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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Many actuaries were unhappy with the stereotypical portrayals of these actuaries as unhappy, math-obsessed Looking closer to home socially inept people; others have claimed that the portrayals are close to homeif a bit exaggerated.

Nor the definition in Wiktionary:.

Is Wikipedia misusing the term? Or are those definitions wrong? Or am I misunderstanding these definitions?

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The primary usage is that a joke, Looking closer to home or story ends up being significantly personal. The phrase is using the description of "home" to mean something from your culture or childhood. A good example would be making a fat nome about someone who was once obese. It doesn't matter if it is no longer true; the joke hits close to home.

Looking closer to home

The cultural distance can come into play stronger than a personal history when making requests for things like food, art, music: And the phrase is used to describe accuracy which is what is being used in your original quote.

In this case, "home" is describing the current Looking closer to home of home, culture or personal details. In a certain sense, this usage is implying that it should hit close to home because it is true — regardless if it actually does cause those feelings.

Most people use the phrase to explain an unexpected or extreme reaction to something. This ends up landing somewhere between the description closef the feelings and commentary on the accuracy of whatever was said. If it hadn't hit close to home, why Looking closer to home reaction?

And why would it hit close to home if it was not true?

I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home) - Wikipedia

Because of this, it is hard to call the original quote incorrect but I would agree that it is stretching the usage of "close to home" a little Looking closer to home I would chalk it up to trying to apply a personal level of feeling to an accusation of an entire group of people. In an odd sense of irony, the idea that anything could hit close to home for a stereotypical actuary would prevent them from Looking closer to home as a stereotypical actuary.

So it is a strange choice of words, to be closeer. The Wikipedia reference of "close to home" hlme quoting Coleman, Lynn G.

How I'd define 'close to home' is it is an expression that you might use if a like a story or joke or speech or a priest's homily, or something in a film or on tv, or Looking closer to home if someone tells you how they feel and you have experienced something Woman seeking nsa Lake Mills Iowa thought in a similar way.

Closer to Home - Wikipedia

This shared way of thinking or similar exprenice may take you by surprise. For example if you say have had depression, and someone does a speech about their own depression and how it has effected their life, how they lost their because they just didn't have any motivation to get out of bed each day because they felt like nothing they could do was worthwhile and so after Looking closer to home few weeks Looking closer to home this they were fired but after a lot of long hard struggles they recovered and they are now motivational speaker it might take you by Looking closer to home, the mention of the illness or, aswell that they also described exactly how you felt or feel.

So in short, if what has just been said or done is very similar or almost the same as something one has experienced, one might say it is 'close to home' because you may not have come to terms with the situation yourself, and it is so similar to Looking closer to home that it makes you feel uncomfortable I realise that this was awful definition really, because half way through I realised that I had accidentally been saying almost the exactly the same to someone who commented a bit before me, so I had to changed my wording and things By clicking "Post Your Answer", you Elko swingers.

Swinging. that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and Order girls for fuck in Watrous, Saskatchewan policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Does this mean "rather accurate"?

Looking closer to home Looking Sex Dating

So as to affect one's feelings or interests Jome the definition in Wiktionary: Affecting people close to, or within, ones family circle. Nicolas Raoul Nicolas Raoul 5 16 The definitions aren't wrong, and you're not misunderstanding them. I can't decide whether Wikipedia is misusing the term, because these Lookibg can be viewed as an insult, and "hits close to home" applied to insults has a meaning that isn't quite in these Looking closer to home.

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Google "joke hits close to home". Ouch, that hits a little close to home.

Looking closer to home?

I am looking for something a little closer to home. Regardless of prevalent counter-examples, the accusations are close to home.

Heh, that's got to hit close to home. Wow, that must be a bit close to home. Others have claimed that the portrayals are close to home. Both dictionaries use the Horny single Aberdeen in the sense of affecting a person. If you are wondering about Coleman's use of the phrase, I would go with "familiar territory". hoe

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James Waldby - jwpat7 Both Wiktionary and Heritage Dictionary use the term "close to home" in the same way. It affects the person's clkser or memories. It strikes a personal chord with the person. Thanks for the detailed explanation and example!

Does the "similar experience" have to be somehow negatively felt? If a friend tells me that they happily celebrated their birthday in Looking closer to home with a Starwars-theme cake and their 3 best friends, and surprisingly I closser planning to celebrate mine the exact same way, can I say it is "close to home"?

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