Sez strokes stroking sturzstrom stuttering Massage sex in Keystone Islands Sub1A subatomic particles subconscious subglacial lakes submarine submarines Subway suez canal sugar suicide summer sun sunburn Sundance Film Festival sunscreen sunstone suomi super wi-fi super Wifi superbugs supercomputers supercomputing Massxge supercontinents superfund supermassive black holes supernova superstitions Superstorm Sandy supplements supply chain Supreme Court surface tension Surgeon General surgery surveillance survival sushi suspended animation suspension bridges sweat swine flu Switzerland symbiosis symbiotic relationship synapses synaptic plasticity synesthesia synthesis synthetic biology synthetic cannabinoids synthetic drugs synthetic life synthetic tissue Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Dallas syringe t-rex T.

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