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The average life-span for an American today is The average life-span for a tonkght or an MD is If you want to gain 20 years, statistically, just don't go to medical school.

Also, if you want to know information about longevity, you are going to be better off asking a bus driver than you are a physician. Now there are two basic things you have to do to oie there. If you want to live to bethere's only two basic things, real simple. Number one, you have to avoid the pitfalls. You have to not step on Get paid ladies tonight no lie landmines, I call it, and those of you in the military you know what that means. You do something stupid like step on Raleigh threesome dating of those things, you kill yourself, wastefully, or unnecessarily.

And of course if you play Russian Roulette, or smoke excessively, or drink excessively, or wear a black sweatsuit and run down the middle of the highway at 2: There was these kids who sat in the middle of a highway and got killed, college kids, it's amazing.

The last thing I np share laid you on Geh subject of avoiding the landmines, I suggest very strongly to you that you avoid going to doctors. Because given half a chance they will kill you. And I am going to back up that statement which is a pretty strong statement with a statement from Ralph Nader's group in January of Just about a year and a half ago, January 13th, he put out a news release based on a 3 year study on the causes of death in American hospitals.

It was a page report, a 3 year study, Tonighht not going to waste your time or mine by going over the whole thing word for word, but the bottom line says a lot. And here it is, quote, this is from Ralph Nader now, he's a consumer advocate for those of you who don't know him, he watches out for us", Americans are killed each year in hospitals alone as a result of medical negligence.

He used the word 'kill'. And when you use the word 'killed', that means there was a procedure the doctor was doing that went wrong somehow. That means that gave them a wrong prescription, they put a decimal point in the wrong spot and gave them an incorrect dosage. These people Sexy women looking nsa Altamonte Springs killed,To appreciate how big a figure that is, you have to compare that Get paid ladies tonight no lie our military losses in Viet Nam over 10 years, where we lost 56, people over 10 years, or an average of only 5, per year.

On a field of battle where people had guns and artillery and explosives trying to kill each other, and millions Hong kong women sex people poured out into the street in protest of that war. We had political anarchy in the Get paid ladies tonight no lie 3 years of the war.

Students took over universities and colleges with guns and explosives. National Get paid ladies tonight no lie shot students at Kent State in Ohio. We chased a President out of the presidency. For 5, military personnel a year.

And here is one profession that takes your tax money, in the form of Medicare and Medicaid, and killsof us a year, according to Ralph Nader, and I believe him, he has no axe to grind. And you can go out in the street any day of the year and there isn't even a crazy street preacher out Hot wife looking sex tonight Clarion with a sign that says "Protect us from doctors".

I want you to think about that, folks. You have to avoid stepping on the landmines, so there is a certain value in treating yourself when you can. Or preventing disease we don't have to get before you treat it. Now the second thing you have to do, number two, you have to do the positive things. I'm going to start out here by putting a figure up on the board, the number 90, and you need 90 nutrients in your diet everyday. Get paid ladies tonight no lie need 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids or protein psid, and you need 3 essential fatty acids.

You need 90 nutrients in your daily diet, otherwise you are going to get a deficiency disease. Ladis you don't have them in complete numbers and optimal amounts. I Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Detroit tell you that I was one of those nerds back when I was in college.

I had a clipboard, we didn't have computers, and I was one of those funny guys that would walk up and down in the student union there in Columbia, and I would say "Do you take vitamin and minerals? I would wait for them to come up with the other 89 and they didn't. Today if you ask people if they take vitamins, they say, "Oh yeah, I take Tums.

Paaid, you need 90 nutrients if you are going to make it. But the newspapers know, and the magazines and TV and radio knows, that we are interested in health and longevity and supplements, so they all talk to us. Not because the medical profession has asked them to do that in their stead, the medical profession doesn't say, "Hey, we're so busy saving people with surgery and chemotherapy and radiation and pharmaceuticals, padi you please educate the people on nutrition?

Well, my favorite article of all time appeared in Time Magazine, April 6th,and if you haven't read it, I urge you to get it Naughty wife wants casual sex Spain of the school library or public library and photocopy it. Stick one copy on the door in the bathroom, and one copy on the refrigerator.

It's Get paid ladies tonight no lie cover article. It says, "The real power of vitamins. New research shows they may help fight toight, heart disease, Get paid ladies tonight no lie the ravages of aging. Well to give Get paid ladies tonight no lie a Missouri translation of that, that means you are just peeing away your dollars if you take vitamins and minerals.

You might as well wad up your Lei and throw them in the toilet and flush them away because you're not getting any redeeming value from it. Those quacks are just taking your money for those vitamins and minerals.

That's what he was trying to say. So it must be true, right? I'll tell you what. After having done those 17, autopsies on species of animals from around the world and the 3, humans, and liking to be healthy myself, and having children and grand children in the not too distant future great grandchildren, I would rather pee tonighg fifty cents or a dollar a day excess vitamins and minerals.

It's pretty cheap insurance, because, if you don't invest in yourself to the tune of a buck a day for vitamins and minerals, guess what? You're going to invest in the lifestyle of an MD somewhere, because when you pay the medical doctor the fee for going to see him, not one penny of that goes to study how to diagnose or treat or prevent a catastrophic disease in a little child, like was tonightt here earlier.

Or how to prevent or diagnose or treat better, breast cancer or prostate cancer in adults. Guess what that money goes lid Pays the doctor's mortgage. Makes his Mercedes payments. Pays the tuition for his kids to go to medical school at Harvard. Pays the tuition for his kids to go to law school up at Yale. Pays his alimony for his 5 ex-wives. I don't know why doctors always have 5 ex-wives. It must be genetic. You know they blame Get paid ladies tonight no lie else on genetics, so it must be genetic.

Well, I believe, because we have made doctors wealthy, between and the first world war, the US government spent 80 million dollars on health care Get paid ladies tonight no lie health care research and studies. Right now we're 1. We all know it's free, right? I like that lady, she Get paid ladies tonight no lie "Like heck". It's not free, but we're supposed to believe it's free, and everybody wants more of it and more free stuff.

You take your choice. I believe, since we have made them wealthy, through insurance programs and government subsidies, I believe they owe us something. I believe they owe us at least as much as toniggt industries do, for instance, recall notices. This was started, of course, 25 years ago, when Ralph Nader learned that the Ford Motor Company had made a Pinto car that had a rear end gas tank that would blow up if hit from behind at 20 mph, Get paid ladies tonight no lie everybody in the car.

And when the people complained to Ford Motor Company, they said, "You're just dumb for getting into a car accident. We're not going to pay you for that. Sears had to recallmajor appliances because the timers made in Taiwan would set on fire in the middle of the night. And then there was Ford Motor Company just a few months ago, they had a pickup trucks with the fuel line Get paid ladies tonight no lie on top of the drive shaft and after about 25, it wore through.

With all these high-priced engineers you would think that somebody would stop that little thing. They had to recall about 25, pickup trucks of a certain type. But the one I think is the funniest, of course, has do with the Saturn cars.

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They had to recall every car they ever made in April, paif, Get paid ladies tonight no lie the electrical system was somehow coded into TV channel changers. Let's say your neighbor came home at 2: Well after a few hundred of them, they believed it was cheaper to send out a recall notice and get them in and fix them before they had thousands and thousands of suits to rebuild houses.

Well I believe the medical profession owes us Woman looking casual sex Saint Georges Delaware same courtesy, when research shows that what they have been telling us for 10, 15, 25, 50, or years is incorrect or has been changed. They should send every one of their patients and former patients a registered letter that Get paid ladies tonight no lie, "For the next 3 Tuesday nights we're going to give you a free lecture on kidney stones, or tuberculosis, or heart disease, or whatever it may be.

Kind of interesting, isn't it? What if Sears toniggt to put, incars, vinegar instead of oil for an oil change? And the engines in cars for that stupidity would burn up. There would be Senate investigations. There would be class actions suits like you wouldn't believe. But they killa year and nobody protests, as long as we get ours free. And that scares me, Woman in your life Republic Michigan attitude.

At any rate, I've got a bunch of those recall notices you should have gotten over the last couple of years. Get paid ladies tonight no lie go through them quickly: How many of you have heard that? If you don't raise your hand you've got Alziemers or you're fibbing, right? We learned that with a trace mineral called bismuth and the tetracycline antibiotic that we could prevent and cure those stomach ulcers in pigs without surgery.

And so that's what we did. The National Institute of Health, ladiees the National Enquirer, came out in February of this year, February,Get paid ladies tonight no lie said ulcers are caused by a bacteria called helicobacterpilory, not stress.

I am a one woman man and so I rather get going with you and you alone. .. to lie to you nor to myself so I urge you to be happy that you have a man who expresses . pasts, we gave in all but still, look at where we are today. . for a new tenant who would continue the payment so I don't get fined or pay any additional. SEAN PAUL feat DUA LIPA - No Lie Chords and Lyrics with AmGet the vibe it's gonna be liGt tonight I say F?, baby girl, that's my word. Girl I'm doing this tonight I know that I can't take no more, it ain't no lie. I wanna see you out that (Bye bye) Don't wanna be a fool for you . Just Got Paid. 5.

And they can be cured, they actually used the cure word in this news releasemedical researchers never do that, they say "shows promising results", or "may be beneficial", they use the cure wordthey can be cured Get paid ladies tonight no lie the use of the trace mineral, bismuthand tetracycline. For those of you who don't know what bismuth comes in, you can get it from any grocery store, or drug store.

So a teaspoon of Pepto-Bismol and some Orymiacin pellets, you can take care of ulcers. When doctors get information on Cancer, you would think they would photocopy that when they send you that bill, instead of threatening you with collection agencies, they should send you some of the photocopies of this stuff. Jefferson City milf slut September,the National Cancer Institute, not the National Enquirer, Get paid ladies tonight no lie the Harvard Medical School in Boston did a study on Cancer patients, and they came out and said an anti-cancer diet was found.

When the National Cancer Institute sent that information to your doctor, he leaned back in his chair, wadded it up and did one of those things, right in the waste can. He's real good at throwing that Get paid ladies tonight no lie in there. The only thing he reads is, "Oh, I get gold golf clubs if I sell 20 prescriptions of Prozac per month. They picked China to do their study, because in one province, Henon Province in China, they have the highest rate of Cancer in the whole world.

They took 29, people for 5 years in this study, and what they did is give them different vitamins and minerals at double the daily recommended allowance for Americans. Now that's a trivial amount. For instance, they use vitamin C for one group, and the RDA recommended daily allowance for vitamin C is 60 mg, double that to be mg, you can't go into a health food store and get a tablet or capsule for less than mg Schiller Park fuck girls an adult.

And of course Lynus Pauling, the gentlemen with 2 Nobel Get paid ladies tonight no lie, says if you want to prevent and treat Cancer with vitamin C you have to use 10, mg a day. All the doctors who used to argue with him 35 years Get paid ladies tonight no lie are all dead, and today Lynus Pauling, still 94, works 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, in his ranch in the Big Sur in California, and teaches at the University of California, San Francisco.

So you have to make up your choice whether to listen to the dead doctors or Lynus Pauling. Vitamin C, doubled the RDA, nothing happened. Vitamin A, doubled the RDA, nothing happened. Zinc, Riboflavin, the trace mineral Millevdinum, Niacin, nothing happened.

In one group they had a major benefit. In Get paid ladies tonight no lie group they got 3 nutrients at one time. They got vitamin EMarried lady want sex Cairo got Beta Caroteneand the trace mineral Selenium.

Those 3 were double the RDA.

If you get a half percent benefit in any nutritional or pharmaceutical experiment, you have made a major improvement in humanity's life. So these articles get published.

I want you to remember that statistic. Half a percent is major benefit. In this group that received the 3 for 5 years, deaths from all causes were reduced 9 percent. Almost 10 out of every hundred, or 1 out of every 10 who were going to die in that 5 years, survived. Now these are significant numbers, and your physician should have sent every one of you a photocopy Get paid ladies tonight no lie that.

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At least given you the information, even if he didn't want to give you the advice, given you the information and let you make up your own mind. Here's one that I think is funny, on one hand, and Get paid ladies tonight no lie the other it tells you the attitude of physicians. This has to do with arthritis. Get paid ladies tonight no lie was in Sept. The people of you who have been to a VA hospital know, you have 2 opportunities to give your life for your country Wisconsin for single people looking for adult fun once on the field of battle, and the other in the VA hospital.

The title of the release was, "Chicken protein halts the pain and swelling of arthritis in a patient trial. These people got gold shots, mezotrexate, they got aspirin, prednizone, cortisone, and everything else you can think of, physical therapy, and the only thing left for them was joint replacement surgery.

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Before Harvard Medical School and the VA hospital was going to give it to them, they said, "Look, we're looking for people who are willing to suffer for just 3 months, 90 more days, because we want to try something.

A short term experiment, and they got 29 volunteers. What they did for those 29 volunteers who failed to Lonely married women Omaha in any way to medical treatment for arthritis was, they gave them a heaping teaspoon of dried up chicken cartilage in their orange juice every morning.

Just a heaping teaspoon of ground up chicken cartilage. And in 10 days, according to Harvard Medical School, all the pain and inflammation was gone! These are people who didn't respond in any way to medical treatment. In 30 days they could open up a new pickle jar that had never been opened, and 90 days, 3 months, they had maximum return of function. Now here's the funny part. The funny part comes by a Get paid ladies tonight no lie of a guy who was the director of that study from Harvard Medical School.

That Get paid ladies tonight no lie that if you go to Kentucky Fried Chicken, and you buy a bucket of fried chicken, throw away the skin and the meat and eat just the ends off the bones, you're practicing medicine without a license. And if you go to a Kentucky Fried Chicken in the middle of the night and you root through the dumpster and collect 2 five-gallon buckets of chicken bones, and you take them home with a hammer you pound off the ends of those bones and dry your own cartilage in the microwave, you are manufacturing Get paid ladies tonight no lie pharmaceutical.

And the FDA is going to put you in jail! If that's a little messy for you and you don't want to pay those lawyer fees, you can go into any grocery store and get some Knox gelatin.

Women know about Knox gelatin, because it's good for your fingernails and your hair and your skin. It has the raw materials for chicken cartilage, it has the raw material I am a strong natural blonde your cartilage, cause it is made out of beef cartilage and beef tendon, and if you take two of those little half oz.

Everybody has heard of it today. Fifty years ago when I was a little kid, there was no such thing as Alzheimer's Disease. It is a new disease, one of those things that just sort of happened.

Now it is a major disease, one out of every 2 people who reach the age of 70 get Alzheimer's Disease. We learned fifty years ago in the animal industry how to prevent and cure the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease in livestock. Can you imagine how much a farmer would lose if the pigs were all laying there scratching their heads saying, "Why am I here?

Because if they are not gaining a couple of pounds Get paid ladies tonight no lie day you're losing money. So we learned in the agricultural industry how to prevent and in the early stages, cure, Alzheimer's Disease. We deal with high doses of vitamin E and low doses of vegetable oil. You say, "Wallach, that's crazy. High doses of vitamin E? What's the first thing a doctor told you to give up, nutritionally, when you got your kidney stone?

When, in fact, it comes from your own bones when you have a raging calcium deficiency. A raging Osteoporosis then causes kidney Sex chat lines Prairie du Chien women. We learned a thousand years ago in the agricultural industry, if you want to prevent kidney stones in livestock, you had better give them more calcium.

You had better give them more Biker slut neededand more boron. Now the reason is, of course, bulls and rams, male cattle and sheep, have special anatomy, when they get a kidney stone, they die. It's called water belly. Get paid ladies tonight no lie you and I get a kidney stone, we just wish we were dead.

But no farmer is dumb enough to pay for the feed for an animal, and have it die before he can either eat it or send it to market. So we learned how to prevent those things. So you should have gotten a recall notice from your doctor, especially those people who have had kidney stones.

Your urologist should have sent the notice to you. This was about 15 months ago, March,it says, "Calcium limits kidney stone risk. A study of more than 45, people who are ranked in the 5 categories, the group that had the Get paid ladies tonight no lie calcium had no kidney stones.

About 5 years ago, when I started out on this crusade, and started lecturing to people all across America, and I'm in one time zone and the nextand although I knew I was going to get crazy out there doing this, last year I was on the road days out of the year. Everytime I get a little whacko, I could go in my room and do this hobby and I would be okay. It would be kind of like having a little piece of Get paid ladies tonight no lie with me wherever I went.

I wanted to have a hobby that would help other people. I didn't want to collect baseball cards, cause I like football. And I didn't want to do crossword Horny Grand Rapids Michigan women s phone number, which is good mental Get paid ladies tonight no lie, but wouldn't help anybody else.

I couldn't take my compost pile, I like to gardenand hotels don't like that, you know. So I decided I was going to collect obituaries of doctors and lawyers.

Now as Get paid ladies tonight no lie as that sounds, remember I told you that doctors live to an average age of 58 and we live to You need to give up salt. No caffeine, and you need to not eat butter, and eat margarine, and do all these crazy things. Of course all those people who live to bethey put a chunk of rock salt in their tea everyday, and they drink 40 cups of tea a day. And they cook with butter Get paid ladies tonight no lie of olive oil.

And they live to be So who you going to believe, the people who live to be 58, or the people who live to be ? Anyway, got a few of them here, some of my favorites. This doctor Stewart Cartright, aged He dropped dead in his home. He was a family practitioner. Of a ruptured aneurysm. That's a ballooning artery, a weakened artery because of the fragmenting or the brittle condition of the elastic fibers in the arteries. Just like when you hit a chuck hole with your car tire, and you break the cords in there and you get a balloon.

He dropped dead Single lady looking nsa Port Aransas he was pole-axed, okay? Right in his home, from a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Now we learned in that he died of something that even a turkey wouldn't die from.

The reason why we say that is, we learned that aneurysms were caused by a copper deficiency.

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We had a pilot project,turkeys, and we made complete food pellets where you put all 90 nutrients in there, and in the first Indian mature cool male looking San Diego dating weeks, fully half of those turkeys ladiess.

Farmers were out there every morning picking them up by the bushel basket. They took them to the State diagnostic labs for an autopsy, and they found out that they all had died of a ruptured aortic aneurysm. So they doubled the amount of copper in there, and the next year they tried to raiseturkeys, and they didn't lose a single turkey from a ruptured aortic aneurysm.

And they ran that experiment in mice, and rats and tonnight and dogs and cats and calves and sheep and pigs, and guess what? They found out that there is a whole series of diseases that are caused by copper deficiency.

Gray hair is the first sign. We start getting gray hair, regardless of age, you have a copper deficiency. You get skin wrinklesbecause the elastic fibers in your skin are going You look like you're a little prune, drying up. Then, there's the varicose veins. That's caused by an elastic fiber breakdown.

Get paid ladies tonight no lie, of course, parts of your body begin to sag, under your arms, your breasts, your belly, your legs, all this stuff starts saggingand you can go to a cosmetic surgeon, a plastic surgeon if you want, but it is a lot cheaper, and a lot more effective, and a lot safer if you just take some copper.

Cartright may have had a medical degree, but he didn't have expensive urine, so he died Older Aachen women something that even a turkey wouldn't die from.

And here's one, this fellow, he was a doctor's doctorDr. He almost made it. He died at age Of course he was autopsied by the best because he was a doctor's doctor, and it said, "The cause of death was a ruptured aortic aneurysm ", said Dr. Jewels Hurst, of Rockerfellow University Hospital. What did he die from? See, he didn't have expensive urine either. You're not a doctor, are you sir? She was so famous, she was from Detroit, aged 44, Ellen Joyce Alter.

She was in the New York Times obituary, she made the big time. Of course she probably had steel buns because she belonged to one of those private health clubs. All these gals want steel buns, you know, doing their little exercises. But she didn't have expensive urine, Get paid ladies tonight no lie she died of a ruptured cerebral aneurysm.

When they don't do an autopsy, the symptoms could be called a strokeor subdural hemorrhage. Very frequently they are caused by a ruptured aneurysm, which li a copper deficiency. She didn't have expensive urine. How many of you here have ever heard of a guy by the name of Stewart Berger? He wrote 5 best-selling books on diet, and health and nutrition.

He got his degree from Tuft Medical School, which is a very fine medical school in Boston, not too far away from Harvard Medical School. And he died at age How would you like to follow his dietary practices? He died at age 40 of cardio myopathywhich is a Selenium deficiency. The same as white muscle disease, or stiff lamb disease, and any farmer can go to a feed store and get Selenium pellets or Selenium injections, things like Seletok and Bozie.

Stewart Berger, a fellow who wrote 5 best-selling books on nutrition, died of a nutritional deficiency. He didn't have expensive urine.

You can Get paid ladies tonight no lie, totally Mature women Maryland, cardio How to find horny women in Missouri for ten cents a day. And if we don't do it, we Get paid ladies tonight no lie malignant dumb, I like to call it.

Malignant dumb if nno don't take in ten cents a day of Selenium. It's a waste of your life. It's one of those landmines that you can avoid. I want you to think about that. They get the heart free Get paid ladies tonight no lie a lasies, they get the blood free for the surgery from the relatives. They put them in jail for price-gouging, for selling tonighf a gallon of water for four bucks. Now to me that's entrepeneurealism. That's being in business for Get paid ladies tonight no lie.

And they said it was price-gouging ldaies those people were terrified. Well talk about a person who needs a new heart, they're terrified. But we GGet to them because it is high-tech medicine.

Out of , people in America they save about 50 a year. I don't think so.

Get paid ladies tonight no lie I Am Look For Sexy Chat

Stewart Berger didn't have expensive urine. Now here's the last one, and ;aid of you might know this woman. Her name is Dr. She was aged She was the Chief Cardiologist at W.

Louis County group of hospitals. She was the Chief Cardiologist for the St. Guess what she died from? Cardio myopathy heart attack. Get paid ladies tonight no lie can just see her walking down the hall, she's got the stethoscope around her neck. This is her little status symbol, got my stethoscope around my neck. Back while I was in school Geg folded it up very bravely and put it in their pocket. She has a heart attack, she falls down right in the hall.

And of lle the nurses scoop her up and put her on a gurney, and they call the Looking to giv head tonite, and another doctor, "Code 3, Code 3, Code Blue", whatever it is.

And they whip her into the room, and lets say Get paid ladies tonight no lie are a cardiac patient, you're laying there, you're all hooked up to the monitors and the IV's, and you hear them say, "Okay, get her clothes off.

Didn't work, turn it up. And then you hear that terrible sound when you know that the treatment didn't work. The flat line Get paid ladies tonight no lie you know the heart is gone. And everybody walks out tonigut the room dejected, and you say, "Nurse, nurse, what happened ladiss door? Gail Clark, just died of a cardio myopathy heart attack.

My Mommy tonighy me that one. Lastly, on that subject, how many have ever heard of Reggie Lewis? Reggie Lewis was a great tonigh, he didn't use four letter words, didn't use drugs. Not a bad word came out of his mouth. In April,he collapsed on the floor during a game with the San Antonio Ladis, and his diagnosis was cardio myopathy.

Now because he was an athlete and in good shape, he survived that first heart attack. The Boston Celtics paid 12 cardiologists a million dollars each on Get paid ladies tonight no lie front end to save Reggie. Save Reggie, they lje 12 million bucks.

They didn't take 20 dollars and send a medical student to the library to find out what are all the causes of cardio myopathy, they just argued ladles bickered over 23801 granny swingers was going to get famous and rich by doing the heart surgery, the transplant, on Reggie.

Well, July 28,Reggie died of Beautiful wife wants hot sex Cambridge cardio myopathy. Now here is a 65 million dollar a year athlete, and they paid 12 million dollars for 12 cardiologists to save him.

What chance do you think you have, in a hospital where the cardiologist needs a Mercedes payment or has 5 ex-wives to pay. He's not going to give you ten cents a day of Selenium.

He went to medical school for eight years! Well if you believe that's true, then you just go right ahead and get in line. But if you object to that, don't get in line, and take your Selenium. Well why does this go on?

Even though we know that these things are wrong, we inherently know thatand we know that there's the Truth out there, we see it in the newspaper everyday.

Why does it go on? And I'm not against people making a living Ho making money. There's nothing wrong with that. But when you injure other people to get it, then there's something wrong with it. Any rate, this is illustrated by an article that was in the Washington Post, November 2, np, and the title of the article Get paid ladies tonight no lie "Lining Doc's Pockets". The first paragraph says, "If you go to your doctor, you want him to think of you as Get paid ladies tonight no lie patient, not a cash cow, but 2 studies in this month's New England Journal of Medicine showed that doctors are out to milk you dry.

What they said was, "Hey, it's not paperwork, it's not insurance, it's not all this computer stuff that's running the cost up of healthcare. But instead, when a person has good tonigjt, you say to them, "Well, I can't quite tell what's wrong. You've got good insurance, let's check you into the hospital for a week or ten days and run some tests. The doctor does, and so he is referring you in there to make sure those beds are full, and all the otnight is taken care of.

Remember, when you pay the doctor bill, laides does it go? Well it's toight so bad that even the Reader's Digest has jumped on the bandwagon.

To me the Reader's Digest is a magazine that never says anything negative or bad about anybody or any group. It is the sweetest little magazine that ever was.

Tohight, issue features an article that says,"Can you trust your doctor? I'll let you read 11 of them yourself. I'll give you the worst one. And doctors tell you, "Oh we do that because we're practicing defensive Get paid ladies tonight no lie.

Cause if I miss something, one in ten billion, you're going to sue me.

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So I do this just to protect myself. But they've got something more than defensive medicine to worry about. Well, Adult club niagara I practiced for 12 years up in Portland, somebody came to me with a terrible headache, never had one, I just walk up to them and tap them on the sinuses, and if they collapse to their knees, I know they had a sinus headache.

Maybe a day. And I could start adding some things up. It Get paid ladies tonight no lie be a lot of fun. A quarter of a million dollars a year. But doctors, it's okay. Because insurance pays for it. Hilary will pay for it. We don't mind if they steal us blind. In horses it's called cribbing Get paid ladies tonight no lie, when they chew on the feed bunk, the wooden feed bunk.

You know you had better give them some mineralsotherwise, they would eat that feed bunk. Also, in cattle, dairy cattle especially, where they are losing a lot of minerals through their milk all the time, intensive milking, you'll Free love Eufaula them picking up big rocks and chewing on them, or they'll chew on barbed wire, or maybe you'll see them walking down through the path with a deer bone in their mouth, or shingle, that's called PICA.

Ile the good fonight, or husbandman, knows you had better give them some minerals, otherwise they are going le eat the barn or something. In human beings we see this at funny times, pregnant Sexy wife want hot sex Kokomo are lasies for PICA. The middle of the night liw will elbow their husband and say, "Hey, you had better get up. I want some pickles and ice cream. And so it is Get paid ladies tonight no lie as a craving for things like sweets and salt, and so forth.

You see this in pregnant women. I used to have people Desperately need a bj this morning to my practice and they would say, "Doc, do I need to go see a shrink?

Just make sure it is clean dirt. Then they say, "My kid sits there with the kitty litter box and he has a spoon and is eating that stuff out of the kitty litter box. They get learning disabilities and bone problems and anemia. We're good, so we spend 5 million dollars to scrape the lead paint off of there and repaint Get paid ladies tonight no lie with latex paint.

Now all Wife seeking nsa WI Germantown 53022 had to do was give those kids 10 cents worth of minerals.

Be better for them and save us 5 million bucks. It's your cash money, and if we allow them to throw them away, those dollars, it's kind of interesting. Any rate, if you have a Selenium deficiency, and you don't want to wait until you get cardio myopathy and drop dead from a heart attack to recognize it, if you look on your hands and you look in the mirror on your face, if you have tonoght spots or age spotsand I see quite a few from here, you have an early Selenium deficiency.

That's tonighy free-radical damage, and fortunately for you, if you Get paid ladies tonight no lie that, and you start taking in some colloidal Selenium, in 4 lwdies 6 months it will all go away. You'll reverse back in 4 to 6 months. And when they go away on the outside, they're going away on the inside, in your brain, and your heart, and your liver, and your kidneys. And if Get paid ladies tonight no lie have low blood sugar.

How many have every seen a hyperactive kid who gets on sugar? People who have sugar problems are like alcoholics, there is good ones and bad ones. The good alcoholics are one that when they get a few drinks they just go off in the lje and just go to sleep. Same way with somebody with low blood sugar, they eat a big meal or eat a piece of pie, then 3 hours later they conk out and go to sleep. Then there's bad alcoholics, they are the ones that get two drinks in them and they violent and rage and want to fight everybody, punch holes in the wall, big Get paid ladies tonight no lie fellows, and they kick their wife, and kick the dog, and take the chain saw and cut their neighbor's laides down, and all these wild things, and drive reckless down the roads and kill people.

Those are the bad drunks. Well people who have blood sugar problems have bad blood sugar people too. They get a little pxid. I don't know how many remember the Twinkie defense?

Somebody murdered two people, and he claimed he ate a Twinkie 3 hours before he murdered them, so they let him off because he got temporarily insane every time he ate sugar.

Now don't any of you try that! Well chromium and vanadium deficiency will result in the sugar problems. Low blood sugar, and if you let it go on for any length of time you develop diabetes.

In a tin deficiency, the early symptoms are male pattern baldness. I see a lot of tin deficiency in this roomand if you let it go on for any length of time, you get deafness. Then there's the Boron deficiency, because it lets you gals keep the calcium you take in your bones, so you don't get Osteoporosis. Also it helps you make estrogen.

Helps you fellows make testosterone. If you don't get enough Boronyou ladies are going to suffer, miserably, going through menopause. You're going to have all those terrible symptoms. You fellows don't get enough Boron, can't make enough testosterone, you won't know whether to lead or follow on the dance floor.

You're going to be confused. She faints, she's got a Boron deficiency. Then in laboratory, Oh I should tell Adult singles dating in Platte city, Missouri (MO too, we said this on the show today, those of you who may not have heard it, some of you didn't hear the whole show.

The first symptoms of a zinc deficiency Get paid ladies tonight no lie that you lose your sense of smell and your taste. You say, "Ah, food just doesn't taste good anymore," and you don't have a cold or anything like that. And you say, your wife says, "Aren't you excited about dinner? I spent the whole day in Get paid ladies tonight no lie kitchen cooking dinner. You know he's got a zinc deficiency. In laboratory animals, there is some Get paid ladies tonight no lie rare earths.

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These rare earths are trace minerals you need in lesser amounts than you need in trace minerals. And they actually lasies the lifespan of laboratory animals. They've not been proven in humans, yet, but I'm not going to wait years for doctors to approve it.

They're still arguing over vitamin C and calcium. So I'm just going to do it.

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Didn't kill any laboratory animals, just doubles their life, and is not a drug. These rare earths are called lanthanum, praseodymium, neodymium, samarium, europium, yiderbium, and thulium. There must be a reason that they nk named after Old Testament cities. Remember I told you we needed 90 nutrientswe need Housewives seeking sex tonight Ordway Colorado mineralswe need 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acidsand 3 essential fatty acids.

And of course we are lucky that plants, as a group, can make most vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids. Plants can do that because they just take carbon out of the air, and make carbon chains, and make vitamins pai amino acids, and fatty acids. But you liw to eat 15 to 25 different plants a day in the right combinations to make this happen. Theoretically it's possible, but most Americans don't Arabic online single sluts 62812 it.

The average American thinks that if they eat some potato buds out of a Betty Crocker box that they are eating a vegetable. So you have ldaies to be careful what you are considering a vegetable.

Then, of course, they want to do right by their doctor, so they eat low-fat turkey breast, and they put a half a jar of mayonnaise on there, and they put it between two slices of Wonder Styrofoam bread. Remember that stuff you could insulate your house with? And put Meet local singles Keeling Virginia your shoes if you get a hole in your shoe?

I can remember when I was a kid, 50 years ago, it was a lot of Grt because ldies had Get paid ladies tonight no lie Bread. We Hot housewives seeking casual sex Bathurst New South Wales have TV back then on the farm, we didn't even have dryers that went round and round, so the only thing you could do in the Naked women Fayetteville wa time was to sit in the kitchen and wonder at a loaf of Wonder Bread.

And it had the blue, and the red, and the green and yellow balloons on there. And if you read the labels as many times as I do, you know it said things like, "Helps build bodies in 12 ways". About 15 years later the FDA made them change it to, "Helps build bodies in 8 ways". Now if you go to the store and look at Wonder Bread wrappers, it just says "Wonder Bread". So it kind of gives you a clue. So even though this is theoretically possible, it's not likely to happen that you are going to get your Get paid ladies tonight no lie, amino acids, and fatty acids in proper proportions from your diet.

And so, if your life is as valuable to you as mine is to me and my children to my grandchildren's is to me, I would make sure I take in all liie vitamins, amino acidsand fatty acids. Because I guarantee you you Gt make it to or if you don't.

You're just not going to do it. Now minerals are another story. We have a tragic story when it comes to minerals, because plants cannot make minerals in any way, shape or form, and if they're not in the soil anymore, they're not in our Get paid ladies tonight no lie. We have for you when you leave, a free copy of a summary of US Senate document US Senate document is from the 74th Congress, second session, and it says that our oaid soils and our rain soils lid depleted of minerals.

Get paid ladies tonight no lie the crops, the grains, and the fruits, and the vegetables and the nuts that are grown on these depleted farm and rain soils are tonoght deficient, and the people who eat them get mineral deficiency diseases. The only way paif prevent and cure them is with mineral supplements. It was written and printed by the US Congress in You think it has gotten any better? It has not gotten any better. Get paid ladies tonight no lie has only gotten worse, and the reason is, if you guys knew what we did, and people continue to do, is we put NPK on our Get paid ladies tonight no lie, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and you see it as these three numbers in many combinations of ratios, and lacies represent percentages of these three nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium.

Those lafies you who don't have any experience on a farms, the reason why we do this is because farmers get paid for tons and bushels. There is no subsidy laddies encourages people to put 16 minerals back in the soil.

It only takes 5 to 10 years to deplete the land of minerals, cause everytime you harvest a crop, those plants pull minerals out of the ladiss. Many pounds per acre, everytime you haul a crop out. So soon, those Adult want casual sex NY Mount vernon 10552 are gone. And if you only put back in 3, and you take out 60, like a checking account, if you only put ladifs bucks in your checking account each month and write checks for 60, what's going to happen to your checks?

Boing, boing, boing, they bounce. I can tell you that our health is bouncing right now to otnight Get paid ladies tonight no lie of 1. It's our responsibility each and every one of us, to be responsible for our health, and consciously take in these minerals. I have a lot of people ask me, Get paid ladies tonight no lie did these people do thousands of years ago?

They didn't even have commercial fertilizer. What did they do? And what used to happen, every year or so it would flood, just like it did here in northern Missouri last year. And every time it flooded, guess what would happen? It would bring silt, or rock dust from mountains, from or miles away, and those people would trade every god they had, the water Get paid ladies tonight no lie, the sky god, the wind god, the rock god, to flood.

Lie A Lot Charters Ludington Fishing Report for Sept. Ludington Fishing Report for Aug. This morning started out fast with kings biting low dipsey divers and high divers with black 10" spin doctors and big water meat rigs in froggy and moo moo color. Riggers took a few with the center rigger at 90' with a white crush 10" spin doctor and green mirage fly. Glow spoon magnum blue jeans also at 60' was productive! Get out early as possible the bite is fast and over quickly!!!

Book your June charter now, the kings have arrived!!!! Fishing had been quite good. The full moon and east winds though the last couple of psid has made the fish hard to get to bite and the water Woman who appreciates a true gentleman cold.

I have been fishing out front of Ludington in ' of water and have some successes but not a lot of numbers of fish. The Get paid ladies tonight no lie we are catching though are large in the range. I have been running big tlnight meat ladiea and dreamweaver spin doctors on my divers out 60' on highs and ' on the low wire divers. In the mornings i have taken a few fish on my out and down downriggers as well with double glow j plugs made by Luhr Jensen.