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We are rather inclined to the thought it should be mandatory upon Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 municipality to issue only serial bonds. There can be no question of their safety. They prevent misuse, distortion and juggling of sinking funds and are more economical. The comparison referred to is on file in the office of the Secretary of the Commission.

Information and data as to the graduation of the borrowing power of the various cities, boroughs, towns and school districts based Wanting to eat some pie population. We do not know nor have we been able to find any constitutional provision or Acts of Assembly which permit the graduation of borrowing powers based on poxmlation.

Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626

A reference to a blue print ''Taxation Statistics Third Class Cities of Pennsylvania " issued by this Bureau, would show that the assessed valuation per capita with a proper assessment usually increases with the increase in population. Life of graded bonds, that is, whether or not the bonds should be issued for the life of the inprovement. The tendency Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 all legislation is that no bond should be issued for a Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 term than the life of the improvement.

In Pennsyl- vania it has been the common practice, except in rare instances, to issue bonds for the limit of thirty Eaastman as permitted by the Con- stitution. This Chat with single local girls wantin sex resulted in a great abuse.

This abuse should no longer be xasual or tolerated.

Haldeman, Chief of the Division of City Planning and Municipal Engineering of this Bureau, has submitted to you a paper covering that subject. Information as to the indebtedness of the larger cities of the country based on population, and based on assessable value of property, and on some per capita basis, and the relation of the indebtedness to the assessed valuation.

The tabulation referred to is on file in the office of the Secretary of the Commission. Any provisions as to the right to Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 bonds for current pur- poses. No provision should be made to permit the issuing of bonds for current purposes or expenses and no bonds should be issued except for a permanent improvement chargeable to capital account.

How- ever provision should lie made for the right to issue notes in anticipa- tion of revenue. Without such provision it would be impossible for the smaller municipalities of the Commonwealth to conduct their all airs. In most instances their moneys are not received until July Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 in some instances as late as October and the fact they are not allowed to borrow in anticipation of revenue has resulted in great abuses of the borrowing authority.

In many instances notes have been issued with the thought they would be paid off during the current year but have been allowed to run for years and resulting finally in a thirty year bond issue. We are firmly of the opinion that this right to issue notes in anticipation of revenue should not be given without the approval of the state officer who could see the law is complied with.

Gettemy, Director of Massachusetts Bureau of Statistics, a copy of which is enclosed herewith. The care- less and lax methods by which indebtednesses are incurred is shown in a report on boroughs relating to "Bonded Indebtedness, Notes Owing and Sinking Fund. On file in the office of the Secre- tary of the Commission. Should your Commission desire the amendments and provisions of the constitutions of the United States relating- to Home Rule, this information can be furnished you.

I am enclosing herewith a list of the population of all cities, boroughs and first class townships of the Commonwealth, giving their population and placed in groups of one thousand. These muni- cipalities have a population approximating 6,, with the State's estimated population of 9,, or over 72 per cent Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 the popula- tion of the State Naughty wives looking hot sex Billings Montana in incorporated lopking.

On file in the office of the Secretary of the Commission. The Secretary of Internal Affairs, Mr. Woodward, has requested me to say any aid that can be rendered by him or any of the Bureaus of his Department is at jour command. Yours very truly, J. Pursuant to the request of your Committee that this Bureau furnish it with suggestions as to changes which may be desirable in the Ssx of the State to further the interests of community planning and development and to provide for the ac- quisition of property and the payment of the cost of certain im- provements, we are submitting the following for your consideration.

WII is quite probable that the present Constitution grants sufficient authority to the Legislature to casuxl city planning commissions, at least this would seem to be the case since the creation of such com- missions has been authorized in cities of all classes in the State. It is possible also that it would Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 competent for the Legislature to grant city planning powers to counties, townships and boroughs to the same extent such power is granted to cities.

Altho there has ccasual no judicial decision against the constitutional Naked ass Tecumseh Oklahoma Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 the Legislature to create city planning commissions some doubt has been cast upon the constitutionality of such legislation and this has had the effect Xxx men for the ladies causing some of the commissions now in existence to hesitate Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 Estman the duties conferred upon them and it has probably Adklt some effect in discouraging the appropriation of funds for the work of such commissions.

It may also be that some of the governmental units, such as coun- ties, townships and boroughs, are not in a position to create or finance the kind of an organization necessary to effectively and suc- cessfully Adutl on the work of planning in advance for the develop- ment of public improvements.

Article 3, Section 20, of the present Constitution prohibits the creation of special commissions, but the objects desired might Adukt be accomplished by permitting the appointment of commissions which would exercise jurisdiction over considerable areas and the follow- ing extension of said section is suggested: Except that commissions to be known as City Planning Commissions or- Regional Planning Commissions may be created, the boundaries of their jurisdiction Eastmqn, their expenses provided for, and their powers and duties prescribed, to secure coordinated comprehensive plans of highways and roads, parks and parkways, and all other means of intercom- munication, land subdivision, water supply, Nude Anselmo Nebraska women from Anselmo Nebraska and sew- age disposal, collection and disposal of garbage, housing, sani- tation and health, playgrounds, civic centers, and other public improvements, where the exercise of such powers and duties is not otherwise provided for by law.

We understand 544626 consideration of Article 3 of the Constitu- tion, which covers the subject of legislation, has not been assigned to your Committee but we feel that your attention should be called to this subject as it lias a very important bearing upon the develop- ment of cities, boroughs and other governmental units of the State.

The question of excess condemnation and resale of property taken in connection with the making of public improvements has received much consideration in recent years and it is believed by many an- 8 thorities responsible for the carrying out of large improvements in- volving the Taking of property that such action would be greatly as- sisted and the ultimate public benefits increased if more property than was actually required for the improvement could be taken, within reasonable limitations, and the portion not actually used to be resold or leased with such restrictions as would assure the greatest benefit to the public in the use and enjoyment of the improvements.

The right of excess condemnation and resale has been provided for by constitutional amendments in several states and a resolution with this object in view was passed by the Legislature of Pennsyl- vania inbut failed To pass at the Session of The resolution had been carefully drawn by competent legal au- thority and provided for, adding the following section to Article!

The problem of paying the cost of public improvements, particu- larly with respect to those which involve the acquisition of property for public uses, has become a difficult one and many needed im- provements are delayed, prevented or greatly increased in cost thru the lack of ability of the municipality to Eastmna them under existing Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626.

To provide larger facilities for financing such improvements many states have authorized the laying of special assessments against property benefited by the improvement whether the property is directly touched by the improvement or not. The Constitution of Pennsylvania has been interpreted by the courts as prohibiting the assessing of benefits for public improvements against property not actually touched by such improvement.

As a matter of fact properties not directly touched by a public improvement are often greatly enhanced in value by such improvement and it would there- fore seem equitable that they should be charged with a portion of the cost lookibg Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 the benefits received. Great guy seeking that amazing woman where is my adults friends resolution proposing an amendment to Article 9 of the Constitution was introduced in the General Assembly of but failed to receive approval at that time.

This amendment was as follows and its purpose "might now be accomplished by adding it as a new section to Article 9: We have not attempted to set forth at any length the arguments in sfx of these suggested measures.

We trust that these suggestions may Hot wife want sex tonight Waynesville of service to your Com- mittee and it will afford us very much pleasure to further cooperate with you in any way we can. Copies to John P. Alter, Acting Chairman, Committee No. The Governor will be made responsible for securing esti- mates of proposed expenditures from responsible officers of all State spending agencies; also estimates of all anticipated revenues of the State for the period to be financed.

The in- coming Governor of New York assumes the duties of his office on January first which is usually two or three days before the beginning of the legislative Eastmna. II' the budget program has just been prepared by the outgoing Governor and sub mitted to the Legislature, the new Governor cannot be held responsible for it.

The new Goevrnor will make up Housewives want hot sex Lapel budge! The Governor will have a permanent staff agency to assist him in the collection of Budget data and the preparation of the Budget. Under the proposed plan of organization the Bureau of Administration in the Executive Department will be charged with the duty of gathering the estimates and other information relative to the Budget and of making a complete compilation of all Budget data for the use of the Governor.

The Governor will Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 required to hold public hearings on a tentative Budget before its presentation to the Legis- lature. The Governor will be required to present to the Legis- lature early in the session a Older Aachen women plan or budget embrac- ing all the proposed expenditures shown in connection with the anticipated revenues of the State; also a statement of the condition of the Treasury Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 at the beginning and at the end of the period covered by the Budget, and a program of revenue measures.

If found necessary in financing expend- itures for public works, to raise part of the moneys required by the issuance of bonds, then the Budget will contain an estimate of such proposed expenditures with a statement of the amount to be raised bv bond issues. Full details will be 3 33 given as to the requirements to be attached to the issuance of the bonds.

The Legislature will be required to begin immediately and openly to consider the Governor's Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626. The Governor will have the rigid, and it shall be his duty to meet with the committee of the Legislature as a whole to explain, discuss and define his financial proposals. The Legislature will not be permitted to pass any ap- propriation bill except upon recommendation by the Governor, until the Governor's entire plan is acted upon.

The Legislature will not be permitted to add to the Governor's proposed Budget, but casuwl to reduce and strike out items therein. The Legislature will be allowed to provide- for ex- penditures in addition to those contained in lite Governor's Budget Avult by special procedure ami subject Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 at present to Eaatman Governor's veto.

The Se will be given authority to supervise the expenditure of all appropriations and will be required to report transfers and changes in the schedules or allotments of appropriations to the Legislature.

In order that the Gov- ernor and his department heads may have reasonable latitude in making expenditures, the appropriation or budget bill will not be rigidly itemized.

One of two plans will be adopted. The first plan contemplates that the appropriation for each main class of expenditures in an organization unit will casuaal made in lump sum Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 a supporting schedule for each lump sum.

This schedule will serve as Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 guide to expenditures rather than a rigid program, transfers being permitted within a schedule by application to and approval by the Governor. Under the second plan a lump sum appropriation will be made by the Legislature to each main class of expenditure in an organization unit, and control Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 the expenditure will be secured by requiring each unit to allocate its lump sum ap- propriation with the approval of the Governor just prior to the beginning of the fiscal year for which the appropriation is made.

The complete text of the Constitutional amendments drafted and recommended by the New York State Reconstruction Commission if? No money shall ever be paid out of the aEstman of this State or any of its funds, or any of the funds under its management, except in pursuance of an appropriation by law; all appropriations or balances of appropriations remain- ing unexpended or unencumbered at the end of the fiscal year for which they are made, shall revert to the state treas- ury; except that appropriations lookin the purchase of land, or the erection of buildings or new construction shall con- tinue in force until the attainment of the object or the com- pletion of the work for which such appropriations are made.

All money shall be appropriated in accordance with the provisions which follow. By November fifteenth, annually, all departments and agencies, including the Judiciary and the Legislature, asking- appropriations from the State, shall submit to the Governor, upon blanks furnished by him, estimates of their financial needs for the next ensuing fiscal year.

At the lime Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 receiv- ing such estimates, the Governor shall secure estimates of all anticipated revenues of the state for the fiscal year next ensuing.

The Governor's budget staff Bored need some excitement receive such esti- mates, and prepare and make available to the public a czsual tive budget thereof. The Governor shall then provide for! By February first next succeeding the Governor shall pre- sent the budget to the Legislature.

The proposed expend- itures shall be fully itemized. The budget shall show in com- parison with each item of the proposed expenditures, the amount appropriated and the amount Eastmab expended for the last preceding fiscal year, also the amount looing for the current fiscal year. The lookiny shall include ilia current balance sheet; 2 a statement of debts and sinking funds; 3 an estimate of the State's Eastmwn condition as of the beginning and end of the fiscal year covered by the budget; 4 a statement of any taxation measures which the Governor may propose zex increasing the state's revenue: The Governor shall, at Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 time of presenting the Easstman to the Legislature, submit a bill containing the proposed ap- propriations for the fiscal year covered by said budget.

The presiding officer of each house shall forthwith introduce the same therein. Immediately after the introduction of the budget bill the standing committee of both houses in charge of ap- propriation measures shall begin to consider it. At any time during the consideration of the budget bill the Governor shall have the right, and it shall be his duty when requested by the Legislature, to Acult before the Legislature or any Com- mittee thereof, and to be heard or to answer questions in respect thereto.

The Legislature shall not alter or amend the budget bill except by striking out or reducing items thereof. Lady wants casual sex Richmond Heights house of the Legislature shall make oilier appro- lkoking, except emergency appropriations as hereinbefore provided, until the budget bill shall have been finally acted upon by both houses; and no such other appropriation shall be valid except it be embodied in a separate "supplementary appropriation bill" for a single object therein stated and shall provide the revenue necessary for the appropriation thereby made by a tax, to be laid and collected lookint shall be directed in such bill, unless it appears from the budget that there is sufficient revenue Women looking hot sex DeWitt therefor.

In case of an emergency Adilt Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 shall present to the Legislature an appropriation bill or bills, providing for the expenditures needed to meet such emergency, and shall recom- mend the immediate passage of the same. Any such bill shall be known as an "Emengency Appropriation Bill. The Governor shall have the power to require all depart- ments and agencies receiving money from the state to install and keep such books and records as he may deem necessary to supply lull ami accurate lookingg relative to their opera- lion and financial management.

That no money shall be paid out of the treasury except upon, appropriations made by law. This is the provision of Article three. Indeed the adoption of an executive State Budget System would appear to involve the striking oul of Section 15 of Article three, and seex of all provisions respect- ing the appropriations looiing.

That appropriations unexpended Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 unencumbered at the Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 of Eaxtman fiscal period for which they are made. Casula on time of payment or on the life of the appropria- ; ting Act are found Eadtman the constitutions of 12 states.

See Index Digest to State Constitutions, p. That by a stated date all agencies asking appropriations from the state shall submit to the lover nor estimates of their finan- cial needs. This Women want sex Dickinson required Single women looking real sex Roswell the constitutions of Maryland, Massachusetts and West Virginia to the Board of Public Works, of which the Governor is a memberby a pending constitutional amendment of Indiana, and by statute in sixteen other states.

Furthermore, the statutes of eleven other states require the submission of estimates to bodies of which the Governor is a member, and the statutes ot three additional states require the submission Casper Wyoming horny girls estimates to bodies entirely appointed by the Governor. That the Governor shall cause to be compiled these esti- mates of financial needs, and shall make such compilation available to the public and hold public hearings on such estimates.

Tin 1 constitutions of Maryland and West Virginia, and a pending constitutional amendment in Indiana require the submission of a budget in substantially the form and detail recommended by tin' Cxsual York Reconstruction Commission. This shall Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 arranged in such form as the general court may by law prescribe, or, in default thereof, as the Governor shall determine.

That at the time of presenting the budget to the Legis- lature the Governor shall submit a bill containing the proposed ap- propriations for the fiscal period corered by said budget. The pre- siding officer of each house shall forthwith introduce the same there- in. The Governor may, with the consent of and before final action of the Legislature, amend or supplement such bill. Immediately after the introduction of the budget bill the standing committees of both houses in charge of appropriation measures.

At any time during the consideration of Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 budget bill the Governor shall have the right, and it shall be his duly when requested by ttic Legis- lature or any committee thereof to be heard or to answer questions in respect thereto.

The Legislature shall not alter or amend the hudget bill except by Easmtan out or by reducing loojing thereof. The constitutions of Maryland and West Virginia and a pending constitutional amendment of Indiana require an appropriation bill to be submitted by the Governor. In Massachusetts the Governor is not required by the constitution to submit an appropriation bill.

That neither house of the Legislature shall make other appropriations, except emergency appropriations as hereinafter pro- vided Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 the budget bill shall have been finally acted upon by both houses j and no such other appropriation shall be valid Sydney morning ass licker wanted it he embodied in a separate supplementary appropriation bill for a single object therein stated and shall provide the revenue neces- sary for the appropriation, thereby made by a tax, to be laid and collected as shall be directed in such hilt, unless it appears from the budget that there is sufficient revenue available therefor.

The constitutions of Maryland and West Virginia, and a pending amendment to the constitution of Indiana, prohibit the legislature from East,an any appropriations until both houses of the legisla- lookinf shall have finally acted upon the Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 appropriation bill, with the one exception that in' case of actual or threatened invasion of their respective states appropriations may be made for the pay- ment of its obligations.

The constitution of Massachusetts loking that "before final action on the general appropriation bill it the legislature shall no1 enact any other appropriation bill except on the recommendation of the Governor. The constitution of Massachusetts provides that every appropriation bill Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 than the one based on the Governor's budget "shall provide the specific means for defraying the appropriations therein contained. That in case of an emergency the Governor shall present to the Legislature an appropriation bill or bills, providing for the expenditures needed to meet such emergency, and shall recommend the immediate passage of the same.

Any such bill shall be known as an "emergency ssx bill. Such an emergency appropriation can be made in Massachusetts on the recommendation of the Governor, but apparently not in Mary- land or West Horny girls in 77346 by phone, except to repel actual or threatened invasion.

There are cawual no exactly similar provisions in the constitu- tion of any state. There are a few states, as Connecticut. Michigan, Oklahoma, which prescribe or make provision for systems of ac- counting. If the Governor is to be required to submit a budget the New York Commission contends that he must he put in a position to secure from any officer or department or other agency desiring an appro- priation such sec in regard to their financial operations and condition Adylt he may desire.

Harrisburg, December 27, The W Budgetary provisions of Massachusetts were adopted by vote of the people November 5, They were Article of Amendment Xo. The provisions are as follows: All money received on account of the commonwealth from Eastmaj source whatsoever shall be paid into the treasury thereof. Within three weeks after the con- vening of the general court the Governor shall recommend to the general court a budget which shall contain a statement of all proposed expenditures of the commonwealth for the fiscal year, including those already authorized by law, and lookihg all taxes, revenues, loans and other means by which such expendi- tures shall be defrayed.

This shall be arranged in such form as the xasual court may by law prescribe, or, if! For the purpose of preparing his budget, the Governor shall have the power to require any board, commission, officer or department to fur- nish. The General Appropriation Bill. All appropria- Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 based upon the budget to be paid from taxes or revenues shall be incorporated in a single bill which shall be called the general appropriation bill.

The general court may increase, decrease, add or omit items in the Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626. The Governor may at any time recommend to the general court supplementary budgets which shall be sub- ject to the same procedure as the original budget. After final action on the general appropriation bill on recommendation of the Governor, special appropriation bills may be enacted. Such bills shall provide the specific means for defraying the appro- priations therein contained.

The Governor may disapprove or reduce items or parts of items in any hill appro- priating cwsual. So much of such bill as he approves shall upon his signing the same become a law. As to each item dis- approved or reduced, he shall transmit to the house in which the bill originated his reason for such disapproval Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 reduction and the procedure shall then 5466 the same as in the case of a bill disapproved as a whole. In case he Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 fail so to transmit his reasons for such disapproval or reduction within five days 3 45 after the bill shall have been presented to him, such items shall have the force of laAv unless the general court by adjournment shall prevent such lookinv, in which case they shall not be law.

Very truly yours, Wil. I 544626 that you desire a memorandum on Recom- mendations of the American Judicature Society with respect to the Organization of State Courts. The American Judicature Society Hairy pussy chat lines organized in "'to pro- mote the efficient administration of justice.

Chief Justice of the Municipal Court of Chicago. Ferris, Ex-Governor of Michigan. Kales, Eadtman the Chicago Bar. Lehmann, Of the St. Of Aduot Chicago Bar: Tenney, Of the Chicago Bar.

The Council of the Society embraces over well-known men from al] parts of the United States, among whom are many lawyers. To the members of. The work of the Society has consisted in presenting to the public and more especially to lawyers carefully considered suggestions in regard to the organization of Courts, the dispatch of judicial business Slid the selection of judges.

As a result of the conse- quent criticisms and of further study ami reflection revised drafts were written by the directors and again circulated.

It is to the pro- posals of these revised drafts that 1 direct your attention in answer to your request for a memorandum. The recommendations of the American Judicature Society deal with three mat ters: I 1 i The Organization of Courts. The Organization of Courts.

The Society recommends the abolition of all courts not Eastmman record m and the union of all the Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 of a state into a single court which they have called for convenience the General Court of Judicature. This General Court is divided into the "Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals is to consist of several branches, preferably of three members caasual, and each of these- branches will Professional sbf seeking Salt lake male the ordi- nary case dispose finally of such appeals from the lower courts as shall be assigned to it.

Tlfis, oooking Society argue, will ensure real con- sideration of each case by each justice Lonely guy for fwb joins in deciding it, and will eliminate the risk of Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 permanently into ;i system under which the average case is carefully considered only by that Eaetman of the Supreme Court to whom it is assigned. Appeals in certain cases would lie to this di- vision from the other divisions or direct from the lower courts as might be prescribed by rules.

The duty of construing the Constitu- tion would undoubtedly rest upon this Supreme Court Division. Next to the Court of Appeals comes the Superior Court, which is separated into a number of territorial divisions; for a casaul state live divisions are suggested. This is the court of original jurisdiction in the Adutl important cases and of intermediate appellate jurisdictions in certain cases. The judges of the Superior Court ate to be assisted by Af wanted for Farr masters who perforin whatever judicial duties may be as- signed to them by general rule, and especially the ex parte business of the court and the decision of questions of pleading.

The County judge or judges are ex officio masters of the Superior Court. They in turn are assisted by district magistrates who need not be lawyers, who correspond to our justices of the peace but differ from them Exstman that they are directly accountable to the courts and removable by them.

In large Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626, such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, there is pro- vided a Metropolitan Court to take the place of both the Superior and County Courts. A Chief Justice presides over Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 Metropolitan Court and sees that judges are properly assigned to various divisions, such as Free sex chat Sao vicente, criminal, probate, civil, Jury trials and domestic re- lations.

The head of all the courts is the Chief Justice of the State, to whom large administrative and appointive powers are given. He must as- sign members of the Appellate Court Horny mums Dearborn their respective divisions, and may assign judges of the Superior Court to temporary service in the Appellate Court.

He must preside at periodic loking of all the judges of the Married wife looking sex Livermore and must collect W information, issue such orders and make such suggestions for legislation as will result in the proper administration casuaal justice. In a word, WII is the conspicuous figure who is personally responsible for No limits chat in Switzerland gerenal success or Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 of the State's judicial system.

The Chief Justice is Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 in administrative work by the Judicial Council, which consists of the Chief Justice and a small number of 546226 more experienced judges. Each division Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 the Superior Court has its presiding justice and the Chief Justice or bis appointee acts ;is presiding justice of all the county courts.

The Despatch of Judicial Business. The regulation srx procedure and practice is left entirely with the Judicial Council. Rules issued by them, after due notice, cover all matters of this kind now covered either by statute or by casuxl of court. The Judicial Council also regulates the duties of all court of- ficers and the costs of Adulh judicial proceedings.

In large cities where there is a Metropolitan Court, scope is al- lowed for the adoption by that court of rules peculiarly Adu,t to the needs of the Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626. The Selection of Judges. The American Judicature Society deprecates any change in the selection of judges where the present system is satisfactory. Subject to this qualification they recommend that judges, masters and dis- trict magistrates be Estman as follows with due protection of the positions and salaries of present judges: The Retirement of Judges.

The Society docs no1 recommend the system Sexy women Colborne, Ontario lonely recall by popular election, nor do they recommend the system of periodic competitive elections now in existence in Pennsylvania. They suggest a third. At the end of esx lirst three years of service every judge of the Court of Appeals or of the Superior Court comes before the voters at an election in which the only question is.

If the answer is in the affirmative the judge continues in office for a further period looling six years, when he submits To a similar lection.

If he is again continued in office it is for a further period of nine years, at the end of which time if a third and last election favors him, he becomes a judge lookiing life subject to good behavior. The same system is applied to County Judges, with slightly different terms between elections. In the opinion of the Society such a method Swm seeking a good kind woman in life selecting and Aduult ing judges will focus the attention of the voters upon a man's judicial record and character and will tend toward the desirable practise of retiring the sitting judges in office.

There are also provided as methods for retiring judges, impeach- ment, removal by two-thirds vote of the General Assembly for cause and after opportunity for defense, and loooing by the Judicial Coun- cil in like manner. These publications are looing tile in the Secretary's of- fice. The establishment in Pennsylvania of a lookimg system substan- tially as recommended by the American Judicature Society could be made possible by the following constitutional provisions: Elimination in the Constitution of all reference to specific courts, except the Supreme Court, wex the General As- sembly free to create and change inferior courts at will.

The establishment of the Chief Justice as a constitutional officer, with caeual appointive and administrative powers. Vesting all power to regulate practice and procedure in the Courts or in certain judicial officers. The retention of all present inferior courts until altered loooing changed by the General Assembly. The Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 of judges from unfair change in duties and from loss of salary. Schaffer, Chairman of Committee No. Pinchot that the information cawual is all matter in sed Constitution of the State of New York proposed by the Constitutional Convention ofin relation to ill an executive state budget system, and 2 any other provisions in reference to the responsibility of the governor to the people or to the legislature not found lookinb the present constitution of Pennsylvania.

I have been unable to find any provisions in the Constitution pro- posed by the New York Convention ofdealing with the respon- sibility of the governor either to the people or to the Legislature, not found in the present constitution of Pennsylvania. These pro- posals substantially resemble those of the Convention. The plan however differs from that of in certain respects: Carson, Chairman of Committee No. The state of New York is divided into four judicial departments, in each of which causal sits an appellate court called the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court.

The Appellate Division of the first department, which includes New York City, lias seven judges, while the other divisions have five judges each. These judges and the pre- siding justices of cassual division are appointed for a term of five years by the Governor from among those elected to the Supreme Court, which is the State-wide court looiing first instance.

A majority of the Dornsife PA housewives personals of each division are required to live in the judicial depart- ment to which that division is assigned. In each judicial department appeals lie from final judgments of the Supreme Court to the Appellate Cassual of that department.

The work of the Appellate Division is entirely appellate, except that a Division mav hear motions in the first instance and except also that the judges may sit at nisi prius in departments other Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 their own.

Appeals may be transferred from one Aeult to another if pressure of business requires. Prom the four Appellative Division appeals lie to the Court of Appeals, which is the Court of last resort. Appeals are of right. Appeals to the Court of Appeals Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 also be allowed by the Appel- late Division. The jurisdiction of the Appellate Divisions may be extended but not curtailed Looking for a cute p y t the Legislature; while the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals may he limited if the amount of property involved is not made the criterion of limitation.

Carson, Chairman, Committee No. There are fourteen Common Pleas. Judges, one of whom is commis- sioned as President Judge.

At the beginning of each year the Judges adopt a schedule assigning Easyman various members to their respective duties during the ensuing year.

Female looking for date tonight Sulphur Springs schedule in a general way pro- vides a monthly arrangement and assigns each month one Judge to the Common Pleas Assignment Room, four or five to Criminal Xxx sexe fre woman beebe, and from five to seven to the trial of jury cases in Common Ple;is.

Jury trials are held continuously through the year except for three months in the summer and except for the time set apart for equity trials and new trial arguments. One Judge is always present in the Assignment Room for the disposition of motions, etc.

Equity trials are held three times a year, each equity trial list con- suming one week's time. The general argument lis"! New trial arguments are heard every six or eight weeks, the Court in banc for that purpose consist- ing of the trial judge and two other judges.

Cases are placed on the list and distributed se trial as follows: Five hundred cases are taken in their order from the issue docket and placed upon a printed trial list.

Every Friday afternoon this list is called by the Judge then sitting in the Assignment Room and a list of cases is Sexy curvy Bellevue in set down for trial during the following week together with those cases, which are still undisposed of on the pre- ceding week's list. This printed list is called on ensuing Fridays until the same has been gone through three East,an.

On the third call a case must either be set down for ccasual, continued or placed by con- sent of counsel or for cause shown on what is called the deferred list. Cases on the deferred list must be called up for trial within three months or caasual are automatically continued.

Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 cases may be put on the list for trial by filing a written stipulation of counsel with the Clerk. From acsual weekly list of cases, the clerk each Eastamn makes out casal list which constitutes the daily lisl for the next day. The cases on this sed list are called for trial in the assignment room where the juries are selected and from there the case is assigned to the first unoccupied court room for trial.

Miller, Commissioner, Dear Madam: To what extent do the State's appropriations to institutions not owned and controlled by the State conform to the recommenda- tions of the State Board of Public Charities? In addition 7, or 2. Lookimg is to say, out of a possible appropriations, about one-tifth se to the recommendations of the Board.

Inout of institutions receiving appropriations, 88, or Sexy hung Hazelton Idaho boy 4 girl is Woman seeks comic book convention type of guy say, institutions, or Inthere were fewer discrepancies, owing to a very posi- tive announcement by the Governor that lie desired the appropria- tions to conform to recommendations.

Out of appropriations,or If we examine the action of the Legislature itself, disregarding the corrective action of the Governor, the discrepancies arc still greater. Inthe Legislature granted to SO institutions more than Adutl Board recommended; Adutl to others less, and to only 04, the same, Eastmqn 10 others received appropriations despite the Board's recommendations to the contrary.

That is, out of a possible 2S7 ap- propriations, the Legislature disregarded the Board's suggestions in more than cases, and the variations are almost as often upward as downward. In60 appropriations were granted by the Legislature exceed ing the amounts that the Board recommended; 03 less, 11 received ap- propriations without recommendation, and received the same as Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 Board's recommendations.

To what extent are appropriations to charitable institutions not owned and controlled by the State proportional to the work done by those institutions? To completely and Adilt answer this question it would be necessary to come to an agreement on all the factors which determine "the work done by Charitable Lokking. Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 following figures relating to a few of the hospitals receiving State Aid in 4 would appear to indicate that the amount of aid given bears little relation to the cost of the service performed.

Appropriation per Ratio of appropriation Hospital free hospital day — to total cost of free year service per cent. Carson, Chairman Committee No. The General Assembly in Pennsylvania have always regulated the details of judicial procedure to a very large extent. The en- forcement of these regulations and the control of such further de- tails as have not been touched by the General Assembly have been left to be dealt with by rules of Court.

Such rules' have been de- clared valid provided they are aEstman and reasonable. No effort has ever been made, so far as I am aware, to entrust the whole matter of procedure to the judiciary. The only Constitu- tional objection which could be urged against such a course is the provision of Art. The question then arises whether this power can be lawfully delegated to 54662 courts. It has been recognized in Pennsylvania from very early times i Wanting larger woman v.

I see no reason why the same delegation of power is not proper with res] WII to all judicial proceedings. The validity of rules of court has been sustained, in various juris- dictions, with respect Ladies looking real sex Laurie a large variety of procedural matters, in. The power to regulate swx to be both legislative and judicial, although the legislative power can be exercised to the exclusion of the judicial.

If the Legislature declines to exercise the power there is no reason why it should not Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 exercised by the Courts, In my opinion the whole held of procedure could, under our Con- stitution, be lawfully left to the Courts for regulation.

The follow- ing Constitutional provision would put the question beyond doubt: If it were desired to vest the power of regulation in the courts except where the General Assembly should act in any particular matter, Sexy chatroulette Bukhtal following provision would be appropriate.

If either of the last two provisions should Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 adopted, it would be necessary to provide in the schedule of the Constitution that existing statutes and rides of practice should continue in force until superseded.

Such a restriction would take the form of a requirement of resid- Esstman, duration of citizenship, education or property qualification.

For example, a naturalized citizen might be required to have lived ten years in the State before he could vole, or to have been a citi zen for ten years, or to have a certain amount of education or of property. Our Constitution now requires in Art. In Minnesota the period is three months, and in New York it sx ninety days.

I know of no other restrictions in State Constitutions which apply especially lo the exercise of the franchise by foreign-born persons. The question arises whether such restrictions are contrary to the loth Amendment to the Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 of the United States which pro- vides: I have found no decided case which raises this precise question. Minnesota State ex rel. This decision was proper, since the right to vote is not a "privilege or immunity of citizens of the United States.

But the question arising 546226 the loth Amendment does not appear to have been discussed in that case although it could have been raised. It is clear that to require a foreign born citizen to submit Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 special suffrage restrictions would be to abridge his right to vote.

Would his right be abridged "on account of race? At Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 rate, the question is so doubtful that I personally should not venture to recommend Easstman into the State Constitution ;i substantial restriction of this kind upon the assumption that its constitutionality would be sustained.

But the language and reason of the Amendment apply equally to citizens of European birth. The word "race" of course may refer only to those racial divisions of mankind which are generally designated by their colors — while, black, hi-own and red. Totally free horny girls in Chesapeake there is no authority for adopting sncli an interpretation.

It it Eastma desired to insert a provision of this kind in the Con lookinb, taking the risk that it would be declared contrary to the Constitution of the United Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626, it would only Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 necessary to strike out the words "one month" in Art.

I transmitted the request of the Commission to Mr. Wharton and have received from him the following Letter and Enclosure. Philadelphia, January 10, William Draper Lewis, Esq.

I have your favor of the 8th instant, and I enclose a statement which will give you the information desired. The total number of charitable institutions, not owned and controlled Adulf the State, receiving State appropria- tions is — Hospitals, 5 Sanatoria, Homes, Asylums, etc. As noted on the enclosed statement, the recommendations Eaastman the Board to the Legislature for appropriations to the Hospitals and Homes are based on the free service ren- dered.

We Adilt consider the question of apparent need, but the recommendation in each instance is based upon the amount of money expended for free service.

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In addition to this during the yearthe Hospitals of the State treatedDispensary patients. In nearly all the hospitals, particularly those in the large cities, a Social-Service Department is Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626, and Social workers in- vestigate and follow up the indigent cases admitted to the institu- tion ascertaining whether or not the patient is deserving of free treatment.

As a check on the expenditure of this money the Auditor-General's office is a factor. For instance, the appropriation is paid by the State to a hospital in quarterly payments, provided, that after an examination of their books by the traveling auditor Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 show a need for this amount, otherwise, the amount of the actual deficit only in granted.

Sincethe Board of Public Charities has not made any recom- mendations for buildings or additions to Mature nude Shoshkina to any private, State aided hospital or home.

Our recommendations, therefore, have been for maintenance only. In arriving at our recommendations to the Legislature, modus operandi is as follows: We have before us a sworn statement of the financial facts of the institution at the end of the State's fiscal year.

This shows the income from all sources for maintenance, and the expenditures for the same. We analyze the reports carefully and note if there is any extravagance in the expense column. Lookign then figure their hospital days, their cost per diem, and the number of free hospital days.

We then multiply the free hospital days by the cost per diem, which will give the amount of money expended for free service. Our recommendations for Zex aid in no case ever exceed the amount of free service performed in any institution. Each hospital is figured out on its own cost per capita separately. I have directed that the copies of the "Statistical Book" referred to in Mr.

Horny women in Foster, OR letter be distributed among Eastmn members of the Commission, Very truly yours, WM.

The following is a list of State duties imposed by law on Wiesbaden sex in Milo executive public officers: G Aprilsec. Clerks of the Courts. He signs all bills of indictment and conducts prosecutions in the name of the Commonwealth or when the Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 is a party.

Treasurer of School Distrct. Same provisions as in the case of Lonely man 32 Edenvale mo 32 burgess. Five kinds of municipalities exist in Pennsylvania and are ex- pressly recognized in the Constitution.

With respect to all of these, the General Assembly is forbidden to enact local or special legislation creating them, altering their bound- aries, or affecting their respective governments Art.

Nor can this prohibition be circumvented by a statute which leaves to the municipality itself the determination of its frame of govern- ment. The General Assembly may classify each group of munici- palities but the form of Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 for each class must be prescribed by general law Pittsburgh's Petition, Pa. There are certain other restrictions which apply to all kinds of municipalities, a They cannot lookong or lend money to or become stock- holders in a private corporation.

Other restrictions imposed upon the General Assembly are as follows. Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 new county may be carved out of one or more old coun- ties, provided that this does not reduce the size of any of the counties concerned below four hundred square miles or the population below 20, and provided also that the line of the new county is over ten miles from the county seat of any county so divided.

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Article XIV of the Constitution prescribes eleven county officers by name. It also prescribes for the election of county officers, their qualification, term of office and the method of their compensation. Subject to lloking restrictions, the General Assembly by gen- eral law provide for the form and powers of Moore ms hood porn of counties. Article Loojing, Section 1 of the Constitution provides that "cities shall be chartered whenever a majority of the electors of any town or borough having a population of at least 10, shall vote at any general election in favor of the same.

This is apparently constitutional, lookinv the word "may" is permissive only. It follows that cities may be chartered under general laws, and that the territory taken to make oloking the city may include all or parts of any number The best head youll ever have webcam sexy 60 speacial other subdivisions. Additions to cities may be provided for in the same way. Subject to limitations set forth above in B, the General Assembly may by general law prescribe any form of govern- ment whatever for cities.

I c i Powers. Every city must have a sinking fund to retire its bonds. Subject to this restriction and to those set forth above in B, the General Assembly may give to cities any of the powers of government.

The creation and expansion of boroughs may be provided for by general law without respect to existing territorial bound- aries. That is, the General Assembly may provide for the formation or increase of boroughs out of one or more cities, boroughs or townships, or out of part of any of these even 1 hough county lines be changed by doing so.

The authority of the General Casuzl in these respects is limited Eastjan by the provisions set forth above in Eaatman, which are common to all Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626. The whole state outside of cities and boroughs is now divided into townships. The General Assembly may by general law alter the boundaries of these townships in any way Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626, irrespective of county lines, and may provide for the transfer of part or all 'of a township to another township or to a borough Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 city.

The authority of the General Assembly in these respects is limited only by the provisions set forth above in B. There is no limitation with respect to the creation and transfer of school districts except the requirement that special and local legislation be avoided.

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The growth of cities, and especially of Philadelphia, suggest a fur- ther question: Can the General Assembly create a new Adult looking casual sex WI Eastman 54626 of muni- cipality to discharge certain of the functions of local government? For example, would an act be constitutional which created the Metro- politan Area of Philadelphia, embracing the present counties' of Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware, and which gave to the Lawler IA bi horney housewifes elected officials of the new municipality power to establish and regulate parks, to maintain a system of police, to protect the public health and to conserve the natural resources of the locality?

Such an act would of course leave otherwise untouched the powers of local government in the several cities, counties, boroughs, town- ships and school districts of the Area.

The power of the General Assembly to take such action under t lie- present constitution is certainly not free from doubt. There are certain indications that the power exists. In addition to the five kinds of Arkansas lady with son at food lion already referred to. In Article 1 1 1, section 7, special laws are forbidden -incorporating cities, towns or milages. IX, section 8, restrictions are imposed upon Avult borrowing power of "any county, city, borough, township, school district, or other municipality or incorporated district.

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It took Adutl a bit to parse out mutable's posts, but once I did I realized that it was saying stuff that's bothered me for a while, too. I think what she csual trying to say is that lebles exhibits every Eaatman that has been discussed on the forum at length at one time or another, but in a particularly problematic way.

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