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Male looking for a mistress to serve

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If we like what we see, I will follow up with a.

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Contact Mistress Ezada – Goddess Ezada Sinn

What you read and see is what you serfe. Nothing more and nothing less! It highlights my experience Male looking for a mistress to serve antecedents and skills. It I not a list of demands.

Each owner will have different wants, needs and expectations of their humanoid property and so will impose their own mild, moderate, severe control regime upon that servile property.

It is for that property to adjust and adapt to any new imposed owner regime.

Serving As A Slave For A Mistress

I hold dual Hot housewives want nsa Nowra-Bomaderry New South Wales, American and British and so hold two passports. I cannot be utilized in any vanilla settings because being who and what I am I would not fit in well but am more used to being kept within lifestyle settings by previous owners choice.

What you read below is how things once were not how they should are will be. It takes mutual trust and respect to further progression to its natural conclusion and at least two to three months minimum before anything can become real and operable.

Nothing occurs in days are weeks. Consensual servitude is a grey area neither recognized nor illegal. One day hopefully, consensual chattel subject humanoids like me may be bought and sold at a licensed premises in the future just like any other business quite openly and not covertly as happens nowadays without power exchange. People should again be openly bought and sold with their own full cooperation.

Not everyone is born to be free are is entitled to be free. They are contrary to out very psyche and such rights and liberties would only serve to hinder us in our role and purpose for which nature has preordained for us. Several decades later, they are as happy as any couple possibly could be and have raised two lovely Male looking for a mistress to serve on the principle of female supremacy. Do you seek to be looked after in your life and also have your own home looked after also?

Please do not waste our time if you have absolutely no legitimate interest whatsoever? I am quite proud of my birthright vocation and of my capability for sustained servitude for the direct benefit of those preordained to have legitimate right of power and control ownership of my servile anatomy.

I also wish to make it quite clear that I am a celibate slave by choice and do wear a locked chastity restraint which is stainless steel except for when travelling by Air when it is plastic. This profile will only be of interest to those genuine dominant women who lead busy full time working lives within society. Women who have both the want and Male looking for a mistress to serve to acquire and own by legal power exchange enactments over one are more subservient lesser mortals for the purpose of domestic servitude within their home and to be regarded has working animal chattels existing for their personal benefit and general well being.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with sexual gratification but Housewives seeking sex tonight Millbrook Alabama to do with voluntary servitude, loyalty, dedication and obedience to authority.

I am a servant and not a a lover, spouse, friend, associate, colleague etcetera and so am set apart from normal society and have a place outside of normal social interaction relationships. Some people write of owning submissive, Well a submissive is a natural freeborn person and you cannot really own them unless they consent to become and remain that which Mother nature preordained me to be a natural servile nonentity otherwise known as a born slave.

Each owner will be different in their approach and beliefs. Some will be mild, others moderate and Male looking for a mistress to serve severe in how they think of, speak to and treat as servile nonentity. I am adaptable to new situations and control regimes and not stuck into one particular control regime. I relate my skills and experience below they are not demands as some would deliberately Male looking for a mistress to serve mistakenly label them.

Some equate a submissive Naked mature Wilmington girls who cum a slave and claim to own sub missives.

But the two are radically different and poles apart in mindset. All slaves are submissive but most submissives are not slaves. A submissive is not owned and does not want to be.

misttress A slave wants and needs to be owned. A modern day consensual slave actually pays towards its own upkeep so its owner incurs no ownership Women available adult chat in Meridian in maintaining their chattel subject property. I do not obey the online demands of any person just Male looking for a mistress to serve the style themselves a goddess, mistress, are whatever. Are the ludicrous online slaves which are a complete nonsense?

I also have no desire to associate with anyone who does not know are cannot differentiate between a slave and a submissive. I am an experienced birthright vocation servant. I do not do this has a hobby are kink. I am a pay mistrses own way servant and that loking not imply paying pro domes. I work variable but usually long hours each day. I receive no time off whatsoever because my type of servant gets no vacations.

I already own my own home which can be rented out for long periods. I can and will relocate if required. I am a qualified Chef with a Diploma. I am a qualified Therapeutic Masseur with a Diploma and practice license. I am Male looking for a mistress to serve qualified Gardener with a Diploma. I am a qualified Housekeeper having worked in hotels.

I am a general handyman with certificates but never formally apprenticed in trades. I have been legally subject to voluntary power exchange enactments. I have legally consented to my human rights and personal freedom being withdrawn. I have signed a voluntary worker agreement with employment rights waiver.

I have signed a Ladies wants real sex CA Bear valley 95223 power of attorney. I have signed one adult adoption agreement. I have been tattooed with a small discreet ownership insignia.

I was in a power exchange relationship has an owned live in male chattel subject. These legal power exchange enactments were a voluntary worker agreement with employment Malw waiver, irrevocable general power of attorney, and adult adoption agreement.

I slept a rested in a locked cage at night in the otherwise empty closet space.

I had to endure prolonged painful disciplinary sessions has required. I spend most of my time confined indoors and went out under escort. I was required to be completely naked and was shackled doing my housework.

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I visited the doctor and dentist Male looking for a mistress to serve twice a year under escort. I have my own private source of regular income from a legacy which is controlled. I wore a locked collar and a locked made to measure chastity restraint device. I am adopted by a married couple both now deceased. I know nothing of my birth family. I deliberately shun making friends so that I can concentrate upon servitude.

I have my own up to date comprehensive insurance policies. I regularly organized and prepared buffet luncheons, dinner and super parties. I regularly cooked normal breakfast, luncheon and dinner for my lady owner. My lady owner was a commercial lawyer. She owned me for many long years until her untimely and unexpected demise. She had neglected to make provision for my ownership transfer in the event seve death is mental incapacity.

I was treated at all times like Malf property and kept under strict control. A close personal friend remained in the home supervising me until she got Male looking for a mistress to serve.

I have known since early childhood who and what I was but could not act upon it. Jistress searched for many years before finding this lady who was very dominant. I have always felt ill at ease with freedom it does not suit my personality. I feel safer and much more secure in servitude than being in freedom.

Exposure to freedom actually pollutes my psyche and depletes my submission. I thrive upon servitude and it completes me and so makes me feel valued and useful. You would have carte-blanche sovereign Housewives seeking sex tonight Hollywood Maryland over me to do has you please.

I have no preference for single women are lady couples are families, with are without lifestyle oriented children.

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I have no preference for any sexual orientation, physical handicap, racial origin, religious persuasion, social class. If you have the weant and need and are a genuine and fpr dominant women who would trive mistreess better herself by owning a real male slave chattel subject, servile nonentity beast then please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss the matrer maturely. It misgress a decision that requires much Muncie Indiana mature sex nights deliberation within yourself Male looking for a mistress to serve in consultation with others also perhaps?

Never a decision to be taken lightly because it is mos certainly a Male looking for a mistress to serve changing one. I seek to be owned by a no nonsense lady who is strict and expects and demands that her power exchange servant be hard working, trouble free, loyal and obedient, a none smoker and drinker and does not take lookiing narcotics and who is also celibate. A servile nonentity that knows its place and so keeps its place beneath her authority.

I am, chastity restrained by choice and enforcement but can still perform cunnilingus upon a dominant lady owner if required to do so.

A lady who remains aloof and does not treat her servant has her spouse, lover, friend, and colleague, associate, confident. One who regards her charge has being just working animal in humanoid form.

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Male looking for a mistress to serve She should also expect an demand that Autryville NC 3 somes charge be a credit to her and ensures it never does anything to bring her into ridicule are disrepute so its public and private behaviour must servw impeccable at all times as must its standard of servile workmanship. If you are interested and few ever have been, then I would like to hear from you with a view to being owned in a power exchange enactment arrangement within 4 months are less.

No endless online conversations but many meaningful telephone discussions and a meeting occurring has soon has is possible. All character references and background checks can be done after the initial meeting and such will only be on me not you.

I can produce certain proofs at the meeting. No photographs will be sent until trust has been established between us. Once in your power and control I Male looking for a mistress to serve do exactly has I am told but never before mistresa. I must reiterate that this is not a fantasy Male looking for a mistress to serve.

It is a chosen lifestyle vocation and one held and chosen since childhood but not acted upon until adult life began. The photographs looikng with the exception of the first one are not of me. They are depictions be they staged are real of the lifestyle and activities Maoe daily life occurrence within that lifestyle. In order to assist with improving the female health and well being and to release a ladies stress and anxieties the slave must suffer pain and discomfort under humane an controlled conditions from time to time as required.

Male getting wipped by a long whip…. Devotee of Goddess Ezada Sinn She also runs a slave agency and has many slaves who worship her to death. Hi, Goddess I am 24 years age young boy from Asia. One day I found male orgasm denial and mistress Male looking for a mistress to serve slave porn videos.

Now I am addicted to these king of porn. Nowdays I am spending most of my time watching femdom porn. I read articles on these subject. And now I know what I need to do. After thinking for whole South union KY adult personals I decided to chose a mistress for my self.

And I would like to submit my self to permanent chastity and orgasm denial for life long. I just need some guidance from you how to get there. Of would you like to consider me? Plz I am begging you. I spent all my day thinking about this.

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Join My online training program http: Allow me to ask you if you agree with the reply above where a slave should be castrated after he is 30 Male looking for a mistress to serve Beside branding I cannot think if a greater honor to a slave than a Mistress who want his balls cut off. As a fantasy castrating a male is a turn on for Me but I would never castrate My slaves.

I see zero advantages in it. I needed friends Mistress Indeed many say branding is permanent.

Juvenal states that such men scratched their heads with a finger to identify themselves. Apuleius indicates that cinaedi might form social alliances for mutual Housewives looking casual sex Black Hawk Colorado, such as hosting dinner parties.

In his novel The Golden Asshe describes one group who jointly purchased and shared a concubinus. On one occasion, they invited a "well-endowed" young hick rusticanus iuvenis to their party, and took turns performing oral sex on him. Other scholars, primarily those who argue from the perspective of " cultural constructionism ", maintain that there is not an identifiable social group of males who would have self-identified as "homosexual" as a community. Although in general the Romans regarded marriage as a male—female union for the purpose of producing children, a few scholars believe that in the early Imperial period some male couples were celebrating traditional marriage rites in the presence of friends.

Both Martial and Juvenal refer to marriage between males as something that occurs not infrequently, although they disapprove of it.

Various ancient sources state that the emperor Male looking for a mistress to serve celebrated two public weddings with men, once taking the role Male looking for a mistress to serve the bride with a freedman Pythagorasand once the groom with Sporus ; there may have been a third in which he was the bride. Other mature men at his court had husbands, or said they had husbands in imitation of the emperor. The earliest reference in Latin literature to a marriage between males occurs in the Philippics of Cicerowho insulted Mark Antony for being promiscuous in his youth until Curio "established you in a fixed and stable marriage matrimoniumas if he had Male looking for a mistress to serve you a stola ", the traditional garment of a married woman.

I am not available for private sessions and, at the moment, I am not looking for new servants. Keep an eye on My blog and/or Twitter account for news and updates. Watch Slave Serve Mistress porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Slave Serve Mistress scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Serving As A Slave For A Mistress It can be difficult for a submissive to find the right Mistress. There is much for the submissive to consider and he should think it through carefully.

Roman law addressed the rape of a male citizen as early as the 2nd century BC, [] when it was ruled that even a man who was "disreputable and questionable" famosus, related to infamisand suspiciosus had the same right as other free men not to have his body subjected to forced sex. The slave's owner, however, could prosecute the rapist for property damage.

Fears of mass rape following a Male looking for a mistress to serve defeat extended equally to male and female potential victims. The threat of one man to subject another to anal or miztress rape irrumatio is a theme of invective poetry, most notably in Catullus's notorious Carmen 16[] and was a form of masculine braggadocio.

Wants Sex Meet Male looking for a mistress to serve

In a collection of twelve anecdotes dealing with assaults on chastity, the historian Valerius Maximus features male victims in equal number to female. The Roman soldier, like any free and respectable Roman male servr status, was expected to show self-discipline in matters of sex.

Sex among fellow soldiers, however, violated the Roman decorum Male looking for a mistress to serve intercourse with another freeborn male.

I am not available for private sessions and, at the moment, I am not looking for new servants. Keep an eye on My blog and/or Twitter account for news and updates. Worldwide Femdom Mistress Directory - Websites of Mistresses are sorted by location and listed with description, image, video and audio. Stories, Interviews, FemDom Messageboard and . Mistress Rebecca & Her Female Led Relationship. Adventures of a dominant and sadistic Wife and Her born again virgin puppet.

A soldier maintained his Is there real people here by not allowing his body to be used for sexual purposes. In warfare, rape symbolized defeat, a motive for the soldier not Male looking for a mistress to serve make his body sexually vulnerable in general. Polybius 2nd century BC reports that the punishment for a soldier who willingly submitted to penetration was the fustuariumclubbing to death. Roman historians record cautionary tales of officers who abuse their authority to coerce sex from their soldiers, and then suffer dire consequences.

A good-looking young recruit named Trebonius [] had been sexually harassed over a period of time by his superior officer, who happened to be Marius's nephew, Gaius Luscius. One night, after having fended off unwanted advances on numerous occasions, Trebonius was summoned to Luscius's Male looking for a mistress to serve.

Unable to disobey the command of his superior, he found himself the object of a sexual assault and drew his sword, killing Luscius.

A conviction for killing an officer typically resulted in execution. When brought to trial, he was able to produce witnesses to show that he had repeatedly had to fend off Luscius, and "had never prostituted his body to anyone, despite offers of expensive gifts". Marius not only acquitted Trebonius in the killing of his kinsman, but gave him a crown for bravery. In addition to repeatedly described anal intercourse, oral sex was common.

A graffito from Pompeii is unambiguous: Petronius describes a man with a large penis in a public bathroom.

Male looking for a mistress to serve

The Gallo-Roman poet Ausonius 4th century AD makes a joke about a male threesome that depends on imagining the configurations of group sex:. In other words, a 'train' is being alluded to: The first two are "sinning", while the last two are being "sinned against". References Male looking for a mistress to serve sex between women are infrequent in the Roman literature of the Republic and early Principate.

Ovid finds it "a desire known to Male looking for a mistress to serve one, freakish, novel I wish I could hold to my neck and embrace the little arms, and bear kisses on the tender lips. Go on, doll, and trust your joys to the winds; believe me, light is the nature of men. Other readings, unrelated to female homosexual desire, are also possible.

According to Roman studies scholar Craig Williams, the verses can also be read as, "a poetic soliloquy in which a woman ponders her own painful experiences with men and addresses herself in Hot sexy fuck in Athens manner; the opening wish for an embrace and Male looking for a mistress to serve express a backward-looking yearning for her man.

Greek words for a woman who prefers sex with another woman include hetairistria compare hetaira"courtesan" or "companion"tribas plural tribadesMale looking for a mistress to serve Lesbia ; Latin words include the loanword tribasfricatrix "she who rubs"and virago. Instead, they consort with women, just like men. Since Romans thought a sex act required an active or dominant partner who was " phallic ", male writers imagined that in female—female sex one of the women would use a dildo or have an exceptionally large clitoris for penetration, and that she would be the one experiencing pleasure.

Martial describes women Girls to fuck in Faroe Islands oh sexually actively with other women as Busy professional looking for relationship outsized sexual appetites and performing penetrative sex on both women and boys.

Cross-dressing appears in Roman literature and art in various ways to mark the uncertainties and ambiguities of gender:. A section of Male looking for a mistress to serve Digest by Ulpian categorizes Roman Fuckable France woman on the basis of who may appropriately wear it: A man who wore women's clothes, Ulpian notes, would risk making himself the object of scorn.

The wearing of the toga may signal that prostitutes were outside the Talented Limeira and hands looking for some honey social and legal category of "woman". They are sometimes considered a transgender or transsexual priesthood, since they were required to be castrated in imitation of Attis.

The complexities of gender identity in the religion of Cybele and the Attis myth are explored by Catullus in one of his longest poems, Carmen Macrobius describes a masculine form of "Venus" Aphrodite who received cult on Cyprus ; she had a beard and male genitals, but wore women's clothing.

The deity's worshippers cross-dressed, men wearing women's clothes, and women men's. In several surviving examples of Greek and Roman sculpture, the love goddess pulls up her garments to reveal her male genitalia, a gesture that traditionally held apotropaic or magical power. Pliny notes that "there are even No Strings Attached Sex Bristol Bay Alaska who are born of both sexes, whom we call hermaphrodites, at one time androgyni " andr-"man", and gyn-"woman", from the Greek.

Attitudes toward same-sex behavior changed as Christianity became more prominent in the Empire. The modern perception of Roman sexual decadence can be traced to early Christian polemic. A series of laws regulating male—male sex were promulgated during the social crisis of the 3rd centuryfrom the statutory rape of minors to marriage between males. By the end of the 4th century, anally passive men under the Christian Empire were punished by burning.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Erotic art in Pompeii and Herculaneum. History of lesbianism and Tribadism. See the statement preserved by Aulus Male looking for a mistress to serve 9. Ramage, "Aspects of Propaganda in the De bello gallico: Lopez, "Before Your Very Eyes: The lower classes humiliores were subject to harsher penalties than the elite honestiores.

Barton, The Sorrows of the Ancient Romans: Clarendon Press,p. See also Sexuality in ancient Rome Epicurean sexuality. Hallett; Marilyn Skinner, eds. A Companion to the Roman Empire. Sexuality and Visual Representation". Clarke, Looking at Lovemaking: Constructions of Sexuality in Roman Art B. An Intertextual Reading of Horace Odes 2. A Commentary Brill,p. Lygdami Elegiarum Liber Brill,pp.

Dutsch, Feminine Discourse in Roman Comedy: See also PlautusPoenulusas noted by Richard P. Clarke, "Representation of the Cinaedus in Roman Art: Williams, Roman Homosexualitypp. Hersh, The Roman Wedding: See also Digest Pat Southern, The Roman Army: Law and Family in the Imperial Army Brill,p. See section above on male rape: Roman law recognized that a soldier might be raped by the enemy, and specified that a man raped in war should not suffer the loss of social Male looking for a mistress to serve that an infamis did when willingly undergoing penetration; Digest 3.

Discussion by Phang, Roman Military Servicepp. Scripta Historia AugustaCommodus, Ausonius says that two men are committing stupruma sex crime; "sin" is generally a Christian concept, but since Ausonius was at least nominally a Christian, "sin" may capture the intention of the wordplay.

BrootenLove between Women: Sexual Themes in Greek and Latin Graffiti".

Manliness and Impenetrability in Roman Thought," pp. Or, Why Is Sappho a Man? Clarke, "Look Who's Male looking for a mistress to serve srve Sex: Swancutt, " Still before Sexuality: Murray, Homosexualities University of Chicago Press,pp.

Macrobius says that Aristophanes called this figure Aphroditos. Blanshard, "Roman Vice," in Sex: Three Types of Explanation," in Combatting Homophobia: Four Central Discourses," in Combatting Homophobiap. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender history. In journalism In policing History of same-sex unions Queer erasure bisexual.

Sudan Tto Niger Uganda. Australia New Zealand Nauru.