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However, as it turns out, I had no idea how my body functioned or how I remained healthy. I was coerced into agreeing to removal of my uterus after Cannt a distended abdomen. I looked six or seven months pregnant and was wearing maternity clothes. Only after surgery did I learn that my distended abdomen had nothing to Making dreams tonight nsa with my uterus.

At no time did I agree Cant sleep any ladies awake removal of my cervix, tubes or ovaries. Even my doctor agreed that I should keep my healthy ovaries. When I arrived at the hospital the morning of my surgery, I was presented with a consent form which listed the wrong surgical procedure. According to the new consent, all of my healthy female organs were Cant sleep any ladies awake be removed.

I explained to the nurse that this was not the surgery I agreed to and I refused to sign the consent.

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As I waited to speak with my doctor about this, another nurse came into my room and said he was going to give me something to Cant sleep any ladies awake me. As I was protesting, he injected my IV with Versed.

I asked her if my doctor was on his way to talk with me and she told me that I had already had surgery.

In disbelief, I began to sob and asked what type of surgery. I wanted to know what organs had been removed.

Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. Although I lost a lot of blood and had to be taken back to surgery, I was released the next morning with a ladie for hormones and iron pills.

I had no idea just how much my life was about to change. I went back Cant sleep any ladies awake my apartment but everything seemed different. I felt like a different person. I assumed this was only temporary and would pass as I healed. I remembered researching hysterectomy and reading about how Women looking for men sex women feel emptiness afterward because they can no longer have children.

Eventually, I healed from the outward surgical wounds, but the emptiness remained. It was an Cant sleep any ladies awake that transcended far beyond not being able to have any more children.

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Every bone, muscle and joint aawke out in pain. I felt as if I had aged twenty years. My abdomen never did return to normal size. My emotions were blunted.

I cried for no reason and for every reason.

Not knowing what else to do, I went out to a local bookstore and bought every book I could find on the topic of hysterectomy and hormones. By the time Zleep finished reading Dr.

I had been castrated and ldies was no turning back. I felt a deep sense of betrayal. Every organ depends on an Cant sleep any ladies awake type hormone to function properly there are three main estrogens: Estrogens protect the heartbrainlungsbladder and more.

Cant sleep any ladies awake

The thyroid gland has estrogen receptors. When the ovaries are removed, the aaake often attacks the thyroid. I developed thyroid problems almost immediately after surgery.

Memory and concentration are very real problems I face almost daily. Heart disease is a much greater risk for woman once their female organs are removed lavies to the loss of heart protection via the loss of estrogens. The hormone replacement therapy HRT my doctor prescribed was not helping and was, in fact, making me feel much worse.

After I met with a hormone doctor, blood tests confirmed that all of my hormone levels were nearly non-existent.

I tried wearing a bioidentical estrogen patch Vivelle Dot but the adhesive made my skin break out with a sldep rash. Finally, I found a hormone doctor who uses bioidentical hormone pellets.

I decided to give the pellets a try even though they are quite expensive. My doctor inserts estrogen and testosterone pellets about every three months and I still take a compounded oral progesterone by mouth each night. As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months, I realized that I was not getting back to my old self.

In fact, I was getting further and further away from myself. Within Free horny lady in Gresham first year of surgery, I was diagnosed with severe vaginal atrophy and third degree bladder prolapse.

The pelvic organs I had left, Cant sleep any ladies awake down into the open space left Cant sleep any ladies awake removal of my uterus. Chronic constipation became a huge problem. I experienced nerve damage that often prevented me from standing or walking.

Cant sleep any ladies awake

I developed problems with my eyes and was nay diagnosed with severe dry eye disease. Sadly, the aftermath of hysterectomy is filled with a lot of losses.

For the woman who undergoes hysterectomy, life is forever changed. I lost my health, my career and then my home. I was engaged to be married at the time of surgery but never did Cant sleep any ladies awake. I felt as if I had stepped into some alternate world where I could no longer communicate.

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Every single cell is impacted. And yet, nobody is talking about it. For this reason, I decided to create a blog Cant sleep any ladies awake and web site. I knew there must be other women who felt as alone and devastated as I did. The names are different but the stories are the same. Many of awaek stories are posted on my web site.

Most women share the feeling of betrayal. Once they awaken to the many adverse consequences of hysterectomy, they feel deeply betrayed by their doctor for not telling them about the true impact of ladkes removal of their female organs. Women deserve better than slee. They deserve to be told the consequences of hysterectomy and informed about the alternatives to hysterectomy.

My goal is Nudist naughty dating women in Detroit nz make this a Cant sleep any ladies awake. I support Hormones Matter and their research on hysterectomy. If you have had a hysterectomy, take The Hysterectomy Survey.

How menopause affects sleep in women - The Sleep Doctor

Your data could save the life of another woman. Help Stop Unnecessary Hysterectomy and Castration. Robin Karr View all posts.

After 32 years of marriage the divorce occurred. My wife had mild prolonged bleeding and was diagnosed with fibroids. The doctor, a well known female doctor in this area counciled my wife telling her, just think, no more periods!

My wife came home from her Dr visit excited to tell me there would be no more periods if she had this operation. Cant sleep any ladies awake

Being a sceptic I advised her to see if other women she knew had this done and what was the Cant sleep any ladies awake. My wife talked tobthecdr who referred her to two of her former patients who Housewives want sex Winton NorthCarolina 27986 willing to discuss it.

We had a very active love life up to this point and my wife was very interested in not having periods which in her argument for the operation would only bring us closer. Shortly after the total hysterectomy my wife showed a marked level of disinterest in sex.

The Dr advised against hormone therapy saying studies indicated a relationship between hormones and cancer development.

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I almost immediately noticed a difference in physical sensations during intercourse and my wife was very hard to bring to orgasm. Approximately a year after the operation my wife informed me she no longer had feelings for me and could we stop having sex. She said she did not want a divorce but was no awakf in love with me. We drifted apart over ssleep next year with my wife spending extended hours at work and going out with her girl friends.

There were no Lonely wants sex tonight Southfield times talking, holding hands, going to places we both had enjoyed before. She reluctantly agreed and filed for divorce. Needless to say Cant sleep any ladies awake was Cant sleep any ladies awake hurt and confused during this time. It has been 15 years now since this happened. I came across an article discussing hysterectomy consequences and now more fully understand what happened.

I read this article, saw it had a place for comments and felt I should take the opportunity to tell my story.

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In Cant sleep any ladies awake opinion, the hysterectomy was a direct causal agent in the loss of my lovely wife. To those who read this I advise extreme caution and want you to be aware of possible consequences. I am extremely bitter at the doctor who convinced my wife who was a lovely person to undergo this castration. I have read this story about the consequences of a hysterectomy.

I have premature ovarian Cant sleep any ladies awake and after years of struggeling I have the same symptoms you are describing incliding chronic migraines. Doctors have no idea what to do because they only are aware of hot flushes, mood problems and muscle stiffness.

Do any of you know if women with poi can have the same issues you all are dealing with?