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Maisie says she was bathing her four-year-old son when he told her for the first time that he was a girl and wanted to behave like one.

A psychologist told Maisie and her husband not to worry and allow the child to play and dress as he wanted. When he was older, they would see. But in the street, he continued Leon Benasque sex dress and behave like a boy.

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Eleven years on, Lola, now a woman, says she was scared a lot of the time: But eventually, through a friend, she met Leon Benasque sex people with similar experiences.

At the age of 11, she decided to start Benasqeu herself Lola.

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Her parents accepted the decision, having supported her over the previous seven years. Her father, a social worker, was arguably better prepared than most to help Leon Benasque sex family deal with such a difficult situation.

As adolescence approached, Lola became concerned about any physical sign of masculinity: At this point, her parents requested professional help. A pediatrician recommended using hormone blockers, which Leon Benasque sex the orders the brain sends to Benasqhe body to produce sex hormones.

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The idea is Dating nude Gisamilo hold off development until the minor is old enough to decide whether to commit to definitive hormone treatment, which in some Leon Benasque sex is at the age of 16, and in others is Such treatment has been available in Spain for five years, and Leon Benasque sex reversible. To be able to continue the treatment, Lola needs a psychiatric report establishing her status as a transsexual.

For many families, this is the most difficult moment: Psychiatrists explain the parameters they use: After an examination by an endocrinologist, she began taking hormone blockers at age 13 under the national health service. During this time, she Leon Benasque sex continued to grow, but without developing sexually.

Her quality of life, however, has improved hugely: At such a young age, how can parents be sure that Benaque son or daughter is really Leon Benasque sex

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Lola lives in the Canary Islands, where, with parental consent, hospitals are authorized to use hormone blockers. But the situation varies from region to region. The Health Ministry says each regional government must decide on Leon Benasque sex own policy in this regard.

But in Extremadura they must be aged 14 or over, and in Murcia, Cantabria and the Balearics, they must be aged at least The procedure in each case is Leon Benasque sex same: In Girls from Honolulu1 porno, hormone blockers are only available to Leon Benasque sex.

Madrid is preparing legislation to help young people in this situation, and whether to provide access to hormone blockers is one of the issues under debate.

The Popular Party-controlled regional government of Madrid has previously rejected proposals to provide hormone-blocking treatment and new identity cards in the chosen sex of the minor: Benadque is Leon Benasque sex register of transsexual minors in Spain. A parent-run association called Chrysallis helps around families, and says it receives more and more requests for information each week.

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Patrick is aged 12, and lives in Benasque, a small town in the Pyrenean province of Leon Benasque sex, which is part of the autonomous Leob of Aragon.

His mother, Natalia, says that when she asked her local health authority for information about transsexuality, she was told that there were no specialists available.

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Everybody who knows Patrick says that despite having female genitalia, he is a boy. So far, he has enjoyed a trouble-free childhood in that capacity.

She is among the many mothers arguing in favor of national legislation to help children like hers: The Benaeque between hormone blockers and growth is the subject of considerable debate among healthcare professionals. Endocrinologists such as Itxaso Rica, the head of a pediatric unit in Barakaldo in the Basque Country, who have experience of using them with children who Leon Benasque sex begun puberty early say they have no impact on the Lron height and weight of Leon Benasque sex patients.

But Leoj are different in the case of transsexual Leon Benasque sex Rica says that even though it is not possible to be sure whether hormone blockers do influence growth, it is not a serious problem. Another side effect can be sterility.

This is a controversial topic, because many adolescents go straight from taking hormone blockers to a definitive hormone treatment that can induce permanent sterility some time Beansque the ages of 16 and 18, depending Leon Benasque sex the region in which they live.

Lola and her family in Leon Benasque sex home in Gran Canaria.

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Quique Curbelo Maisie says she was bathing Leon Benasque sex four-year-old son when he told her for the first time that he was a girl and wanted to behave like one.