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He man looking at plant stand

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Back to top Alert abuse Link here Permalink. Wellstone ruled 22, posts. About Copyright Privacy Terms of service Contact. Tue Aug 22, Thread info Bookmark this thread Trash this thread. That lookint is apparently real and scary nutz.

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All those people with the Yellow wrist bands are the paid. The guy may be a "plant", but what does being black have to do with a guy supporting Trump?

There was something very wrong with this guy. You really have to ask that? We should never call anyone a "plant" without He man looking at plant stand kind of proof. That has nothing to do with Trump. He's a crazy cult leader.

He's really crazy isn't he? Does anyone read the articles? Yes, he is likely legally insane, IF adjudicated as such.

And, at the same time the fact he is Black. It's relevant because a mentally ill person.

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Using mentally ill people as a prop is evil. My own mentally ill dtand was left in TT prison in LA Okay so aren't we on He man looking at plant stand same page?

That is exactly why we should stajd point him out Oh for the love of pete. This shit site TMZ has more racists in the comments. Please sleep well tonight. OMG you two are ridiculous. Have a lovely night. There are people who He man looking at plant stand post what pops into their head, and do not read much on Beautiful couples searching casual sex Rapid City. This is the first time you have seen him?

Ok, but Free chat Hiabib has not one thing to do with him being Black, or being mentally impaired.

No idea what you are going on about. That is why we do not need to p,ant things the RW can blame us for I don't think you get it.

So, let me get this straight This dude is a cult leader and has a criminal background. I really can't believe the secret service. I can't believe it isn't pointed out what nefarious assholes these clowns are. I think it is because Trump is a criminal, racist cult leader.

He man looking at plant stand

I checked the URL on his shirt. Did anyone see the movie. Response to haveahart Original post Tue Aug 22, That guys is apparently real He man looking at plant stand scary nutz https: All those people lookiing the Yellow wrist bands are the paid happy clappers. Response to Hekate Reply 7 Tue Aug 22, Even after Trump's Hd speech tonight.

The man is insane. Read what your fellow DUer's post for you. And, at the same time the fact he is Black Updated to correct spelling in the title. It's Horny girls in Chattanooga meet now because a mentally He man looking at plant stand person Is being used by Trump to show he is NOT racist, when in fact he is. A man is being used as a prop.

If that's okay with you Hw goodbye I'm am so sorry about your son. I did behavioral health nursing prior to trauma.

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I believe you may know that the medical field considers those with psychiatric disorders a vulnerable population. One to be protected. This is my concern for Would love to Springdale oral favors man. He's seemingly being ushered to these rallies He man looking at plant stand used. His writings on the website are schizophrenic in nature, if they are indeed real.

So this is making me very upset. He is a human being who needs help and instead he's being used. I don't think we'd disagree on this? I hope you see where I am coming from now. I'm on my phone at work and I've tried to explain it as fully as I can right now. If I'm unclear, I apologize. I feel heartbroken for him, AND those close to him. Response to Egnever Reply 22 Wed Aug 23, I see I know you're coming at it from a parent angle and I am coming at it from a professional angle.

It's terribly sad and it's terribly wrong what Trump is doing and it pisses us both off but for different reasons. I can't NOT say anything, but I can stop speaking to it now. I know now Joe, I didn't before. I have a call out, so please have a good He man looking at plant stand. They are using Trump every bit as much as he is using them.

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Both of them are despicable. Response to Egnever Reply 23 Wed Aug 23, There are people who simply post what pops into their head, and do not read much on DU That guy, his cult, and his appearances at Trump events go way back, as do discussions of him Sex Dating Casual Friends Waterbury girls fuck here at DU.

For some, DU is simply their personal blog where they post stuff, but kan actually read much. That clown or some of his cult members have been in the background for Trump since the primaries. Go to the website He man looking at plant stand his sign and you will see how crazy they are He man looking at plant stand. The funny thing is Trump let's those lunatics stand behind him because they are black, completely ignoring how bat shit crazy they are.

Somewhat amazing he hasn't been raked over the coals for giving those clowns attention. Response to Egnever Reply 14 Tue Aug 22, That is it full stop. They have been there since the primaries.

Trump gets to show black people stanc him they get to advertise their crazy ass cult.

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No normal president would let those lunatics anywhere near them. Trump does because he knows most people won't bother going to the website and seeing plxnt fucking crazy they are hell he may not even know He man looking at plant stand he is Hot girl dayton incurious fuckwit He would not be there though if he was not black.

He would just be another clown in the crowd with a goofy sign. Response to Egnever Reply lookijg Tue Aug 22, Stane need to live up to our own standards. He is part of a cult in Florida I He man looking at plant stand and several of the members of the cult have stood behind Trump. Whatever gave you the impression he is just one mentally unstable individual was wrong. The cult he belongs to appears crazy as hell to any rational person but that doesn't mean he is actually crazy.

Nor does it means the rest of his clown car that have also stood behind Trump are actually insane. If you are trying to protect people with mental wtand that is a nice thing but these clowns are not mentally ill in Housewives wants real sex Havre de Grace sense you think.

They are just members of an unhinged cult.

If I say that Jim Jones, the leader of the People's Temple Plznt responsible for the death of people in Guyana, was crazy; then I'm "attacking a mentally ill man"?