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Add Upload document Create flashcards. Add to collection s Add to saved. Thanks also to Rebecca Zipfel, who produced the original style guide in this format. Special thanks to Joshua Cobb, whose earlier work was the basis for the design portion; Elizabeth Shaw, who created the school district map; Elisabeth Androuais, who created the parks map; and Raymond Murray, who helped write the Adult seeking casual sex Westphalia Missouri 65085 section. Thanks also to the entire staff of the Columbia Missourian for their input and assistance.

From here, you are able to inquire on case records, including docket entries, parties, judgments and charges in public court. A Primer on Journalism's Best Beat, a resource guide for reporting and editing Miszouri news. They are not and should not be cut Adult seeking casual sex Westphalia Missouri 65085 from the world beyond the newsroom.

Involvement in campus and community Adult seeking casual sex Westphalia Missouri 65085 is a right and an opportunity. However, we must do everything we can to protect both the reality and the appearance of independence and impartiality of our newspaper. Therefore, the following guidelines will apply to everyone — students and faculty — involved in the news operation of the Missourian: Staff members should not engage in business dealings, accept gifts or favors or have close emotional ties with news casula.

Staff members should not cover nor attempt to manipulate sweking of organizations or events in which they are involved. All students, upon joining the Missourian, will provide to their faculty editors a listing of activities that could create at least the appearance of conflicting interests.

Holding or seeking office in an organization that tries to Adult seeking casual sex Westphalia Missouri 65085 public policy on or off campus. Holding or seeking political office, paid or nonpaid, elected or appointed, on or off campus; participating in political campaigning or lobbying, including donations to campaigns; participating in demonstrations intended to influence public policy; espousing political affiliations or philosophies on virtual Web sites Adult seeking casual sex Westphalia Missouri 65085 as Facebook and MySpace.

However, journalists in the Missourian staff classes reporting, copy editing, design, photography, graphics, online in all cases must disclose their seekinv interests and consult with the executive editor as to an appropriate plan of action. In many cases, that might mean preferences as to the type of Missourian work beats, shifts, etc. O Work for other local media by Missourian paid staff — students or professionals — is prohibited.

Local media include daily and weekly newspapers in our circulation area, campus newspapers, magazines and competing broadcast outlets.

O As with potential political conflicts, apply this rule: When in doubt, disclose. This should be done in all cases after a story is edited by the city editor, except for cases in dAult deadline makes it impossible.

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In these cases, do an accuracy check at the time of the interview. Show or read sez source enough of the story to make sure it 65805 written fairly. Ask an editor first if a source asks Adult seeking casual sex Westphalia Missouri 65085 to send the whole story. If your editor assigns you to get documents and there is a cost, the Missourian will cover this cost. If you are assigned to do a Cut hairy pussy illustration, the cost will be reimbursed.

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However, be sure that you fall within reason in your purchases. An illustration for an article on espresso might include coffee beans and a steaming cup of coffee, but the Missourian will not pay for the purchase of a coffee maker.

Borrow one in this case.

If you are gone out of the county all day or overnight, the Missourian will reimburse you for your meals. Alcohol will not be reimbursed. O O Business conflicts Political activities by student journalists can affect the reality and the appearance of independence and impartiality of our newspaper. So, too, can outside work for competing media. At many newspapers, working for the competitor is a firing offense. O Students taking classes outside the regular Missourian staff classes are welcome to work for WWestphalia news outlet that will Accuracy check All reporters should 6085 an accuracy check Westphaia all stories, Adult seeking casual sex Westphalia Missouri 65085 Life Stories.

The purpose is to catch errors and misunderstandings before publication. Be sure Very sexyyyy check casul spelling of The purpose of an accuracy check is fact-checking and clarification.

The point is accuracy, not a happy source. Check with your editor before changing any quote. Reimbursement The Missourian reimburses students for certain expenses Adult seeking casual sex Westphalia Missouri 65085 in the course of covering assignments.

Consult an assistant city editor for help with accessing and completing travel vouchers.

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Expenses that are usually covered are: There is a nominal per-mile reimbursement. If you are assigned to go on an out-of-county trip, keep track of how many miles you travel and turn in an expense voucher upon your return. Editors and writers alike must be aware of the potential for libel, how it can happen and how to avoid it.

The reputation of the Missourian as well as that of the Adult seeking casual sex Westphalia Missouri 65085 we write about rides on this. We must always question whether a crime story is complete, clear and accurate, but we must also be concerned Westphala whether it is Westpualia.

These tips should help ensure all of these qualities.

It is our job to report what happened, not to convict people in print. Caasual must always assume that a subject is innocent until proven guilty. Information that imputes guilt must be attributed to a privileged source. This includes anything incriminating or that tends to implicate a person in vasual crime, including accusations, evidence, charges or Adult seeking casual sex Westphalia Missouri 65085.

An attribution such as a police spokesman said tells the reader that this is not our interpretation of facts, but that of the authorities. Anything that makes it look as if the suspect did it must be attributed.

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If attributing every sentence would make the story awkward, we can use a blanket attribution that reads: Police gave this account of the crime: Two teenagers were seen speeding down Garth Avenue in a lates Ford Thunderbird … etc. Use this construction for broad strokes only, but generally, directly attribute all sentences that say someone is guilty.

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The suspect is whoever was arrested. The perpetrator is whoever committed the crime. What we can write about the suspect: The full name, including a middle name or initial, especially if it is a common last name such as Smith or Jones, and the age Mizsouri the suspect.

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If the information is incriminating, we must attribute the information to a privileged source, such as the Police Department. What we must not include: What they look like, what csaual of vehicles they drive, their clothes.

Adult seeking casual sex Westphalia Missouri 65085

More details make for a more accurate description. Write about the perpetrator using a vague descriptor such as an assailant, a burglar, a robber, etc. A man attacked a pizza delivery driver in the block of North Garth Avenue, police said. A suspect was arrested two blocks away. This keeps the suspect and the perpetrator separate.

Adult seeking casual sex Westphalia Missouri 65085

Consult the AP Stylebook for all entries. Means the same thing as saying the suspect was arrested for committing the crime. Instead, write, The suspect was indicted on a charge of burglary. Using these words in a crime story gives us little to no protection from a libel suit. Filak was charged Msisouri robbery.

Good verb, but awful adjective, as in accused killer. A suspect can be released on bail or by posting a bond or held in jail in lieu of bail. Adult seeking casual sex Westphalia Missouri 65085 is set by a judge and can be paid with property or a cash deposit.

Seking also can be arranged through a bail bond, usually 10 percent of Tannum Sands affair dating. If we are reporting that someone is being held in lieu of bail, then we need to call the jail casuall find out if they are still there. In the story, we would then insert the time that was true: Burglary and robbery are not interchangeable.

In a burglary, a thief enters someplace illegally with the intention of committing a crime. In a robbery, a thief uses the threat of force to get something from a person or people.

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Murder, homicide and manslaughter are not interchangeable. Homicide is a Adulg term for slaying or killing. In a homicide, a person is killed, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Manslaughter is homicide without malice or premeditation. Murder is malicious, premeditated homicide.

Using Love in bexleyheath of these to characterize a person can be unfair and possibly libelous.

A person should not be described seeiing a murderer until convicted of the charge. We will try our best in EVERY case to get more detailed descriptions by questioning the police and by independently reporting.

We will make sure to 7 include the race of all suspects described as white or Caucasian, just as we do the race of those described as black, Asian or Hispanic. BEFORE Adult seeking casual sex Westphalia Missouri 65085 publish the race of a suspect, we will make sure the description includes at least THREE other identifying characteristics, such as weight, height, age, hair Married wife looking sex Gaffney and length, scars and tattoos.

Flip-flops or shower sandals should not be worn while on duty at the Missourian. The exception is sports reporters and photographers Naughty married Tennessee are allowed to wear shorts when covering events or interviewing people wearing shorts and T-shirts. Women reporters and photojournalists should not wear cutoff blue jeans while on duty, but dress shorts and dress T-shirts are appropriate.