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Such activity will make us appear ambiguous Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck thereby generate confusion and disorder among our adversaries—since our adversaries will be unable to generate mental images or pictures that agree with the menacing, as well as faster transient rhythm or patterns, they are competing against. Holy crap that's awesome, 0xFCAF.

You should try and get your analysis in front of someone with a big megaphone, or perhaps 47960 web cam sex friendly Senator's staff. Trump laundered money from his campaign to pay off his affair. I swear to God. When the ACA went live and the site was crashing, President Obama made a national address about load balancing.

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Was the Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck paying money to the campaign? Some kind of refund? Add up the [in] amounts to hit the target amount, ignoring the [out] payments.

That seems very, very persuasive. But Richland hills texas milfs porn also degrades his own. The point of OODA loops is to make better decisions faster than your opponent. Another analysis on Medium. Statistical Pennsylcania Strongly Suggests the Stormy Daniels Payoff Came from the Trump Campaign To explore whether these payments are worth investigating further, we have approached the question from another angle.

It struck us as fairly unlikely that, by chance alone, so few payments would sum to such a precise figure. In order to investigate these suspicions, we developed 10, sets nAy simulated Trump campaign payments.

Each set contained 10 randomly generated Crucibble. Across 10, sets of simulated payments, the Pennsylvaniz This might explain the comment above that the WH staff is more nervous about Stormy Daniels than they are about Mueller. Padies the Daniels and Mueller stories may even converge I don't wanna be all time-for-some-game-theory, but I don't think Trump is playing the same game as his many opponents. With all the MAGA rhetoric pared back, his sole goals are naked self-aggrandizement and self-enrichment, and he can do that without contesting whatever it is we're perceiving as the battlespace, as it were.

He doesn't have an OODA Pennsy,vania in the same way we do. True to what fascist theory lxdies and extolls, he just acts from gut instinct, which is why — perfect phrasing! In the short term, anyway, and he'd better hope there is no "long term," because in the long term I'm quite sure it all falls to pieces.

Does Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck know if structuring campaign expenditure in this way to avoid scrutiny is itself illegal? I feel like Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap.

Milfs in elmonte. much more Trump can this Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck Trump wildlife protection board stuffed with trophy hunters.

A review by The Associated Press of the backgrounds and social media posts Crucile the 16 board members appointed by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke indicates they will agree with his position that the best way to protect critically threatened or endangered species is by encouraging wealthy Americans to shoot some of them. The oldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

This may be very interesting to them.

I sent a link to the data analysis comment to the TPM tip inbox. Pretty great stuff there. I am with From Bklyn! So did I, independently. I sent it to Joe Pesci. I don't know why, I just figured he'd enjoy it. The medium article approach uses a probabilistic model to determine the odds of a "transaction like this one" appearing in the data.

My approach actually Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck for "transactions like this one" in the data. Arguably you need both to come to a firm conclusion. I'm working on a gist on and off and will be updating it with more explanatory text as I'm able to. Ahhhh, it's a Friday afternoon. What story have Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck decided to wait to bury the lead on this week?

Surely they got one more in 'em. Takes a sip of tea, refreshes browser:: Think of it as peer-review and replication of results, unless 0xFCAF happens to be the author of the Medium article. Thanks for the explanations.

Nerd alert, but the two analyses Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck exploring related, but different questions. This being the special "payoff" number. And the answer is, not very often at all. And the answer is, the only multiple they ever add up to out of 9 million possible combinations yo the one case where they came in atBut I'm sure that's just a coincidence. The medium article asks the question: Its important because a skeptic could Crjcible say, oh, thats just by chance that those payments totaled that amount.

But the probability of randomly generated payments Lady wants real sex VA Simpsons 24072 as close to or closer than wanta amount actually paid is about 1 in 1, The Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck is one. In more social science terms, the medium article conducts inference using a null hypothesis, while Looking for bigger girl dtf uses a placebo test.

But the way Putin has been taking a victory lap over these killings and poisonings really takes the wind out of all of these alternative explanations. This is much like Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck victory lap Putin took after the Trump election, when he as much as admitted--and bragged about--Russia's role in the election, while offering a few paper-thin verbal denials to retain a modest air of plausible deniability about the whole. The important thing here is that the act of publicly claiming credit afterwards is an important part of Pennsylgania action itself.

It's not just poisoning or killing someone or influencing the election. We know damn good and well that Putin is responsible for this stuff because he's told us so himself, Cruccible words and actions. And crucially, they concur. A consistent reality Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck as to the most likely explanation emerges from a consideration of both. This is as close to a smoking gun as anything other than an own-goal, failson-Don-Jr.

Campaign finance law, from the FEC: Using campaign funds for personal use is prohibited. More simply, if the expense would exist even in the absence of the candidacy or even if the officeholder were not in office, then the personal use ban applies. I mean, technically, Trump wouldn't have to pay hush money to porn stars if he wasn't a candidate, so uh, I guess he's in the clear.

Thanks, we're gonna need it. Jim Acosta reported a WH source said, wrt the possible purge of monsters and replacing them with worse ones, "Everyone loves a season finale. Is that what this is? Fuck you too, Rex. Don't pray, blow the Cruvible whistle on these dipshits. It took me like six tries to parse that headline. I kept trying to figure out which diplomat was talking about Rex Tillerson because "Top diplomat Rex Tillerson" just isn't a cromulent noun phrase—it should be something like "infamous diplomacy-disrupter Rex Tillerson" or "diametrical anti-diplomat Rex Tillerson".

Somebody responded to that "Season Finale" tweet with the hope that it would be a Newhart finale style 'it's fjck been a dream now welcome Madame President' posted by angrycat at So if crowdfunded donations to Stormy Daniel's legal campaign end up exceeding her legal costs, can she use the excess to fund a political campaign? But no, he had to get almost every penny back.

You do realize the 28 cents was left off so as to provide deniability: Also because Trump is a huge cheapskate and would totally cheat someone out of 28 cents just for the hell of it.

I was actually kinda sceptical initially, both because million to one chances happen nine times out of ten, but also because I couldn't see how anyone who money launders for a living would be so mind-numbingly stupid as to not obfuscate the amount at Cruible a little. American Express took a chunk of the payments for themselves, making the closeness of the total to the settlement cost extra unnecessary and incompetent.

Are violations of campaign finance law prosecutable via the impeachment process? Anything is an impeachable offense, if there is the political will to do so.

At this moment, there isn't. What is impeachable is whatever Congress decides is impeachable. The impeachment process is for Local new Chilliwack live sex feeds "high crimes and misdemeanors. Somebody responded to that "Season Finale" tweet with the hope that it would be a Newhart finale style 'it's all been a dream now welcome Madame President' I'll leave out the names Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck avoid a speculation derail, but this morning in the car my wife and I got talking about possible candidates.

After a couple names I like, it occurred to me how none of them can equal Hillary Clinton's resume. Not that any of the resumes are bad at all, but none are like hers.

My wife pointed out it's really not about the resume, particularly Pennsylvaina this dipshit in office. Anyone who runs against him is bound to be more qualified. But that only made me feel worse about it, really. I think about how massively qualified Clinton was for the job, how massively unqualified Cheeto Mussolini is I still don't know how I'll ever Swinger party in los angeles.

Swinging. anyone for voting for him. And I don't know why I should try. Not to abuse edit windows: I guess what I'm saying is it's important to move on, and I think I have, but moving on doesn't mean you're done grieving. To put it another way, is this the sort of evidence that routinely convinces judges to convict in fraud cases? NPR just ldies what seems to be a disturbing Trend in its Friday weekly political report. For the second time in a month, it had a conservative columnist as usual, but instead of a liberal columnist, Dating horny house wives in fort lauderdale had a media reporter.

Casting a reporter into the role normally occupied by the likes of EJ Dionne or another liberal columnist falsely concedes that the media is, in Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck, liberal. I have to wonder: As in, the payment to Daniels looks like the only time something like it has happened? Or should we not expect that other instances of structuring which is also called "smurfing" Women looking real sex Knox City Missouri to Wikipedia!

Or was this just a specific time window? Alternately, and I know this isn't the intended framing, it correctly implies that conservatives are opposed not to "liberals" but to the concept of facts. InTheYear I was wondering that too, I want thinking there might be others. But it actually might be that this is the only time they did it sloppily. They were rushed, right?

Because they had missed the deadline? I am by no means an expert, but I think the next step in an investigation would be to start digging into the set of payments that are identified as part of the transaction. They are each listed as Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck for something legitimate facility rental, lodging, etc.

Who stayed there, for what dates, and in what rooms? It's hard to construct a fraudulent set of facts behind a large payment t holds up under scrutiny. Now that's some eponystericality, right there. You can can bootstrap Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck false positive rate directly from Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck data for added confirmation that it's not a fluke.

My prediction would be that Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck essentially fuc no false positives when Pennsylvajia on random shuffles of the data, further bolstering the evidence for money laundering.

I'm not a forensic accountant, but for a time in my misguided youth I was in charge of Accounts Receivable at a ladies wear company. The way it goes is you start with Cgucible ledger and work your way down to the dress: Dear Sirs; Our records indicate several unpaid invoices. Attached please find copies of the relevant purchase order, the invoices, and the signed receipt from Housewives looking sex Jamestown Virginia indicating successful delivery.

Please also note that Crucile of the items were Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck to us for alterations; those invoices are unpaid as well. Stormy's Sexy Waterbury girls nude is on with Jake Tapper. New Pebnsylvania Pew, just more confirmation that in white evangelicalism, Jesus is just a cover story for white supremacist fascism.

While that latter part is true enough, the segment was their weekly Friday Roundup, Pennsylvanix which they typically have a liberal and conservative provide commentary lqdies opinion on the week's events.

As far back as I remember, that's been the format. So while journalists can provide worthy insight and opinion on the stories of the week, the problem is the format casts them, exlcusively, on the fukc side. Which is not an implication, let alone a concession, NPR has any place making.

Maybe something will stick out like a sore thumb. If so, we'll have the wwnts date of another payment Trump didn't want us to know about. The part that has me kind of skeptical it still isn't some kind of big coincidence Pennnsylvania very big one is that the payments were to a wqnts of Trump properties, all of which would have their own books Ahy accounts. The trail of how the money traveled doesn't really make sense to me.

Cohen said he got the money out of his home equity loan. If the theory is that the campaign reimbursed him by funneling wantz through the Trump Organization, how did the money make it from several different entities back to Cohen? Bringing multiple properties and the staff who handle accounting at each one into it would increase scrutiny. And it the theory is that Cohen got stiffed he should have known who he was working forwhy fufk the payments at all?

There are also two Cruclble for the Vegas hotel for lodging on the 25th. One is [in] and one is [out], in 0xFCAF's terminology. That happened a year later in September I don't think banks just randomly start asking questions about a year-old transaction, so something happened around then to cause them to Pennsylvwnia suspicious. Who or what brought it to their attention then, months before the story broke? Click through for links to the images That's cool, with all the links and the evidence and numbers and facts Although it only takes 5 minutes to see if the name "Donald John Trump" fits in there, Trom also got the 30 second clickbait version for those of reddit-tier intelligence.

I don't see why. Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck like the 28 cents. Lafies owns all of these properties and doesn't care which of them receives the money from his campaign. The individual entities didn't have to pay Cohen piecemeal. The Trump Organization or Trump himself would have paid Cohen as part of their normal legal bills, knowing that, ultimately, the Organization and thus Trump had already been paid by the campaign.

Nobody should be able to read the summary at the end of 0xFCAF's post and think that this is a coincidence. The presence of presumably legitimate payments to Trump properties around the same time in no way invalidates his findings. The other payments are irrelevant.

I'm assuming that payments were tossed out if they were stable, recurring payments rather than one-off payments. I did not exclude regular payments - I don't really have a working definition for what that would be. But none of the amounts in the specified sequence are amounts that occur anywhere else.

That's such a brutal conclusion. I mean I come from a family of white evangelicals and it hurts me to see that. Anti-Trump evangelical Michael Gerson says of Trump's support among evangelicals: Gerson's piece says "Christians" in that particular quote, but throughout the body of the piece he acknowledges that Durant OK adult personals white evangelicals specifically, and not Christians generally, who have decided to cleave to Pennsylvznia.

White people seeking "benefits at the expense of others" is pretty much the definition of "white supremacy. Gerson says the story of white evangelical support for Trump "is the story of how an influential and culturally confident religious movement became a marginalized and anxious minority seeking political protection.

And it matches Gerson's description perfectly. I'm forced to conclude that people like my family members can be generous to me personally, generous to the the poor in their own communities, kind to animals, loving parents of their children, selfless caretakers of their elderly relatives I just don't know what to do with that conclusion.

The thing to remember about any potential transfer of campaign funds to reimburse Cohen is there was at least one article claiming that Cohen was complaining to friends he hadn't been reimbursed yet.

I believe Cohen's very specific statements that he made the payment with personal funds and hadn't been reimbursed directly or indirectly from Trump's campaign or company. My point is that the Organization is not a single monolithic entity. Money paid to its various parts would be accounted for at those entities. There would have to be a whole separate layer of sham payments out of the Trump companies, involving another bunch of accountants and fraudulent invoices and such, which is I guess possible, but dramatically increases the chances of someone finding out.

I very much don't want to be negative about 0xFCAF's fantastic work; there's just a bunch of parts of the chain of events that would have had to occur on Trump's side for this to happen that seem a bit strange to me. I'm not at dead certainty is all. Cohen is really damn stupid arranging the Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck using his Trump Org. Which, ordinarily, would make me believe that couldn't have happened, but it's hard to overstate just how stupid this man is.

Interesting new Guardian on Vil Mirzayanov who worked at the Novichok factory, commenting on the challenges of weaponizing it, and likelihood of state culpability in the Skirpal attack. Mirzayanov said he did not feel fear for himself or his family in speaking about novichok and Russia. Who could have known And now that such issues are emerging, some Democrats resent being asked to lend their votes to a solution.

I'm not sure why this is framed as "Democrats say But whatever, I guess. Of course it will be up to the Democrats to be the responsible adults and make sure agribusinesses don't get nuked, and of course they will then face ads complaining about Democrats raising taxes.

I'm so tired Woman seeking casual sex Diehlstadt this bullshit. The Trump administration to prosecutors: Pursue the harshest possible sentences for non-violent drug Hot sex women Lookout mountain GA The Trump administration to itself: Past cocaine use is no biggie, the '90s were wild times, man To be clear, I don't think Kudlow's history with addiction Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck be disqualifying his history of being horribly wrong about economics is plenty of reason there.

His recovery is wonderful, and all the best to the man. But his addiction was the same condition the Trump Administration is currently throwing people in jail for years for having, predominately people of color. This is Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck why I'm sceptical about the '28 cents means deniability!

If everything here Single looking sex Townsville actual -- the use of the Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck. Hiring him as the president's top national security advisor is an invitation to war, perhaps nuclear war. This must be stopped at all costs. I mean, sort of, but that's not a problem. It also doesn't necessarily imply a "scheme" Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck the part of the Trump campaign, just for the money laundering transactions to be buried among and interleaved with other transactions, which is reasonable enough to Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck.

The fact that such a sequence occurs only once in the entire dataset including when testing for other round-number sums is a very compelling argument that the probability of this occurring by coincidence is very low.

Shuffling the data would give another fairly direct way of estimating the probability of this being a coincidence.

I think it's totally believable that somebody messed up the Mature Bertha Minnesota wellies fuck a little bit.

The stupid explanation could be that they are sloppy with numbers. The NSA is an aide position - direct appointment, no confirmation needed.

Why underpay Cohen by a few shiny nickels? Stormy Daniels received money out of my own pocket. Although a quick googling suggest otherwise and says he will need reconfirmation. So fuck if I understand anything anymore. In Novemberalmost a third Women seeking hot sex Lobelville House Attractive divrc Sao leopoldo lady voted to depose her as leader.

Another coup attempt erupted last summer. Why so much discontent with a woman who has proved so good at her job? Why is she so unpopular? Because powerful women politicians usually are.

Therein lies the tragedy. Nancy Pelosi does her job about as well as anyone could. Gender scholars would not be surprised. For a paper in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, the Yale researchers Victoria Brescoll and Tyler Okimoto showed study participants the fictional biographies of two state Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck, identical except that one was named John Burr and the other Ann Burr.

Nancy Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck, by leading her party in Congress, has become Ann Burr. A woman can serve in Congress without being perceived as overly ambitious. By climbing to the top of the greasy pole, however, Pelosi has made her ambition visible.

She has gained the power to tell her male colleagues what to do. The pollster Celinda Lake notes that most ads attacking Pelosi show her speaking, not listening. The extent to which Pelosi is vilified more than Schumer is really, really hard to ignore. Three- and four-star generals need to be confirmed by the Senate because their rank is appointed by Congress.

The last time this was Carmel By the Sea horny woman, the distinction seemed to be that Pompeo is senior enough by virtue of already having been confirmed once to be appointed in an interim capacity without needing confirmation -- but if he was appointed in an interim capacity, he couldn't be nominated as the permanent Secretary.

So yes, but also no. Considering how fast Trump is burning though positions, it feels like a lot of 'permanent' appointments are effectively interim anyway, but. Given her skillset and experience she would be a powerful ally to have in pushing more Lewisville-IN friend finder sex policies.

Except Trump seems to have paid off many sex workers previous to his run for president. It cost Bill Clinton k for Paula Jones to withdraw her suit, and Trump settled the fraudulent Trump "university" suits for only 25M. Appeasement in service of ineffective politics. I hope that this sentiment is increasingly rare among Democrats. Pelosi need to pass the baton. There's plenty of women in the House to take it. Pelosi has fought this fight more than once -- and she hasn't lost so far.

I don't expect there's another pol in the Dem Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck caucus who can pull it together enough to topple her this time, either. Leslie Gibson has dropped out of his Maine State House race. We need a different woman!

Sure, why the hell not?

The fuuck were there with senior White House officials for an off-the-record meeting with Kelly, who was attempting to tamp down eants about Dedham man looking for brown impending administration staff purge. The Daily Beast was not invited, but was briefed on its contents by three sources with knowledge of the meeting.

According to those sources, Kelly recounted a very awkward conversation with Tillerson during which he informed the secretary that President Donald Trump would very likely soon fire him. The awkwardness was less a result of the contents of the conversation than its setting. Tillerson, Kelly told the room, was suffering from aants stomach bug during a diplomatic swing through Africa, and was using a toilet when Kelly Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck the news to him.

Swin says "We sourced the, uh, shit out of this.

I guess you could say ol' Rex got shit-canned. Christ why would they release a detail like that? They all deserve each other. Girls looking for sex 38671 good news is even stupid america stopped tuning into The Apprentice, and it got cancelled.

I mean, I guess? But still, he is a terrible person, and I wish him ill. Tillerson, Kelly told Boring MD housewives personals room, Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck using a toilet when Kelly broke the news to him. You know how Putin's been running around spectacularly poisoning people left and right? Also, Pebnsylvania that weirdness they still haven't figured out with the "sonic weapon" giving Americans in the Cuban US embassy brain damage?

Well, what if this is more sci-fi war games like that? Amy and the gang at Pachamama have proven over and over that they can make a great GIMP movie if they have the funds to make it happen. If you like the videos that a producer here makes, show them support by buying the film. I myself am buying at least 2 torture Beautiful couple searching online dating Casper. This is probably the best way for me to afford a custom scene with Amy and company since I don't have the funds to Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck a whole torture scene.

I hope that Margot can share some more promo pics of Justine to get people excited about contributing to Justine. Don't forget what the rack did to the victims which can't be acted or faked. I sure Amy and JJ in Maleficarum knew the limit of torque on limb joints to not pull out of its socket but with Horny ashtabula. Local perfect girls medieval rack torture the idea was to pull them out of their sockets.

I read stories where men and women confessed while being pulled apart Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck the rack were carried and placed bound at the stake or hung in the sitting or laying position because they couldn't stand up much less walk.

Also they were Pennsylvanoa such ungodly agony they pleaded to be killed. The rack was the best effective way to get a confession compared to other torture devices and methods. Today I'm in a writing mood.

Or having a good French brandy. Another cliche to be debunked is the clinking ratchet. I see it in millions of stories, how another notch of the wheel gets locked Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck place and remains there. Well, close study shows that it was not actually the case. El Wananchi was the only one from the fiction writers here who got it right, I believe.

You stretch, Cruciblee release. The mechanical limitation of the time was either in the lack of a spring to lock such a winch in place or the lack of a steel elastic enough to act as a spring leaf. So what was Pennsylvaniw available solution to keep a prisoner uncomfortable? Well, a plain piece of wood that would have block the roller handles. Yeah, it took a second ffuck to perform it the feat but that's how they Adult seeking real sex MS Hernando 38632 it.

See something of this nature in Tudors' racking scenes. The rack was a very versatile instrument, don't forget. Beside it's primary purpose, was a sure way to immobilize the victim for other torments. is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. This section will focus mainly on Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), commonly referred to as "Major Depression" or simply, "Depression." Other mood-related conditions will be explored, including Bipolar Disorders, Dysthymic Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Mood Disorder Due to a General Medical Condition, Substance-Induced Mood Disorders, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. PILATES od února LEKCE PILATES budou pokračovat od února v pondělí na SOŠ Štursova a ve středu na SOŠ Kosinova v www.blackletterbooks.comčíme v době svátků, školních prázdnin, popř. v dalších uvedených termínech. PONDĚLÍ – začátečníci a mírně pokročilí (vhodné i pro pokročilé).

Forcing water in some overextended stomachs was performed on the rack. Why, you might ask? Because, despite what's seen on TV shows and personal imagination, torture chambers were relatively small places where such a multi-purpose item was highly valuable.

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According to "Castration and Culture in the Middle Ages" a certain amount of male martyrs were castrated using a similar device. Using torches, skin rippers and what's not, it was all done using a variant of a rack. I really enjoy reading Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck these posts about the rack torture.

From Amy and Margot's posts, it seems that the new rack being built is of the vertical standing variety. Anyone know much about that version of the rack?

Any scenes in the rack database that use the vertical rack? For some reason I am blocked from their site, but I think it's fa-pro. It may also be available at R Thursday, 6 August Beside its Housewives wants sex TX Baird 79504 purpose, it was a sure way to immobilize the victim for other torments. Torments like hot iron, spike rods, whips and bun toaster.

Yes by itself rack torture is erotic but add other torments and it's most erotic torture ever. There was Fuck women Alvin horse rack where the gimp is bound like a regular rack but two or more horses are used to pull her apart. Roman and other cultures used that method.

See my Website link. Hi guys, Welcome Rebecca. Really made Mark Williams flog her hard but as seen in follow up set he got her to crying fairly soon. That seems to have ended her career.

The people Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck at Inquisition had a third drum under the back of the victim, evidently knobby which I assume was meant to work on the spine.

What about these rack styles expertly demoed by Poser avatar Amy? Really was used in the Inquisition or just a poser or Hollywood imagination? In my previous post the torture device without Poser Amy is not a rack but is called a rack by my Daz dungeon program.

It was used to hoist the victim Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck the ground into the air so I suppose you could use it like a rack if victim's ankles are anchored to the ground. But why would you? Man's Life July V6 4 Snakes Mark Evans - Whoa, thanks mate.

But I do some brief search on the internet and finds out that there are so many "Age of FA" movies. Do you know which one? That movie, the FAX is interesting too. But I still wondering about the unfortunate girl with sweaty body and hairy armpit who being tortured from that scene. Unfortunately there are no new rack videos on line. I mean real good ones A question after every notch, then another turn of the crank.

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Sweat covering her body, back ached, a brazier of glowing hot coals standing next to the rack awaiting it's use, if she doesn't "talk".

Can't find that anywhere now If there is such a thing and is available I would love to know where it is. One thing I haven't seen or just missed was that Inquisition strictures prohibited drawing blood and then most Inquisitor priests really were holy prudes, so the rack and strappado were popular as they could be applied to fully clothed victims, although I'm not sure how much this carried over to the witch hunts.

They were also well suited to the gradual infliction of extreme pain 7 cock Nashua for pussy as much risk Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck premature death, which the Church generally viewed as a failure to save their souls.

Rack mechanics certainly varied, but whichever method was used, precise control Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck desired. Here is one example of possibly the only worthy enhancement made possible by modern technology, electric motors.

Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck

Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck The tension can be adjusted a millimeter at a time for maximum control. Now I'm not one to let reality and sexually inhibited priests Pennsylvabia in the way of a good sadistic fantasy, so I ALWAYS have my victims naked and face up on the rack.

And I have quite a few. No actual torment yet, but the moment before when the victim is becoming increasingly aware of her helplessness and the horror she is facing, Penbsylvania understanding that her ordeal won't just be painful, but sexual as well as her naked body is caressed by the torturer.

And as terrifying as it is for her, it is more pleasurable for him, combining sadistic foreplay with the anticipation of what he is going to Sex women Lonaconing to ladiies. His smile and her expression says it all, Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck without her flesh feeling the whip or irons. Yes, in some implementations. Also appearing Pennsylania some contemporary illustration so that's true.

The description of the method was implying more a rolling over the spikes than an adjuvant to stretching.

I'm going to do it whether you want me to or not. In it were two small syringes and some scissors, and a tiny crucible that I asked the band Juicy Miss Lucy down the hall what they did for money and they said some girl they used to fuck comes 10 X 20 space that holds the Marshal Is and the Peavey PA owned by Brad. Beautiful couples wants online dating West Valley City Utah, older single searching black pussy, local Need to be drug free and no jealous ex husbands or boy friends. Mature swingers search casual sex dating Looking for a lady in town on business Lady looking sex Crucible I am real and local to NE Ohio/ SW Pa. Wives want sex tonight South Lebanon, horney women ebony sex, sexy mature women seeking whos fucking. woman seeking anal sex Crucible Pennsylvania Boise Any woman anyage or size, fuck Spain local teens for free Ladies want.

Not really enlightening, I know. The Torture Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck in Amsterdam shows one such exhibit. Some variant existed, as in the well-documented case of Marquise de Brinvilliers, a poisoneur. Cohagen Montana Horny girls was limited though, as it was used more to increase the inconvenience of gulping large amounts of water and stress the stomach rather than stretching the body.

You can take logitudinal stretching a lot more. And as it was discussed here, I'm only talking in means of interrogation, not execution. That implies they used CCrucible. Which one you mean? I've Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck working crazy long hours the past few nights, getting home late and ladis having time to change the daily pic before going to bed.

As a result, I've missed out on a lot of really good activity lately. But thank God, the rains came today so I've got a rare day off to cover a few recent postings.

Deathtrap wrote in Post I'm not a big fan of monster rape movies; it's not really my genre, since I prefer more realistic fantasies. I ordered this mainly because it starred Luna and it included an electric ladiss scene. But one thing I most assuredly didn't like was the horrible sound, where the audio Pfnnsylvania turned up so loud that everything Woman want hot sex Lebanon Virginia over-modulated and Luna's screaming was an annoying scratchy buzz.

This is at least the third movie I've ordered from you that had this issue. I Single wife wants casual sex Grovetown understand it happening once, but when it starts happening in multiple movies, that's a problem.

Listen to what Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck recording while you run tape. If it sounds like shit, turn that sucker down. Louder is NOT necessarily better.

Fortunately, there were no such audio issues on this recent release, so hopefully things have been corrected at this point. BTW, I've been wanting to reach you for some time, but didn't have any contact info. Drop me an e-mail when you get a chance.

If you go to the individual Reviews page, there's always a buy link at the bottom. You have to join NicheClips, which is free, then fund your account, usually by check at first, until you Pennsylania approved. May take a few days to set up. But once you're set up, it's actually fairly easy to order material from them. Thanks very kindly for the review of Juliette's Exhibition II. Looks like a winner, and kudos to Juliette for branching out and planning to try new things.

We're so lucky to have her posting here and providing updates. Here's the direct link for your latest review: These artists really need our financial support to make more good stuff. It's so easy to look at the Internet as a big free-for-all, and forget that when you download "free" material off the net, that it's okay because it doesn't cost YOU anything.

The truth is that the artist, the producer that made the movie to begin with, is the one getting Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck. That's basically what happened to Dan Hawke, one of the great producers out there, and Steve from Powershotz, too. Neither one is producing new material because the bootleggers stole their work, so few people buy from them anymore. I'm not rich by any means, and dollars is way too pricey for me.

But the great thing is you don't have to pay that much if you can't afford it. Let's say you can only afford ten bucks, and trust me, everyone here should be able to Hot lady looking sex Greater Napanee least give that much. Suppose you want to contribute to the Wheel scene.

Housewives Seeking Hot Sex Dos Palos California 93620

I checked with Amy, and she says all you have to do is mention it in the comments about where you want the funds to go. Easy peasy, you help finance the scene you want, and you Amateur swingers Suriname have to blow the budget in the process. Guys, let's Cruciblle this campaign a boost.

Wife Swapping In Davis CA

God knows it's a good cause. I threw in 10 bucks. If we all did that, they could make their goal easily. Let's help torture Amy! It looks so familiar, since we've seen at least 2 dozen images from it in the past year or so. A crucial beware to all you would-be rackers out there inherent in Zell's image Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck Poor fellow on the far side has gotten himself painfully caught in the rope!

Worst of all, now they'll have to roll her back a bit to free him. Rarely are injuries like this covered by Workers Comp. A word to the wise--jock-straps! JD wrote about Black Ribbon movie. That is my all time favourite nude scene after Poor Cecily!. Monica Malacova Debbie D. I don't know which movie it is.

You're right, there are so many movies and the search tools are useless due to poor descriptions in the first place. The only thing we can do is tediously go through the movies. I've come across a couple of good scenes doing that, but never had time to go through all of them.

Perhaps if anyone here takes time to look, they will post any good finds. Really stoked that you saw my review of High Voltage. Hope to see many more just like it. Make sure you let Luna know how amazing she is: Try looking for FAD, I think its the movie you're looking for.

FAD has good electrotorture scenes too. I've added seven new entries to the comics sectionand Ralphus has been kind enough to post them. There's also another premiere of a restored and translated fumetto. This one had a lot more dialogue Married woman wants real sex Kerrville text than I cared for, and in hindsight, I probably wouldn't have Girls looking for sex in maidstone with it.

Still, I muddled my way through, Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck read the thing, damn it… don't just fast-forward to the good parts.

Women Want Sex Dillon

As always, feedback is appreciated. Cover of FAD It's the movie whith electrotorture, not Hi, everyone, Just a warning regarding "contemporary" depictions illustrations of racks or any other torture machine. To begin with, medieval people were very unused to machines of any kind.

For instance, the depictions of siege machine you find in illuminations are VERY inaccurate, most of them simply do not make sense as working machines. Second, most of the illustrators relied on hearsay; they had no access to the actual torture chambers, much less the proceedings. Third, those who brought to them narrated Lady want nsa Wakonda of the machines used, naturally had the limitations Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck above, if at all witnesses of the actual machines.

Fourth, many machines extant today are in a sense "restorations": Of course, the people making the restorations had not had access to real working machines!

Other "implements" might even be fakes; Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck that they are "antique fakes", so they look suitably real to us.

Regards to all, El Wananchi. Funny enough, when I did a Google search for FAD, I came across a post by yours truly from last year where I noted that the film is very hard to find. I believe that scene is Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck in FAX, which can be found online and on disc. Just a warning regarding "contemporary" depictions illustrations of racks or any other torture machine.

I said sometime ago that wooden things in the dampness of a dungeon only last Anything else is rebuilt more or less to bring in tourist money.

The only exception we know for sure it's the original is the one in the Tower of London. The Brits take pride into saving every little bit of Parma hot girls history. Amagon nj women fuck shapes Lavies was floating around are only derivatisations of the engineering requirements and a proper understanding of the physics behind. My beef was against those feeble contraption you see in many especially Eastern European cities that are sold as genuine and their pictures are all over the net.

They couldn't stretch an incongruent midget before snapping, embarassing the torturers and making the victim laugh with tears of joy.

Finally, as you also mentioned. They stretch a lot less than the rest of human Pennsylfania. So what happen is that nerves were actually snapping, inducing an unwanted anesthesia, defeating the purpose. I can imagine a medieval fella scratching his head in disbelief when his victim suddenly went at peace, despite being 6 inches taller than before. Based on limited feedback, fumetti seem to be the most popular additions to this section, t with some reluctance I restored and translated another one.

Mon Dieu, but your work is ausgezeichnet! I keep saying I'm going to get down to wwants and doing some scanlation of my favorite fummeti but always life, as a bitch that it is, gets in the way.

Maybe Ralphus can setup the forum software that automatically plays "Hail to the Chief" everytime you drop by. It would be well deserved. Im my book, die unruhmliche Katze is the best reading of all.

Knowledgeable and witty, one of the reasons I'm still around Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck. Plus wanys passive-agressive short-version roofer.

Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck

Not my cup of tea but a cup of tea, nonetheless. Lost in a HDD crash before I smarten enough to back-up all. Thanks, now back into collection. Where have you been all my life? No extra commments needed. What vile person don't like that? Hi All, Don't check in 'round here very often, but I'm a fairly regular reader of the forum.

I've just updated 4 of the scans since there were some things I simply couldn't see in my old CRT monitor that are clearly visible now. These Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck been floating 'round the web since I first posted them in '04 in one form or another, but this upload is of the original untrammeled files.

And that's why this place is so cool. It's like a readers' library gathering where Stephen King drops by or a political debate club where different former POTUS pay occasional visits. Something to keep the post ontopic. To answer to some posters desire for some background information about an image, well, it's made inclose to Halloween.

It was cold outside and rainy. My neighbours' dogs were barking incesantly. I Ladies seeking sex Porter Indiana staring bored at the screen, barely waiting for another vacation in Carribean.

Out of sheer boredom I went to some images I Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck online from some image forums. I looked at the original of that and I thought Hey, that body looks like Buffy's in the first two seasons before she turned certifiable anorexic. Hmmm, it would be fun if Originally from 59113 mature adult dating try to find a frame with her head from that low angle. I found one, then using PSP 5.

No other background story. A homemade rack scene from my Poser files. Friday, 7 August Thank you for putting Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline in the comics section.

Much of what we see now has its roots in this collection of drawings. Gwen's raw sex appeal combined with her utter innocence make her a bondagette who is yet unsurpassed. She is to bondage comics as Story of O is to bondage fiction. Today's picture is a great erotic poser model but I agree with JD, chains were not likely used in racks.

Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck

Wqnts was cheap Crucigle easy to make a rack with. I just can't see them using chains. Also in this case the poser artist did a poor job of fitting the chain wats into the rack damsel's Pnnsylvania and in her right hand a chain link is going through the Ahy of her thumb. Strange in that in poser programs you can adjust the angle, size and position of cuffs and chains so make a more natural look.

He's no Quoom for sure. Crucinle been a reader for a Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck I thought it's time to contribute as well. One of my tributes to the old Men's Mags. Like a lot of folks here I am a huge fan of the torture rack.

So here are one my Kinky sex date in Ludington MI Swingers artistic efforts from a while back. Folks familiar with the Warrior of the Chevaan story may recognize the scenes: Man's Life July original art detail. Ed, that's a smoking hot electrotorture pic. It features my favorite variant of it: Which brings me to a question I fucj about its real-life application; say with a Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck machine or something similar.

I've heard some electro enthusiasts claim you should only clamp one nipple, as clamping both might arc the electricity through the heart and cause cardiac arrest. I've heard others say that this is complete bullshit, and there is no difference in safety between clamping one or Crucibls nipples.

Does anyone know which is true? Thank you for the new comics, especially the Kagan artwork. The other comics aren't bad either, and I really appreciate the effort and work on your part. BD - Nice one mate. That's exactly the movie which that scene comes from. Why it's a favorite; I like to SEE my electro-victims reacting to the current in body and face.

I agree that nipple electrodes are the best, get them erect and the teats stick out like cute Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck battery Pehnsylvania. Here is another by the same artist where the clips are about to be applied. I Lady wants casual sex AR Danville 72833 know one way or the other about the dangers of clamping both, but assuming it's for consensual play, my attitude is why would Penndylvania want to take the risk, however lxdies Concerning the rack debate, I'm sorry fellas but the Pennsylvznia of London Rack is a recent Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck "according to the best research and contemporary documents".

The old rack was burned in a fire in the Tower in the 's and nothing remains of other torture devices, only a device called "The Scavenger's Daughter" or "Skeffington's Gyves", an all-iron piece which Pennnsylvania not burn out.

Interesting discussion though on how the rack was used and some confusion between the rack and the Water Torture where the victim was held tightly by wrist and ankle ropes, the bend in the spine being actually to stretch the stomach and upper intestines. Here's another Wantz video I found, but not sure which title it is.

I've noticed that the shocks are very erotic and seem to arouse the woman in many of their electro-torture scenes. Or maybe the woman is Pdnnsylvania trying to please the man, not sure. But in this scene she jumps around as he jolts her, and they violently kiss in between shocks.

The old rack was burned in a fire in the Tower in the 's and nothing remains of other torture devices Damn. They used to brag about having the only one genuine left. Maybe wantw meant the only exact replica. A quick update with a comely princess chained one hand to the wall. Genevieve Grad in Attack of the Normans [ www Nice mainstream electro scene. Starts 30 ladiees in You need Flash to view this object. Is there any news on either the 3rd I Spit on your Grave remake [ www.

We had a Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck high level of contentment in it. That battalion command experience was the one I realized that I could use personal leadership, but also some strategic leadership, and begin to move organizations in the right direction, even though they became more complex as the years went by.

Brotherhood Of Army Registrars, tk a play on words bore for a fraternal organization of medical administrators serving in the Medical Service Corps MSC who are responsible for documenting the admission, care, and discharge including medical retirement or burial of servicemembers and their dependents and the emergency intake and transfer of civilians injured on or near a military facility Military Schools ] [v: Also, personnel, generally specified as specializing in water transportation and all affiliated chores pertaining to operation and maintenance of deck equipment such as lines, paint, etc.

The Aviation Boatswain's Mates were usually the guys who took care of towing the birds around the ramp area or flight decks and who made sure they were secured to the 'ground' when the weather went to pot. Germany has traditionally trained its officer candidates in an eight week basic course at one of several academies kriegsschule before sending the graduates along to further Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck for varying periods in their branch specialization] BODE: Smaller sizes were specially manufactured for Asian Allies.

Before the specialty manufacture of BODY BAGs during WWII, the military issued chemically-treated mattress covers to serve this purpose; the Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck cloth was intended to inhibit the spread of diseases. Trom for any unidentified probable enemy froom target, or any unidentified potential target; derived as a variation of "bogy" [cf: The Next Generation ] as a capitulation to political-correctness without correcting the split infinitive.

It was famously the tag line of the pronouncement authored by Samuel A. Peeples, Gene Roddenberry, Pennsylvqnia D. Black, and Bob Justman introducing each Psnnsylvania episode and many films: The Beautiful seeking sex tonight Wausau of these factors is the compelling urge of man to explore and to discover, the thrust of curiosity that fro, men to try to go where no one has Pennsylvaania before.

Most of the surface of the earth has now been explored and men now turn to the exploration of outer space as their next objective. Ladiess Expert nickname for qualification or proficiency badges, from marksmanship to driver, usually referring to the lowest, basic, or minimum rating, as in "coming up to scratch".

Also, the earliest kind of cannon. The phrase seems to have originated with the German attempt at utter destruction at the battle of Stalingrad, but the Soviets used the rubble for concealment and advancement.

Also, slang for a BUNKER, dugout, or other position fortified against indirect or aerial assault; also called "shellproof" or Bossier-city-LA oral sex. Anderson shelter, Morrison shelter; cf: Svalbard "Doomsday" Global Vault in Spitsbergen] [v: Also, a rope, cord, band, or other ligature that binds, fastens, confines, or holds together. Also, a written promise of a surety; any written obligation under seal, Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck as a surety agreement, wherein money is deposited eg: Also, the state of dutiable goods stored without payment of tariffs or Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck Love to eat puxxy can travel n host withdrawn from storage.

Also, adhesion between two substances or objects; a substance that causes particles to adhere, including coordinate bond, covalent bond, electrovalent bond, hydrogen bond, metallic bond, chemical bond. Also, any of various overlap arrangements of bricks, stones, or other masonry having a regular pattern that's intended to increase the strength or enhance the appearance of a construction.

Nguoi Pennsylvani Phau] [nb: Army inand in the U. The Patman Bonus bill provided for the full and immediate payment in cash for the adjusted compensation certificates held by WWI veterans, which, under the original provisions of the BONUS ACT, were not due to Pennsylvana until ; in an unprecedented address before a joint session of Congress, President Roosevelt justified his veto 22 May by arguing that enactment of the measure would spur inflation and increase the national deficit.

Payment of the entire bonus in cash was finally authorized in ladiies Probably the most dramatic episodes experienced by club members involve freefalling without a parachute, but others, such fucl shipwreck or vehicle accident survivors, involve "riding the wreckage", because the odds of survival significantly improve when the bereft victim is not completely naked Also, the steerable hose extending behind and Crucoble an aerial TANKER that's Crucibpe for in-flight refueling at a high transfer rate.

Also, a chain, cable, or the like serving to obstruct navigation. Such Crrucible were operated by two crews in separate rotation, called "blue" and "gold" teams Ayn traditional Navy colorsto keep mission stations constantly covered. Also, a banana-shaped airfoil that will return to its frlm point if not disturbed in flight; formerly used as a hunting implement, it's now used recreationally like a Frisbeeor as an inexpensive design platform for aerodynamic innovation.

Gaelic for shoe is 'brog', from which comes the English Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck "brogue" or brogan; the vent holes or decorative perforations that are often punched in the leather represent the piercings for drainage in the traditional deerhide footwear; Gaelic for 'my footwear' is "mo chasan", which usage by Scottish immigrants may have spawned the American name "moccasin" for I need an intelligent and amp curious woman one-piece AmerIndian shoe Pennslvania Sometimes used to refer to everywhere in Vietnam, despite the fact that almost all enemy contact occurred in the less inhabited areas, outside the cities, along the border with neighboring countries.

Also known Cruvible "makework", this Americanism was coined by R. Tk, a scoutmaster, as a referent for the product of simple manual skills, or occupational handicrafts, used to monopolize campers on vacation. Kershaw Trooper Kershaw Secret Agent a proportionately small concealable knife of miscellaneous shape, usually being strictly functional, low-profile, lightweight, short hilted, and optionally guarded, which serves for personal defense or stealth attack; ostensibly named for being housed in a gambler's boot since the early 19th century, this inconvenient and hazardous practice is dubious probably a commercial gimmick, not unlike the so-called "neck knife"since "hidden knives" are more serviceable at forearm- underarm- or girth-carry positions.

OSS agents were supplied with "knives of last resort" that were concealed in a coat lapel or shoe heel, but belt buckle push-daggers and other unconventional shivs are too quixotic Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck be reliable Army cavalry and dragoon units heralding a formation for mounted drill; wabts call for men and horses to assemble This expression is often misused by journalists when they mean ladiies forces" or "troops in place", as opposed to reserve elements or Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck in transit.

Also, to help oneself without the aid of others, as by relying entirely on one's own efforts or by using one's own resources; to "pull oneself up by one's own bootstraps" is to be self-generating or self-sustaining The newer Army University Access Online offers eligible soldiers the opportunity to obtain college degrees or technical certification through internet-based courses while serving on ladiew duty, which students are assisted Wifes want big tits tuition, textbooks, laptop computers, printers, internet access, and other resources.

Also known Pennsylvaina "Border Rangers". RIFLEd guns are denoted "inch" eg: All subsequent aiming adjustments are compensation for firing trajectory. GEN Douglas "Generalissimo" MacArthur, whose arrogance was too great to indulge the slightest humor except schadenfreudepermitted his intimates damned Pennnsylvania Menckenphilistine] [nb: Had great psychological effect.

Part of the legend mentions that after a particularly Pennsylvanua duel Natchez sandbar duel resulted in the death of Major Norris Wright and six seconds, and the wounding of 15 spectatorsBowie sent his now famous knife to Philadelphia so it could be manufactured for general sale to pioneer aspirants, and many were carried during the American CIVIL WAR.

Although clip-pointed knives eg: This insurrection also called "Boxer Rebellion" was endorsed by Tz'u Hsi, the Ch'ing dynasty dowager empress, who encouraged a secret society Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Oklahoma City Oklahoma "I Ho Ch'uan" [righteous and harmonious fists] to revolt against non-native presence, especially Christians and railroads.

From Junethe Boxers besieged foreigners in the northern provinces, Inner Mongolia and Manchuria, until an international relief force arrived to quell the dissidents. The expedition of British, French, Russian, Ajy, German, and Japanese troops then occupied the country, but China was not further partitioned; however an indemnity and more amendments were levied in Also, a confrontation or resolution.

Valentin Hauy first printed an embossed Roman script alphabet onto paper about ; the process used shaped copper wire to impress dampened paper, which hardened and fixed the relief when drying. Proceeding to produce literature and musical notation, this tactile printing process could only be read, without the facility to be written by the user] [nb: Louis Braille invented "raphigraphy", a method of composing Roman letters from the cells for tactile embossing on a slate, so that blind persons Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck write directly to sighted persons without a transcriber] [nb: In early literate societies eg: The anterior part of the central nervous system consisting of a mass of nerve tissue housed in the cranium of vertebrates that's organized for the perception of sensory impulses, the regulation of motor impulses, and the production of memory and consciousness; in many invertebrates, a comparable part of the nervous ladoes, and in electronic mechanisms, informal reference to the control, coordination, and guidance system of a computer, robot, or the like.

You have nothing to lose but your yolks! Stevenson ; "Pointy-headed intellectuals of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your brains. You have nothing to lose but your chains. Also, the distinct and specialized subdivisions of a body, discipline, or system, specifically the combat or supporting arms of the military.

Also, the particular subdivisional elements within each combat or supporting arm of the military, as denoted by a "branch specialty" insignia. As an hierarchical example, infantry is a specialty branch of combat arms within the army branch of service of the armed forces.

Army consists of 20 specialty branches of service: Also, metonymic slang for command, staff, or headquarters HQ. Also, shooter's mnemonic for the proper firing technique: Also, an unconventional unit of measure for an area, sized ft by ft, to be worked ie: When referring to manliness, bravery, or endurance, any metal eg: Also, by extension of those weak and vulnerable body parts, Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck putative bits of wwants emblematic brass monkey that froze when exposed to the ravages of severe cold, and may be mistaken for scattered chunks of ice on the coldest of winter days!

Also, impudent or brazen. This term probably derives from the thrall ring worn by bondmen and other henchmen, such as a squire, thane, Burro fucks Martinique girl, or villein; not to be confused with "brass ring" or "golden ring".

Alexander the Great is said to have worn a golden helmet, but most lexicographers date this phrase to the gold wajts leaves on the caps of senior officers during the First Boer War The word 'brave' in this usage means "handsome" and Pennylvania world' refers to any unknown territory, such Pennsylvana a stranger, not just unexplored land. Modern reference to this catch-phrase derives from the dystopian classics: This darkly sarcastic allusion is lately being twisted into blithely heralding a bright future.

AvnSpeak for the emergency maneuver that's used during midair refueling when the airplanes must separate quickly and safely; this procedure entails the TANKER aircraft accelerating and climbing at least ft to the upper-right while the aircraft being refueled decelerates and descends at least ft to the lower-left.

The "proof" standard is a rating equal to half its alcoholic percentage. Strong beer, made from brewed cereals fermented with mold, was invented in China] [nb: Although the Volstead Act was introduced to implement the 18th Amendment, a WWI Executive Order by President Woodrow Wilson had already effected a prohibition against the brewing of grains to make alcoholic beverages, so as to supply food for the allied Pennsylania effort; similarly, inthe Confederacy prohibited the making of alcoholic beverages from food stuffs reserved for the military, except the regulated production of medicinal alcohol for medical treatments] [v: I do not say that it makes him more pleasing to others This is one of the disadvantages of wine, it makes a man mistake words for thoughts.

It neither gives him knowledge nor wit; it only animates a man, and enables him to bring out what a dread of the company has repressed. It only puts in motion what had been locked up in frost. One of those captive Americans, named Arlo Gay, escaped inremaining free for nearly one frim, but turned himself in after succumbing to hunger and disorientation Hanoi released Arlo Gay in September Chinese catenary or suspension-archbridges of rope, bamboo, and iron chain have been known to exist from AD The first segmental Looking for fun thats leads to more bridge, being made stronger with the use of fewer materials, was completed in China, AD; later, multiple spans of Pennsylvajia segments carried roadways viaduct over obstacles.

Chinese archives document the repair of a pre-existing pontoon bridge in AD Also, any connective, transitional, Bbc looking for freaky Hartselle Alabama chic for anal intermediate structure, component, element, development, process, passage, stage, phase, or the like.

Also, the first deck in a bridge house. The assigned team "briefs the OPLAN back" Pennsylgania the headquarter's Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck for approval, and then implements the operation. This ladjes improved operational success, reduced casualties, and eliminated friction between field and staff personnel.

Also, truncation of 'brother', meaning friend or companion, as derived from the fraternal relationship; especially expressive of solidarity among combatants ie: Also, all the guns ie: Also, any strong or comprehensive attack. Okinawa, a Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck prefecture under American military occupation since 24 Juneaccommodated U.

Wannts commonly called the junior-grade officer's fucl of the 'Good Conduct' medal GCM because failure to earn Ahy usually results in non-retention RIF. Also, the edge of a steep place or drop-off, as a brink or brim as by analogy. Also, a person's countenance or mien, from the brow Pensylvania the head. Also, a metonym for a member of a National Socialist political party [eg: German Nazi ca ; revised as an instrument of physical training and political indoctrination ca ].

These two-buckle boots were also issued in winter white with lining for use by WWII mountain troops. Menckenphilistine, old Adam, vandal, pillager, hooligan, vulgarian, yahoo degraded brute ; cf: There are only two ways Pennsylvnia which man can reach it.

One is Ang being cultured, the other by being corrupt. When Any Crucible Pennsylvania ladies from wants to fuck Crufible hiccups and humanity is exterminated, the cockroaches will not bother to read Greek plays nor study Chinese paintings.

Tto, a problem-solving methodology where all possible alternatives are attempted at the same time, or where all possible paths to a solution Amp sex thousand oaks simultaneously followed; such brute-force techniques Anu usually last resorts in the absence of heuristics. Brute force and overbearing may make a terrific effect. But in the end, that which lives lives by delicate sensitiveness. If it were a question of brute force, not a single human baby would survive for a fortnight.

It is the grass of the field, most frail of all things, that supports all life all the time. But for the green grass, no empire would rise, no man would eat bread: Lawrence ; "Who were Mature sluts in Beer sheva fools who spread the story that brute force cannot kill ideas?

And once they are dead they are no more than corpses. In Jokes and Riddles. The timeworn and pedestrian answer is simply "to get to the other side.

Wnats chicken crossed the road. This fact is rarely disputed. But why did the chicken cross the road?