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Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite

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I am seeking to get to know each other Wiilmington have some fun for a few hours this afternoon anytime from noon until 5 p. Total stress relief I play it safe so all fun is COVERED. I am professionally employed and is a alone parent Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite a 2yr old. I am waiting for a relationship with someone from the US. Built with no green print,just nailed togather.

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When I checked in, we checked each other out. It was in the evening and I had been driving for hours.

All I wanted to do was work out, shower, go out for drink to unwind. I hit the small workout room and while there he walked in - we chatted, but I wasn't going to do anything there.

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But I loved that he had thought to cruise me there. I headed out and he was at the desk. I asked him if there were any gay bars nearby. He recommended two, but said "it's a weeknight, they'll be quiet.

I got back some time later, didn't see him. Got to my room and the phone rang a few minutes later. It was the desk clerk - he was off duty This was a long time ago late 90s?

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When he had finally lost all of his clothes, it was the first time I had ever seen a guy with a pierced nipple! Found it surprisingly hot. This a big fantasy of mine but I've only had 2 close calls. Once, in a fancy hotel Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite New York. I got in very late and the place was dead.

Ordered room service and the guy who dropped it off was an older gay guy who was flirting hard core. I could have had him so easily but my aunt was sleeping in the next room so i didnt make a move. But he made it obvious it was an option. The other time was at a De,aware hotel in LA where the Single ladies seeking hot sex Shepparton-Mooroopna desk clerk and i kept eye-ing each other.

He came to my room to drop off some info Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite it was clearly a contrived excuse to come to my room. The only problem was I wasn't in my room! I was in the courtyard and he came and made a point of telling me he had been to my room, and kept repeating my room Fucck I was staying there for Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite weeks while my dad was getting heart surgery.

I ran on the treadmill very early every morning in the little gym just past the front desk. The same guy was always there at the desk, all alone. Dealware

He would say hi every morning, like a good little employee. And we eventually started chatting one morning. It was clear we were both gay, and I asked him if he ever fooled around with guests. He said, sure once in a while, though it was forbidden. Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite came up to my room when his morning shift Dealware over and we fucked around.

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I think he liked the danger of it. I just remember him putting his little shirt and nametag back on afterward. That was weirdly hot to me. It DDelaware just the once though.

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I was there another week after that and we never had an encore. A few years ago, I was on a business to Atlanta.

Can't remember the name of the hotel, but it was your basic generic chain hotel. Wilmigton

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When I opened it, I saw that he was young and hot, although I played cool with him. Next, I did something a friend had suggested doing in hotels: It worked, but I was finished I called him and told him I was finished.

He was at my door in two minutes flat; and yes, the sex was hot, although I noticed on closer inspection, he had deep Beautiful couples seeking xxx dating Baltimore marks on his face from teenage acne.

Funny, how quickly I got over that! This has always been a fantasy of mine, I have never opened the door to room service naked but I have been in sweats, tank top, things that come off easily and can be revealing but either I get grandpa or a woman.

I Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite get the hot guy, just like I never get the hot pizza delivery guy. I was propositioned once when worked at a hotel. I was front desk graveyard shift. I said no, because the guy was nasty but it would have been hot. I was stalked by one of the cleaning crew Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite a gay guesthouse, but that doesn't really count.

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I think they Wilmintgon you to mm sex with the staff at Bicheno girl sexy places. I was a hotel manager in DC in the late 's to early 's and I had sex with guest all the time but, only for money. I was a bellhop at a Hyatt when I was in college. I would get propositioned by guests all the time, but I only did stuff with them if they paid me.

I Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite no shame.

Guys, from now on, promise these 7 little words for those of us Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite love these stories: Didnt we have someone here that posted on DL from their desk clerk hotel job? He's probably an employee whore too. I finally arranged to have my lunch break just after making a delivery and asked him point Delawade if I could stay.

It was the first time I ever bottomed and I came hands-free in about five Fuci. He wore a gold band on his left ring finger, which I would later learn was a wedding band.

A good friend of mine worked at a high-end hotel in Manhattan when he was in college in the late 90s and he told me a bunch of stories.

My friend was very good-looking and Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite sex with a number of guest, some Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite them married men.

A lot of them answering the door naked or in a bathrobe like the others have Adult seeking hot sex Newport news Virginia 23606. My friend worked at this hotel for 3 years and he said it was like taking a real-life course in human behavior. Loose-fitting boxers and t.

Even fluffed a bit before room service delivery. That was my one experience. Is that the norm? The guest gets serviced? With a smile, one presumes. Hey R19, R7 here - I cannot recall, it was so long ago.

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Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite Have to admit, I've stayed in other places over the years and have tonitw had a second exp. Once I checked tknite a hotel in Austin after sunset, it wasn't very busy, the the college stud who helped with my bag was incredibly hot.

He wasn't busy, so he stayed and we fucked around, came a couple of times, and he earned a LARGE tip. This guy from San Francisco checked in and called down to have his sheets changed.

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The maids had left, so I went up to his room and as I was bending over putting the sheets Combes TX adult personals, I could feel him checking me out. He was pretty hot and I lost my virginity to him that night.

I was so scattered when we were done that I left my senior ring in his roo. And had to go back for it the next day. Of course, Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite tapped my ass again.

I was out all evening, went back after one a.

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The lobby was all quiet and dim, just two guys on front desk. I went into the men's room, nothing there.

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No signs as if anything had ever gone on there. Stopped at front desk; one guy was extremely cute, but he didn't even seem to be aware anyone me was at the desk.

The other guy was just nice Deelaware and there I was, I had to say something so I asked if there was any mail for room xxxx, I was expecting something to be dropped off. He said no, explained to me how I'd be notified it something was delivered. I got no vibe.

Who''s had sex with hotel employees (Front Desk Clerks, bell boys, room service attendants, etc.)?

Maybe 10 minutes later the phone rang, just one ring. Then a few minutes on I heard a hall door open and close, like Fuck Wilmington Delaware mom tonite stairs door.

I went to my door and looked out For some reason I left my door ajar Very soon there was movement at the door and there was the desk guy! I lowered the Massage casual xxx in Iqaluit as if this was just something that went on all the time.

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We went at one another. Rolled about the bed. He sucked me off.